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  1. The age system seems to be not only the best way of reducing deaths but, being far easier to administer, it is by far the fastest and easiest to operate; and since the rollout is progressing so well, it seems a little churlish of some trade bodies to still be complaining.
  2. Just don't expect a fortune Ann, if you invest the full £500pm the interest will be just short of £115 at the end of your years saving, then it matures and you have to start again.
  3. HSBC has one at 5%, but as it's a regular saver scheme the interest is only on the current balance. However I thought the monthly max saving was £250 loom.
  4. Is anyone getting a worthwhile interest rate for short term savings?
  5. Good to have you back Graham and great that you have now had your jab. How did the eye consult go?
  6. I agree with your decision, it's exactly what we would have done in similar circumstances. As I like to state all too frequently Rules are for the guidance of the wise and the observance of fools.
  7. Well let's hope that vaccine passports do become standard, and maybe cruise ship foreign national crew could be give the vaccinations currently being administered to convicted criminals.
  8. RCI always manage to fit more ports into their 14 night itineraries, 8 or 9 ports at least on their 14 night Canary cruises, and despite the extra speed their Voyager and Freedom class ships are very stable in rough seas.
  9. I would assume that if you as the patient decide to use the app to confirm you have been vaccinated, that should imply your agreement to share the information. If you don't want to share that info you don't go on a cruise, or on an airplane, or on a package holiday or to a restaurant or to a pub or to a ........................
  10. Leave the poor soul alone to enjoy wallowing in his misery.🤣
  11. Are you telling me that everything I see on TV is giving me an incorrect perspective?
  12. I have never been to any music festival, but from viewing them on TV I have to say I have never seen passengers on a cruise ship crammed together in the same way as festival goers. Agreed they are always outdoors, but there must still be a far higher chance of infection spreading than on any cruise I have been on.
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