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  1. Thanks for that. Have to say we have done Silhouette, Constellation and EDGE on Celebrity. We loved Silly and EDGE was just another world. We really did not warm to the Constellation at all though and would not sail on this class of ship again. Our dream cruise for 2022 would be EDGE again but it cost us a fortune....
  2. I know that there have been threads like this before but didn't thnk it would do any harm to ask again. As I've said on another thread, am home on lockdown Saturday looking at holidays for 2022. Have discovered that TUI's cruises are out now for 2022 as well and for the first time it seems more tempting as they have better ships with balconies. Am not sure if anyone on here has been on the 'newer' TUI ships (the former RCI ones and the ones that were once Celebrity). How do the ships and experience compare with P&O? Thanks everyone
  3. I think that we will prefer to sail from Southampton for a while to come, until things calm down I suppose. We are now looking at a cruise on Britannia for late July 2022 which goes to France and Spain - many ports we have not done before. The cost is coming out at just over £4000 for an aft cabin we have had before that we love so not a bad price. If Princess had one of Britannia's 'sister ships' doing something similar we could be tempted just to give them a go. Have to say, we were really not keen on Ventura , though we loved Azura, so we any Princess ships that resemble Ventura never reall
  4. Makes me feel guilty for writing 'and best wishes for a wonderful New Year 2020' last year ! That didn't work very well so this year it will be 'and bets wishes for a better New Year 2021' as that has more chance !
  5. Morning everyone from a miserable, damp, wet and gloomy Stoke on Trent 😞 Looks like yet another lockdown Saturday for us, so off to look at the cruise line offers for cruises we probably wont do, but it keeps me entertained for an hour or so. We have been looking at land holidays too for 2022 as the TUI brochure is out and we have a deposit on a holiday for Aug 2021 that we are not feeling too comfortable about. We had booked that with Hays Travel to give them some custom so if we change it or cancel we will probably book with them to try and 'help out'. All this talk about Christmas is f
  6. PS Sad if my lockdown buddies leave now ---- we've been together since March 😞
  7. Sad if people are leaving us 😞 You can influence this thread by staying ........ the chat is what I look forward to at my otherwise eventless weekend. Stay with us people please ----
  8. A socially distanced mega hug from all of the key workers .. whatever 'key worker' means. Everyone who has helped / sacrificed in any way has been and is important.
  9. I do NOT in anyway want to take away the nightmare that our wonderful NHS people are going through but I think that there are key workers out there in a number of jobs who feel and look the same. You all know that I work in a school so nothing more said about that, but I am thinking of all of those other workers who go out every day (still frightened for themsleves and their families) but keep going. Just thinking of our wonderful ASDA home shopping people and the staff at our local M&S.foodhall who have soldiered on throughout. There are so many out there who go out each day and ar
  10. Thanks for that. Not too keen on Crown and not sure about Sky. Have you got more details? Is Crown like Ventura and Sky like Britannia?
  11. Hi, We are having a look at cruises for 2022 at the moment and stumbled on the fact that a cruise on Regal Princess was a really good price for the Med Aug 2021. Their prices are not out yet but if similar in 2022 it is tempting. We love Britannia and understand that there are extra costs like tips and drinks. We've done Celebrity a number of times and have been told that Princess is an up market P&O and better than Celebrity. Just wonder what your thoughts are. Thanks everyone. (Great to talk cruising again 🙂 )
  12. How weird is that ... we have done the tastings and gone to The Wayfarer. One day we can do the tastings together.
  13. Ohhhhh we love Velvet Devil --- not really red wine people apart from this one !!!!! We still have our tasting notes from last year at Whitebridge --- it would have been this weekend too 😞
  14. Not Whitebridge ??? If so we may have met up in the wine tastings of the past and if not yet one day in the future 😉 This could turn in to a 'Let's recommend a good wine' thread --- hic
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