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  1. Do consider that the port confines cover a large area and I have had 4 miles on the speedo with CPS, which is a little more than I have had with P4C, and the traffic on Herbert Walker ave can be very heavy indeed.
  2. We changed tp P4C from CPS 3 cruises ago and find the system almost the same as CPS, but for our longer cruises it is much cheaper. You do need to drive to the short stay car park after unloading your cases, but this does cut out any long waits on arrival and is only a few hundred yards away, and collection is very similar, except its from the short stay car park and the keys will be collected from the P4C van. We did have a bit of a scare recently when we received a parking charge for exceeding the 2 hours in the Mayflowers short stay on the day of collection, but a quick exchange of e-mails and phone calls quickly resolved this problem.
  3. terrierjohn


    Saga will shortly have a brand new ship, CMV has acquired newer ships from Carnival recently, but Fred's newest ship is Braemar which was built in 1993, the other two date back to the 70's. Surely they must be making enough profits at their prices to update their fleet?
  4. terrierjohn

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    I have to agree with jody75s comment about how P&O react to a problem compared with our experiences on other cruise lines. P&O seem to feel that passengers are a nuisance to the smooth running of their ships, whereas other lines, like RCI and Celebrity, put customer service at the top of their list, and go the extra mile to put things right. Now before the cheerleaders descend on me I would point out that, as a Yorkshireman, I am more than capable of handling this sloppy attitude, and still manage to enjoy all my cruises on P&O, and these incidents just add to my cruising stories.
  5. terrierjohn

    Anthem diamond lounge

    From these photos it certainly looks much bigger than the DL on Navigator which so far is our only experience. (Diamond via our Celebrity sailings)
  6. terrierjohn

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    On our last 2 cruises we have experienced plumbing issues, the first was a leaking shower head which despite daily visits from the plumber proved impossible for him to fix. The last cruise our toilet had an obviously leaking valve which resulted in the water in the bowl emptying in a couple of hours, this initially proved impossible for the plumber to fix, until I collared him on day 3 and told him he needed to disconnect the bowl and fix the seal, once that was done it worked perfectly. My assumption from these and other plumbing issues is that P&O must employ under qualified tradesmen, and have a very poor management system, and this poor management is also often evident in the restaurants. But they are generally cheaper than other lines, which does make up for some of the deficiencies.
  7. terrierjohn

    Accessible Balcony Cabins on Ventura.

    We book via a TA and always assume that booking an accessible cabin means you definitely don't want an upgrade, especially from a C deck balcony, and so far have never had any issues. We did once receive a phone call from P&O via our TA asking if we would consider changing our accessible cabin, the one we had booked was a possible 4 berth and they had a passenger wanting the extra berths. Unfortunately we need specific "handed" cabins because my DW can only use her left hand, and P&O were proposing moving us to one with right handed shower and toilet positions, which meant we had to decline despite their generous offer of extra OBC.
  8. terrierjohn

    Atmosphere on board

    I too was surprised with the premium balcony cabins on Aurora command, on an 18 night cruise we recently priced up, standard balcony cabins were over 40% higher than OV cabins, this seems far too high for such tiny balconies.
  9. terrierjohn

    Infants on Britannia

    It must have changed since 2011 when we went with our son, DIL and 10 month old to the Canaries, which had 2 lots of 2 consecutive sea days in the itinerary.
  10. terrierjohn

    weather in march

    Warmer than it will be for our return journey on Ventura at the end of January!!! Don't worry it should be hot until the Azores, then unpredictable for the last 3 days back to Southampton, if you are lucky it will sunny and pleasant, or it could be wet and windy.
  11. terrierjohn


    I think I would be very happy with a Pinnacle class ship from P&O, but with two new builds already booked I doubt one could be in service before 2024 at the earliest. Six years older and running out of time to enjoy it.
  12. I agree with you I also think that most, maybe even all, the pricing was correct, but clearly it was badly presented. When a price is discounted any customer wants to see this clearly displayed so they can appreciate the savings they have made. P&O must have thought they were being clever by discounting the 5% applicable to everyone at source, just another example of their poor marketing.
  13. terrierjohn

    Ventura Panama Canal glitch

    Emerald Princess is planned to do a full transit of the Panama canal in 2019, so maybe someone should tell Princess it won't fit under the bridge.
  14. terrierjohn

    OMG>>>we are back up!!!

    It is certainly fairly slow to respond which suggests it might be a out to crash.
  15. terrierjohn

    Atmosphere on board

    You really have been unlucky Jean, we rarely see any misbehaving children on any of our cruises, and we normally cruise on the bigger ships.