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  1. Thankyou for the reply .Yes you forget all those little things like the cruise log .No sweets now ,no chocolates and what about the flower in the cabin bet that's gone as well and maybe even on the mdr tables .Will have to make a list as we go through the cruise .Many thanks once again
  2. Just had text and email from p and o to make sure we adhere to the boarding time on boarding ticket and not the time on eticket although when printed out both are 12 .o'clock the eticket now showing 1pm both original prints were 12 o'clock, so it looks like their I.T. playing up once you print out original etickets and boarding pass only to confuse us .This is for iona 30/10
  3. Are they still doing daily crosswords ,suduko,and daily papers onboard? if anybody knows please
  4. They aren't doing them at the moment probably never to return. They were only sent to select bookings as well .I asked p and o if I would get them and that was their answer
  5. Anybody had any brochures yet or when do you think they will arrive ?
  6. If I was you I would book on opening day for best price use a good T.A to select the cabin you want give them a few choices of cabins .I think you would be better off
  7. Don't think so points awarded on completion of cruise as I understand it .
  8. As regards to printing tickets we had email saying was open but couldn't print out till the 21 day mark as it says on the web site don't know why they send out early
  9. Thankyou for imformation will have a look at deck plan and keep that in mind .
  10. Hi Ulsteinvik could you give the ports for Baltic Cities & St. Petersburg from Southampton, 25 July 2023 (16 nights)Aurora. Never done the Baltics always done mostly the Med is it time for a change ?
  11. Just had to decline ours wanted us to go while we were cruising. Have to re-arrange on our return .
  12. Anybody tell me where musterstation I is on Iona ?
  13. Thankyou for posting this information on the cruises .I guess we are only missing ventura if you have them .
  14. That happened to us was the same excited to checkin for the first time online but had to wait a couple of days then we were good to go
  15. P and o transfer to your T.A .
  16. Just done our plf's what a long winded form .At least I managed to get a 4 page print out so good to go .Just one thing left to print health questionnaire 3 days before departure. Nearly have printed a book for the both of us to carry onboard . Well at least we will know what to print out next time !
  17. Just had more mail from p and o advertising Arvia and booking dates .Why don't they just send us the brochure and save a few pounds on the forever bits of cruise deald they send us There are only so many cruises you can book in a year .
  18. We paid £3200 for what we thought was a one off cruise on Aurora in 2001 14 days around the med standard midship inside cabin , carparking was extra no obc . 35 cruises later iona next week £3400 14 nights med cruise balcony £160 obc and free parking plus covid restrictions of coarse which are free unless you get off loaded in Cadiz then you might get another 10 nights .
  19. Are the future cruise desks open on the ships yet .If not do you think they will staff the desk on cruises that are sailing when the live bookings start
  20. Iona looks like it has aborted Cadiz this morning .Heading to Lisbon I wonder why?
  21. Yes I have seen someone post that they did it at the port .
  22. According to what I have seen .You order the lft test from the 22nd /24th and when you return take the test at home and down load photo of test don't have to send it away
  23. I just took them head and shoulders with Samsung pad making sure eyes were clearly seen then uploaded seemed to have worked
  24. On the lounger theme p and o should have an attendant putting tickets on unattended chairs if he returns within an hour should remove belongings with a fine or £10 for return of property and a fine placed on their onboard account .He would soon earn his wages .
  25. Should we soon be hearing how the gentleman is ? His 10 days quarantine will soon be up.
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