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  1. Seemingly very short staffed on Regal at the moment and service especially in International Cafe and some bars was very poor even to the point even giving up and leaving. Even using the infamous Medallion App so you can, according to Princess, order a drink anywhere on the ship you had to wait 20-30 minutes and even then staff didnt have a clue where you were coming into rooms or areas of ship wandering around and shouting names out. Must admit the food was good, entertainment poor and didnt take to Regal at all best place on there and totally underused is Alfredo's.
  2. Wouldnt take too much notice we were both Green Lane prior to our cruise on Regal on the 9th September but on the morning of the cruise wife automatically went to Blue Lane and at the port they werent interested they said because one of us was now Blue we both had to go to Blue Lane. Another anomaly of the Medallion App not working as it should.
  3. It is an age old problem for all ships about occupying seats, we have just returned from Regal Princess where there was 1512 passengers onboard instead of the normal capacity of 3500+ yet you still struggled to get a seat in various parts of the ship at certain times of the day. Many seem to head for International Cafe and stay there for the duration either reading, playing games or cards when people were looking for a seat for either a drink or something to eat. I am of the opinion that I couldnt sit there reading, games, cards etc when people wanted to sit down for a drink or snack but I think I am in the minority.
  4. That is correct we got off Regal this morning and we had a UK adapter in our socket on the desk.
  5. Can highly recommend Octopus Energy, not the cheapest, but very competitive compared to the big companies.
  6. All bar access is closed throughout the ship you have to find a seat and attract the attention of bar waiters but service is very slow. Only 1512 passengers onboard.
  7. No dancing currently on Regal, the Piazza is full of tables for International Cafe and with only 1512 passengers onboard cannot see that changing soon.
  8. We are currently on Regal and it is still horrible and useless itand keeps crashing.
  9. Currently on Regal and was asked by our steward if we wanted a nightime turndown but has been done late afternoon so if you shower before dinner you have same towels for shower the next day.
  10. P&O have already said on their Faceache page details soon.
  11. I think a cple of years ago Royal docked at Dun Laoghaire instead of Dublin so its nothing new.
  12. Bet you wished you never asked now Deppy66.
  13. P&O have given 50% off in Epicure and and Sindhu on most, if not all ships on the first night for quiet a while. They used to give you a bottle of free house wine but I chatted to Head Waiter and said if you dont drink alcohol you dont get any benefit. It is usually in the Horizon in your stateroom when you embark but it usually is in very small writing and if you blink you would miss it.
  14. Cunard have already changed things since the first cruise on 13th August i.e. dining times so it is changing all the time and might be a different in November than what it is now.
  15. Many dont have another 50th wedding anniversary where some have a few honeymoon's. 😂
  16. I know I missed the comma after Tips.
  17. Cunard have reduced balance payment to 30 days for November cruises. We are on 1st November cruise to Canaries and they changed it a while back.
  18. Our e-tickets were incorrect for !3th Aug cruise they had no CWC status even though we were Platinum and for that reason automatically gave us a very late boarding time instead of priority boarding. Cunard said they knew about this IT issue but obviously have not sorted it out.
  19. Afternoon tea for those in the Grills is in Princess Grill Restaurant as normal for the rest instead of Queens Room it is being served in MDR with a string trio, or it was on 13th, but there is no white glove service and they dont come round to tables you pick what you want from a menu.
  20. We have been Greenock 5 times on British Isles cruises with Princess and if my memory serves me right we have had warm weather and cool days but never had rain.
  21. Nice to hear they have already changed dinner times in MDR since 13th Aug the 5-30 first sitting was far too early and the second sitting anytime after 7pm but they expected you to book in advance was silly and confusing everyone.
  22. No tip is included in the package.
  23. Personally if it was me I would book 2 adjoining Princess cruise suites and save a lot of money.
  24. They did ask on occasions if you wanted to share but we always asked for a table for 2 and there was never any problems or wait.
  25. no that is the procedure they are following wear only 2 can sit together in the theatre then there has to be a gap between next people.
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