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  1. Oh Bridlington ! I had many, many family holidays there when I was young. We stayed at the bottom end and I remember a small garden opposite the flats that led to the prom .. and an amusement arcade not too far away. Just loved the place and if I remember there was a garden area that we could walk to on the cliffs and something to do with Amy Johnson was it ??? There is also a lighthouse nearby. Many, many happy memories
  2. I work in the south so will have to call in !!!!!!!
  3. Oh dear 😔 Ours are almost teenagers now -- 3/4 the ize of the parents with a white 'bib' so they should be ok now. I could never live my a lake - I'd spend half of my life looking at and counting ducklings !!!! Sadly, not many survive so I'd be a wreck !
  4. We tend to use the one on High Lane, we have friends who love the Packmoor one 🙂 Strange, once upon a time we all spent our lives debating the quality of food on P&O ships, pros, cons, buffet v traditional dining, cabin service v no cabin service, the other select restaurants to try. Now on Bank Holiday Sunday we are discussing mushy peas and the best chippy. 🤣
  5. I think hubby may take out divorce proceedings if I did 😉
  6. If I were you I'd put a sign outside your house and sell to the highest bidder - you'd make a fortune !!!
  7. 😔 Having said that we swapped it for a cruise on Azura in April as we prefer Azura. Not sure that will happen either. have to say, we were looking at our holidays snaps from last August when we were on Edge. Found the ones when we were in Piraeus at the same time as Oceana. We took photos of the cabin and remember saying we would be on her this coming August. Felt really sad when we saw those photos as we've cancelled that cruise and it may be that we never get the chance to sail on her if they sell the older ships off. Oh well, a lot to be grateful for - we are both well and the cats love our company !
  8. Hi Sue, hopefully they will start to lift the restrictions re who can see people and who can't. The rules at the minute seem a bit weird and aren't making too much sense. Cold and breezy here in Stoke on Trent too. I think the beautiful sunny weather has spoiled us all, but I think it will be back tomorrow and my mood tends to lift when the sun comes out.
  9. Wow that looks amazing ----- now its making me feel hungry! We have an M&S Bread and Butter Pudidng tonight so that hubby can think of P&O ;-)
  10. Just been looking at the debate about regional foods etc. We have a MAJOR crisis around here --- we have toilet rolls, soap, everything you could every wish for …………. except mushy peas !!!! Where have they all gone ? Its becoming a weekly joke now - hunt the mushy peas. We even had a look in M&S foodhall - not expecting there to be such a great demand there - and the shelves were bare..... three times now! If anyone near Stoke on Trent knows of anywhere that has just one can we would love to know - fish and chips just aren't the same without them ….
  11. I think the increase in people out and about and in the park may have put him off. The little moorhen family is gorgeous - 5 lovely large babies (not sure what you call a young moorhen) and 2 proud parents. Really pleased as I was worried they would be Heron food by now ;-) Well once upon a time we would have been sailing on Ventura today on her way down BOB for the half term break. It was blowing a gale here yesterday and grim today so in some ways I am glad we are on dry land !!
  12. The sun is out -- it may be blowing a gale though! School's out for half term --- well sort of as most are open for some children during the crisis No heron in sight so can now relax over the coming week ;-)
  13. They are coming your way --- we hope. Love 'em. It was like being a child again as they were everywhere !!!!
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