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  1. Second AZ jab for me on Monday. wonder if I will get fluey symptoms again.
  2. No hair appt for me until May 😞 but I do have my second jab on Monday next! Yippee!
  3. We are really pleased we made the decision. My lovely TA sorted it all out and even gave us a discount! He says he is inundated with Bookings for P&O's new cruises. I am pleased for him. They have had a terrible year.
  4. Some dark clouds and a little rain here now, but a beautiful morning. Well we bit the bullet and have moved our October 2021 cruise to Ap;ril 2022 and I'm feeling very relieved. The balance would have been due in July, together with buying travel insurance and what with the restrictions on board and not knowing whether it would be the same as we booked, we moved it.
  5. I always use it on the ship, but quite honestly wiping the trolley handle doesn't make a lot of sense. You then go in the store pick up items which other people have probably handled and put it your trolley. So for me, it's best to shop, pack and then use the hand sanitiser.
  6. Yes our friend from London is coming down on May 17th. Really looking forward to see her, visiting a couple of National Trust places and having dinner in Salcombe one evening.
  7. I have been going to the supermarket on the odd occasion. Actually found it uncrowded and easy. I am not nearly so concerned now I've had the jab. Still wear a mask of course. Going back to work tomorrow. We have screens up to shield from the general public.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-56693406
  9. Bit like me in the hospital. Met a girl who joined my airline the same year as me. 1970! What are the chances of that!
  10. Andrew exactly what we felt about her. That's why I wouldn't sail on her or Ventura or indeed anything bigger.
  11. You sure you booked the right year?
  12. OK so what happens in this scenario? You are on a 19 night Med cruise and just after leaving Southampton, say 30 miles out, passenger falls down the stairs and breaks a leg. Medical team xray and set the leg in plaster. Is that covered?
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