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  1. From your initial post I assumed you were a family of 3 and needed a 3 berth, if there are only 2 of you then a Queen configuration is perfectly acceptable, if you are 3 then even in a 4 berth you would only need to use one bunk.
  2. Having read Moley's post about Arnold Donalds video conference, it's clear the bigger ships are far more profiable, and generate a higher cash flow. So despite Aurora and Arcadia selling at higher prices, they will be well down the pecking order, and will need to run at much higher occupancy levels jut to match an Azura's performance. It does not bode well for the tiny tots.
  3. I believe the standard balcony cabins with pullman bunks do have to be set up as single beds, but it has been suggested that a quiet word with your steward might get him to set it up as a double, but probably only in a 3 berth.
  4. You are of course correct Moley, but you have rather undermined my doom and gloom post to Avril about her possible Q4 cruise.
  5. I think the fact that so many countries are now open for tourists without any quarantine restrictions has prompted the govt to specify that cruising is not included in these new arrangements. But since most cruise lines have paused operations into October, it really is no change at all, and if the CLIA agree safe operating procedures with the EU & UK I would expect it to be revised well before then.
  6. We are certainly more knowledgable that most on FB, it never ceases to amaze me the basic nature of some of their questions that are asked on the P&O sites that I follow. The old saying if some of them had a brain they would be dangerous springs to mind.
  7. That sounds more positive for the restarting of cruising once the numbers of new cases reaches more manageable levels. Which could still be sometime in Q4.
  8. Remember Annie we are only a very small section of cruise passengers, and maybe the consensus of our group is not wholly representative of the wider P&O customers.
  9. Indeed, but there will be no cruises until late autumn, so there is plenty of time for the govt. to review the situation a dozen times before then, and I imagine the CLIA will be heavily involved in advising govt depts on their safety procedures in order to influence a change in advice.
  10. I am surprised that our death rate is higher than the USA, because I had wondered if our obesity level, which is the highest in Europe, might prove to be one of the major reasons for our poor death figures, but I assume the US obesity level is higher than ours.
  11. Did she say they were going somewhere for a few days on one of her last posts, or am I just delusional.
  12. Wishful thinking and faith in my mate Boris to see us through the problems.😉
  13. Things like, mould, damp, corroded plumbing and leaks, sea salt induced rust, de-humidifiers needed for cabins and enclosed venues etc......
  14. Avril, after just reading an article about laying up and restarting cruise ships, and all the potential problems, I don't think I would want to be on one of the first cruises to start after a 7 month lay up.
  15. You are assuming that CLIA has not learned any lessons from the starting issues like Diamond Princess. I would expect only sick passengers would be quarantined, but equally I would expect most cruises, especially round trip ones from Southampton, not to have any outbreaks. But I am a glass half full sort of guy.
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