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  1. I have no idea what that is!!! Back to forum names, I remember as a child when going to visit relatives in Chichester they was always an announcement on the train to 'change at Barnham' ☺️
  2. Cumberland sausage and mash doesn't appear too often in the MDR but I love it when it does - you should all try it its great! I have mentioned on this forum before we once had a very posh lady on our table who was very perturbed that P&O had resorted to serving some meals in a bowl - well Cumberland sausage is one of those meals as is lamb shank which I also mentioned in my original post.
  3. I said just for fun - play nicely please!!
  4. Think you might be lucky then 🤣
  5. No I haven't tried it either! Just curious ann141 is 141 your birthday? Strange if it is as mine is 14 January!
  6. Mmmm sounds good, have you tried the salt and vinegar one they have sometimes?
  7. Just for a bit of fun, what are you hoping to see on the MDR dinner menu? I'll start it off with lamb shank or cumberland ring sausage - I'm easily pleased 😉
  8. I just tried the P4C website on my Kindle rather than my laptop and managed to get a price but it was £25 more than CPS 😲 That is the first time EVER I have found CPS cheaper! Thanks everyone for your advice though.
  9. Thank you, did you book recently?
  10. I so hope you're right, thank you.
  11. Thank you cruisenewbie1976. I haven't seen their FB page as I don't do Facebook so thanks for that information. I have tried to book on the website but when I click on any of the cruises on the dropdown menu for my date it tells me I must pick a cruise! Parking4cruises always seem to come up cheaper for us and we've never had a problem with them, like I said we used them just a few weeks ago. I have checked CPS and will go with them if P4C don't get back to me by Monday. This is, of course, if P&O don't cancel us - we only booked on Wednesday for 15th July so not hopeful of
  12. Has anyone successfully booked Parking4cruises for their summer staycation this year? I used them a few weeks ago when I cruised with MSC but I'm unable to get hold of them to book for my Britannia cruise on the 15th July (hopefully!) I have left a voicemail and sent an email but no response from them.
  13. I don't think they do executions!!!! That has made me smile this evening, thank you!
  14. It was the easiest disembarkation we've ever had! We left our suitcases in the cabin and went for breakfast at 7am, then at about 8pm we collected the cases and simply walked off!
  15. For CaroleC - sorry I don't know how to reply to only part of your post! We had lunch at the pool grill yesterday. It was really good - lovely pizza - shame the tables were in he shade though as it was such a glorious day. I didn't even consider packing sun cream and we are really suffering now! We liked the little pool at the back too, as you said it has its own bar and although there was music playing it was fairly quiet as it was mainly adults around it.
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