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  1. Hello Jesseslola ... we are now at the airport looking out at the planes as we prepare to fly tomorrow for 3 days in Rome before we board. Like you we would like to send a massive thank you to everyone of our friends on CC who have helped us since we booked April 2018. Our 25th anniversary and we are just so thankful to all of you. Seems a long time since we saw Edge leave for the US and since we watched her arrive in outhampton. So excited ... and the first thing we do is find that horse !!!!! A lovely view of Manchester airport tonight ...
  2. As grapau27 has said that is right next to the terminal. We once got a taxi to the terminal not realising that it was only about 100 yards from the hotel !!! If you want to see your ship then tell them which terminal you want to face. It will be right infront of you when you wake up ! We usually face the other way and it is great to wake up at about 5.30am to watch your ship dock (and then go back to sleep !) Ha ha. Nice hotel and good choice :-)
  3. Which terminal do you go from? Do you know yet?
  4. She's had a week or more to research these questions .. or get someone to do it for her … No one in business is going to give a direct answer --- I don't expect that at all to be honest --- I do expect well thought out ones when she's had a long time to look at them. Does anyone else think that the 12th was the day she saw them for the first time ???
  5. Know it too well --- we leave 2 fur babies (mum and daughter rescue cats) , 2 fish and a bling goldfish we have in our care. The worst part of the holiday is leaving them !!!!!
  6. Then she could have asked them to review the questions before she replied --- it isn't rocket science. When a CDEO becomes distanced from the basic issues that worry their customers then this really is not good in any company. Perhaps things work differently in the US than the UK. This is what the CC issue is about --- perhaps she needs to do 'Undercover Boss' ….
  7. How about Finish Lapland ?? It is land locked though so more likely to be Lancashire or even further North ;-)
  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now even more excited ------------------------------------ 11270 here we come!!!!!
  9. We are already booked on a snow holiday for half term February --- they will have to go a long way North surely !
  10. All replenished twice a day --- a definite perk of P&O
  11. I'm not a business person but have to keep people on board in my job. I would have looked at the threads, seen one that stood out and then shown that I could respond to it to be seen to be listening. Basically one that was a no brainer, not a big thing to change but one to compromise on and show that peoples' opinions are valued. Footstools stand out to me - why not just admit that there are a lot of people asking about it and put the things back. Good PR response and keeps people happy. and if they haven't thrown them all away not a big cost. It isn't rocket science. Her answers were too PR for me and not enough of her as a person - sometimes why not admit you were wrong and change things as much as you can? Little tweaks that show you really are a people person. Little wins that cost not a lot. Just my thoughts PS And those bleep bleep non reclining chairs on Edge -- I pray that they are more comfortable than they look --- a low back, non reclining chair that is plastic in the Eastern Med in August is going to be … not good me thinks. I'll let you know and grovel if I am wrong !
  12. After just a few answers I decided that she would make a good politician --- i.e. not really give a straight answer and then tell us all to have a nice day ….. or words to that effect. Well, packing tomorrow and we are very much looking forward to EDGE. We will make the most of whatever and can only thank our CC friends for preparing us ;-)
  13. If we'd seen that one for Christmas before now we would have been seriously tempted as for once we can actually do it as it works around out school holiday dates. Not the most exciting but I think there are some nice itineraries for anyone who has not done them before.
  14. Check which room they have given you. Some face the terminal where Celebrity and RCI dock(they are really close) and the others face towards the Ocean Terminal and where the likes of Britannia tend to dock (ie more out to sea). We have always had a good stay there and you are right by Mayflower Park so can go outside to wave the ships off as they leave. Love it as the excitement builds up before we sail :-) Just another tip - if you want to sit on the bed and watch the ships coming and going and the ferries then get one with the bed on the left as you walk in to the room. If it is the other way around you don't face the water --- if that makes sense ;-)
  15. From reading it the answer it appears that you can have a footstool if appropriate for your grade of cabin. I acknowledge that we haven't got that grade f cabin (don't think in SV) but now we don't have a reclining chair either or a decent table to use. Looks like its a beach ball or cushions for me :-)
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