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  1. I can never manage 4 courses anyway. Hardly ever have more than the starter and a main.
  2. Sure, the website is fine, but why on earth would P&O show times on on one browser and not another.
  3. and just to be sure, I just tried Microsoft Edge and it is showing Afternoons and evenings. Bizarre.
  4. Ha ha, I am now home and here I use Firefox and the times are not showing. But they did at work in IE! Gimme a break P&O
  5. Maybe those that can't see it need to clear their history/cache? I am using Internet Explorer at work and can definitely see times. Just tried on my phone and it says Afternoon and evening!!
  6. Must say I drink the water in the MDR and also from the machines. We boil the water in our kettle in the cabin and let that cook to take ashore. Never had swollen ankles, but if you are prone to , you have 3 things working against you. Salt in the food, alcohol and aircon.
  7. How much water did you drink?
  8. I don't have this problem and neither does my husband. But those that do need to drink lots more water than you normally do. Air conditioning is dehydrating, plus the salt in the food. Although I like my wine in the evening, I drink far more water than I do at home. Alcohol is also dehydrating.
  9. Yes I will continue to do what I did before auto tips. I tip in an envelope to my cabin steward. We are freedom dining this time to give it a try, so probably won't tip waiters as I imagine they will different every night. BUT that is my choice. There is no necessity now to tip.
  10. I agree about escape routes, and have always thought that putting baggage outside the door early in the day on the last day of the cruise is ridiculous.
  11. yes, you're right. I noticed that.
  12. Not only that, but each time you book you get a 5% discount. I've just booked 17 nights for £108. Bargain. Just did a quote with CPS - it was £185!
  13. Totally agree Andrew. I used to visit those countries when I was Cabin Crew and had a great time, but that was a long time ago and things have changed. I have no desire to visit any muslim country. I know we can have terrorist attacks here, but I will stick to Europe on cruises.
  14. Our car is brand new. Each time we have arrived, they have taken photographs of the car, taken the mileage and informed us that there might be up to 5 miles on the car when we get back, depending on where they have to park it. They are very efficient.
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