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  1. jeanlyon

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    Won't bother us. Quite happy for it to be cleaned once a day. Don't want towel animals or chocs either. But I suspect it might just be for very short cruises. time will tell.
  2. jeanlyon

    Website freezing when I try to do online booking

    I definitely wouldn't book online, you get a much better deal, choose your cabin and extras by phoning. Better still, use a good travel agent.
  3. jeanlyon


    We have always tipped with an envelope and will continue to do that.
  4. jeanlyon


    Yes I have OBC for October 2019 and also for 2 cruises in 2020. As we normally do longer cruises, we usually take the OBC and use Parking4Cruises as it's so much cheaper than CPS.
  5. jeanlyon

    Arcadia - Missed ports

    I don't do laundry when I'm on holiday. It's so much easier 🙂
  6. jeanlyon

    Sea Screen on Azura

    Quite agree. The only time we sailed on Azura, the Seascreen was all day, so loud and you could not sit there. At the other pool, the music was deafening. I hated the ship for a lot of reasons but that was 2 of them.
  7. jeanlyon

    A bit ambiguous....Oceana

    Good news. Now tip what you want.
  8. jeanlyon

    Currency Areas

    I take cash with me for tips. Remove the autotips, pay with cash.
  9. jeanlyon


    I don't think the Cruise Director makes a scrap of difference. Just wish they wouldn't do the Butlins "is everybody happy?". Wave your arms. YUK
  10. jeanlyon

    Will never book early again!

    Agree, never talk about prices on board and actually I have never had people telling me either. Also agree re upgrades. We were upgraded even though we had asked not to be and I did not consider a cabin on A deck up top to be an upgrade, so I got them to move us back to D deck where I had booked.
  11. jeanlyon

    Will never book early again!

    Yes agree with above poster. Booking at launch is invariably the best unless it's a Canaries or fjords cruise as there are many of those. We booked on launch for this coming April and we paid £600 pp less than it is standing now. Obviously 2 weeks before sailing there will be cancellations and of course great deals, but I like to choose my cabin, my dining and you can't do that on a late saver.
  12. jeanlyon

    Currency Areas

    Why not just use a credit card. We don't bother with currency any more. almost everywhere takes a card.
  13. jeanlyon

    How do you decorate your cabin for Christmas?

    I was only asking! LOL. However, I get a bit sick of Christmas starting in September, so at the minute I'm bored with it already.
  14. jeanlyon

    How do you decorate your cabin for Christmas?

    Why would you decorate your cabin? Just curious. Do you decorate your bedroom at home?
  15. jeanlyon


    Aww that's a shame as it's beautiful.