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    Hi, I have had three cruises cancelled one way or another this year. I assume that you are in the UK as my experience is only relevant to UK protection. 1 if you do not pay the balance the cruise line cancels you and you lose your deposit. 2 if you pay the balance and the cruise line cancels the cruise you are entitled to a cash refund. 3 if you pay the balance and the ship sails but you don't following FCO advice or insurance voided you stand to lose everything. 4 if you accept future cruise credit then you have waived your right to a cash refund further
  2. An interesting article, glad to hear that the people who tested negative managed to travel home without having to quarantine for 14 days al la Diamond Princess. I am astounded that the family of six, five of who tested positive could just fly back to the USA in a private plane, no mention that it was a special bio secure plane. So much for all the regulations and protocols, still big bucks no doubt involved. It would appear under the new norm one positive test means confinement to cabin for all passengers then immediate return to port of departure. So in effect end of cruise even if you
  3. When the FCO advised against over 70’s cruising we were astounded, after all 70 is the new 50, we had no idea that we were considered vulnerable purely due to age. We were in a difficult position when it came to final payments as if the cruise went ahead and we were disinclined to travel because were following FCO advice and were not covered by insurance if we did go then we would not get a refund. This was confirmed by the cruise operator “our normal terms and conditions apply, regardless of age or medical condition” and was endorsed by ABTA. Although initially we were raring to
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