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  1. I did notice it was an old post, strange Sharon just closed it. We had Captain Turnbull for most of our USA/Canada cruise aboard Aurora in September so I'm pleased to know that he is fit and healthy!
  2. Message for Host Sharon really.......you just closed a thread with the following announcement I think I speak for everyone when we wish Captain Turnbull best wishes for a speedy recovery. I am closing this thread now . Is Captain Turnbull ill then?
  3. I'm sure you will be fine - deck 11 is my favourite so to me that would be the perfect position! There is no smoking on deck 11 so no need to worry about that and the doors will have dampers fitted and don't slam. You are in the perfect place to take a glass of something out on the deck before dinner (that's what we do) and sit at one of the tables or recliner chairs and have a perfect view from the back of the ship. The only slight noise there may be is if people drag the chairs around. Are you on the cruise leaving 4th Jan? We are and have just been allocated a cabin on A deck but it's at the front, whilst I am very happy with that I'd have preferred the back.😎
  4. This is what seems to be happening with my dining choice but I sail early January. Everything else seems to be in order though.
  5. Never thought to look at anything else - I'm off for a look now!
  6. I have just been perusing my cruise personaliser and looked to see if my dining preferences had been noted - they hadn't. I think the 'default' setting is 1st sitting and table for 2. I changed this to my preference and submitted my request but when I went back to check it seemed to have reverted to the default setting. Would some kind soul have a look at theirs and see if it shows correctly? Many thanks.
  7. We had a month on Aurora in September and were really disappointed to find that almost all of the entertainers had been on when we did the 2017 world cruise. I asked the Ents Manager about it and he said customers like to see familiar acts and that it is difficult to find suitable entertainers. We asked if we were likely to see the same acts when we next cruise in January and he said yes we were! I do think that between 2017 and 2020 it can't be that difficult to find new people, I'm sure up and coming entertainers would jump at the chance.
  8. Pleased to see they're tackling the packaging wastage . How do you think they'll sort out those infernal milk sachets?
  9. Strange, yes he left Aurora mid cruise (New York I think) when we were on in September.
  10. Haha crossed posts there and there's nowt wrong with Derbyshire!
  11. I like him! We had a lovely chat with him just before he left Aurora in September. There is an added bonus for us, as he lives just a couple of miles away from us we always know how far away from home because he tells you in his daily update how far away from Derbyshire we are!
  12. Not been on Arcadia but I assume they're all the same - Aurora has a mugs - not huge but certainly bigger than a tea cup!
  13. Its funny how we all like different things, we found the new style lunch menu in the MDR on Aurora was really good! My only complaint was that my baguette was soft and I really wanted it to be nice and crispy. I sort of agree that the service was quite speedy but I took this to be efficient rather than rushed, In fact, I'm not sure whether a waiter 'tutted' one day when I asked for a second coffee but hey, I'm on holiday and found it amusing, I've never really found the MDR to be busy at lunchtime (and we did 83 days on her a couple of years ago) so didn't really think attendance had dropped on our recent cruise. Andy and Michelle, you sound like a great couple with just the right attitude to enjoy your holiday your way, please can we join your table?
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