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  1. At present a free cancellation would enable me to get a lower price, but whether I could get the same cabin might be the problem, unless P&O agree to do the change for me.
  2. You can get back to the forum from any thread by clicking the topic listing, which is immediately after the last post.
  3. After my TA got the brush off from their support team at P&O I decided to try my usual method and e-mailed Chris Edgington this morning, one of his minions rang back this afternoon to say they would investigate and get back to us, but it may be up to 2 weeks because they are very busy at present! Nothing truly positive from that but I live in hope.
  4. It just needs the mouse to be in that post for any faded text to be highlighted.
  5. terrierjohn

    Shareholder benefits for UK

    Carnival shareholder benefit has always been in addition to any other OBC offers you may have, but don't go giving them any new ideas.!
  6. Looks like you scored by booking early. I booked a B2B for Sept 2020 through my usual TA, the quote I had on day 3 after initial opening was the same that I eventually paid on launch, however checking now both base prices on the P&O site are 5.25% less than the base price on my original quote, but P&O's response to my TA was that I received the full discount available at the time. I accept that fluid pricing has now kicked in, but being a cynical sort the new lower prices look too close to the 5% lower prices that were probably listed on day 1, which makes me wonder if I somehow missed the boat.
  7. terrierjohn

    And we are Back

    Not working very well though, very sluggish and lots of error messages.
  8. terrierjohn

    Just testing it works......

    No idea what this is, it's been so long since I last used it.