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  1. Not sure if everyone knows this but at 2pm tomorrow Virgin are going to launch their new 'space ship' with a crew onboard (including Richard Branson). So if you're bored with tennis and fed up (like me) of the build up to the football it could be a nice distraction! Been reading all of the issues those of you who took part in the vaccine trials. Surprised that JB has not replied as he is usually pretty good at getting back when e-mailed. I'd try again ! Anyway, not on me jollies this weekend so off to Crewe (oh the excitement) to do some shopping and then go searching f
  2. Just as long as it doesn't fill up too much 😉 Look forward to meeting up again with you and your lovely wife / family when the school holidays arrive. Have booked the weather ................................
  3. We were watching Cruising with Jane in Iceland ---------- much better use of our time -- ha ha
  4. Perhaps when the school holidays come we can all sit on a decking somewhere with a glass in hand and wave !!! Hope today hasn't been too wet -------- if it has, no worries --- it has been biblical here !!!!!
  5. Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Have been trying to catch up on posts this week but failed miserably. Have had to have some laser treatment for my eye so have avoided too much time on line or reading so today was the first day to check things out. Sorry that Kalos is leaving for a while, but am sure he will be back 🙂 Have to admit, I am running out of things to post - it has been a really tough month or so so you really don't want to hear my woes and moans each day 😉 The one good thing today was discovering that by booking our August cruise for 2022 really early we have now save
  6. PS When I say 'launched Jane MacDonald' I wasn't thinking she's the size of a ship --- just made me chuckle reading it back
  7. Oh don't rub it in Pete ! Came on here to check what was happening as I just haven't had the time to post much at all the last few weeks. Manic at work and am spending part of the evening watching the original series of The Cruise which launched Jane MacDonald. It is really interesting to see the Celebrity Galaxy when she was THE latest ship ! Hope everyone else on CC is ok - off to read some more posts now and chill for the weekend. Off to Wales tomorrow for the day but will be doing school work in the back of the car there and back !
  8. PS The Jamaican Waiter is such a sweetheart ------
  9. Just about to reply to this. Have just been watching this series and it made me cry to watch our lovely Jane MacDonald before she was famous on the Celebrity Galaxy on her maiden cruise. Happy memories of being at sea on Celebrity and sad that our friends across the pond can't see it --- you really would love it !
  10. Have done an aft cabin 8353 on the Silhouette, an aft cabin on EDGE and an aft cabin on Constellation - so all types of Celebrity ship. Though the balcony on constellation was larger we found the others far more private as the side partition on Connie had gaps and the family next door were noisy when out there. The best aft cabin was EDGE - lovely size and no vibration Having said that we had 8353 on Silly 3 times so obviously loved that too Have had aft cabins on P&O as well ---- just love being at the back and watching the wake. Oh to be back
  11. OOOOOO ... errrrrrrrr. Which cruise are you on ??!! 🙂 🙂 PS The only issue I have is that you are not wearing a matching mask ..........
  12. Sorry folks but just been reading this and had to smile ........ the tipping threads are back ! Let cruising begin. Happy days 🙂
  13. PS Just been thinking - if you keep tipping them after every drink you may the most popular cruiser on the ship and get exceptional service 24/7 😉
  14. We don't tip after each drink but will give a tip in an envelope at the end of the cruise to anyone who we think has given us great service. It is more of a 'thank you' to us. Definitely not like the US cruise lines we have been on and not expected. 🙂
  15. Hi everyone, seems an age since I posted on CC but it has just been so manic at work that I've hardly had the chance to catch breath. Also been away for the weekend --- had a wonderful stay at our caravan and didn't want to come home. Thank you so much for this photo - just hope that they are waiting to set sail .. who knows at the minute? Have to say we are also keeping an eye on the Celebrity side of CC as their new ship APEX has set sail on her maiden cruise. She looks amazing so IONA has something to live up to 😉 PS Haven't read all the posts I've missed so am just hoping yo
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