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  1. So I'm still not understanding something here. are there no longer set times for dinner in the MDR? Although we have booked Freedom dining for our next cruise, there was still the 2 set times if you wanted it. Re the theatre. Do you absolutely have to book, or can you turn up 15 minutes before and get in? There must still be loads of passengers cruising who don't know how to use a computer. Our friend is one of them. Maybe not on the huge ships, but certainly on the smaller ones. The TA sends all her e-ticket and stuff, so how do people like her get on?
  2. They did that on Fred Olsen on one cruise too. So if you didn't book on the app and then decided you wanted to go to the theatre, it sounds like you could do that? Nobody checking your booking etc.
  3. Absolutely agree with all your posts Avril. We have never not been able to get into a show on Aurora or Arcadia and even Azura. This whole business is putting us off cruising totally that's for sure. I feel the same as you.
  4. We've been cruising for about 12 years and yes I do think the standard is slipping, but then nothing anywhere is as it was.
  5. I removed a book and towel from a sunbed once. We had been sitting on chairs near the bar area on Azura and these beds had nobody on them for 2 hours, so we moved the belongings to a table and sat on the sunbeds. After another half an hour this couple arrived and proceeded to shout at me saying they had only been gone for 20 minutes. Luckily another passenger agreed they hadn't been there for 2 hours at least.
  6. A friend from Canada had to quarantine in a US hotel. She said it was the worst place she had ever seen.
  7. This is really a turn off isn't it. How do you know whether you actually want to go to the theatre. We usually make that decision on the day.
  8. Is this applicable to all ships? Like Aurora and Arcadia?
  9. What do people do who don't check in online I wonder? Check in at the port I suppose.
  10. That appears to be the problem. I don't think any of them cover quarantine if you are offloaded from the ship.
  11. Yes agree. Had my Adonia cruise cancelled and also an Oriana. Might have to revert to Fred if they sell them.
  12. Our next one in april is going to Greece, but we won't be doing it.
  13. Still some nice ports thrown in amonst the usual ones on Aurora or Arcadia, err once I am ready to cruise again. What is wrong with this website. Every time I try to post, I get a huge string of other people's posts, have to log out and in again before it's normal. Is it just me?
  14. It's a nightmare frankly. I shall be going nowhere on a ship with all this going on. By the way is anyone else having the problem that when they try to post, they get all the other posts in their box where they type? I have to log out and in again to clear it.
  15. On the news last evening, it was stated that 99% of hospitalised patients in our hospitals are unvaccinated which rather makes it clear that even if you do get it, it is likely to be mild. As you can't cruise unless vaccinated, I can't see why you need to be offloaded when you can quarantine on board. Makes me even more sure that my April cruise will be moved to 2023!
  16. I am hoping to, but currently it goes to Greece which is not on the list.
  17. My cruise goes to Greece.
  18. I'm even more sure I'm not doing my next cruise. Also, they don't mention Greece in that list at all? Also, a friend of mine has gone to italy and is having a great time doing her own thing and no restrictions. I don't get it. Unless they think all cruise passengers are more likely to carryit.
  19. My goodness, the last quote I got from Staysure was £567 for an annual multi trip.. Husband is 82 with 2 conditions including BP and I broke my hip this year. I'm 74. I suppose it depends on the conditions.
  20. I would doubt very much if any cruise ship would dock with this going on. Black ash everywhere, toxic fumes. I read that all excursions and holidays to the island are cancelled. Also it doesn't look like stopping any time soon.
  21. I really don't know but I am not prepared to wait any longer than when the new cruises are out. I shall simply move it.
  22. That vibration doesn't sound good. Have done 23 knots on other ships with no vibration at all.
  23. Certainly we would definitely move. All the others are way too big for us. Maybe only do one cruise a year instead of 2.
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