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  1. We booked Select as usual. We received the book, but it had no labels in. My TA sent me our labels.
  2. I'm pretty sure that you will have to choose another cruise of the same length or longer and you will pay a fee of £100 to change. I'm sure someone will say if I'm wrong.
  3. I have chosen 2 cruises, depending on price, and my TA is on standby for a phone call to confirm 🙂
  4. 19 days is plenty for us. We have done 30 and I found that too much.
  5. Ha ha, was just about to say the same. My husband can be very strange at times!
  6. Nope, 2021! We have 2 booked for 2020. New itins are for 2021 (apart from the Worldie which I couldn't do if I was paid).
  7. Well thanks to folk on here, I think I know what we are doing in 2021!! Although I do hope it's only a 5% deposit.
  8. Yes but a pensioner who is still working. Don't get me talking about the young. I do realize that house prices have soared but I oflten feel if they spent less money on eyebrows, tattoos, gadgets, phone contracts, they might be slightly better off. Stands back and awaits flack!
  9. I am not worse off at all. And I am certainly not very rich! Didn't know my little flu jab post would end up political!!
  10. I doubt those would be out until at least next Spring.
  11. Doesn't have to be a "large" specialist cruise TA. I was recommended to one in Wales on here and they have proved to be marvellous. I give him the cruise number and the deck and where we want and he has access to all the P&O systems. We also get another 5% discount from him on top of the P&O ones
  12. Our surgery didn't have the flu vaccine this early, but our pharmacy did and so did Boots. The pharmacist did the jab and sends the details to our surgery. Much easier than trying to book an appt at the surgery. with Boots, you can even make an appointment online. I did that for my friend in London who is cruising with us.
  13. Thanks Andy. Apparently 10 days before is better, but today was nearly as good. We sail next Tuesday.
  14. Same here. Really worth it.
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