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  1. terrierjohn

    Shareholder benefits for UK

    I hold my shares in Share Centres nominee account and I e mail them with my account ref and the booking ref and cruise number and request them to e mail the shareholder benefit team at Carnival to confirm my shareholding. They normally copy me with their e mail the same day, and within a week I receive an amended booking summary showing the OBC from my TA. If you book direct it will come straight to you from P&O. Easy peasy.
  2. terrierjohn

    Ventura Easter Sail Times and Positives About Her

    Ventura is our favourite ship, and strangely on ***** it receives 4 stars whereas Azura only gets 3.5, so although there always seem to be more Azura fans on here, Ventura must be more popular in the wider cruising community. Staff are similar on all P&O ships, but food standard does vary dependant on the head Chef. As regards the ship itself I prefer to have the covered pool area rather than the sea screen, and I prefer the layout and decor of Ventura's glass house to that on Azura, otherwise they are very similar. The design of all Grand class ships, and even Britannia's Royal class, do have lots of faults, and I think Royal Caribbean make far better use of the space than P&O, and passenger flow around the ship in the evenings on RCI is far easier than on Ventura and its big sisters. As regards port times you will only find out the times when on board, although checking the port websites sometimes gives you more definitive times, you could try ringing P&O but you are likely to get differing answers depending on who you talk to.
  3. terrierjohn

    Diamond Happy Hour - Is sharing OK?

    Yes you might have a bit of a point there, however when my friend buys the next round, and includes me, then RCI get their money back, and out of 6 drinks they get payment for 3, which is just the same as if we order separately. Oh and I am always discreet.
  4. terrierjohn

    Diamond Happy Hour - Is sharing OK?

    It always surprises me why some folk get so hot under the collar about issues like this. As long as you only obtain 3 happy hour drinks on your card what does it matter what you do with them, you could empty them into the nearest plant, pour them down the sink, drink them yourself or hand one to a friend, its the same cost to RCI whatever you do.
  5. terrierjohn

    Balcony vs Deluxe Balcony on Aurora

    I think all Auroras balcony cabins have sofas.
  6. I think the blue button is only relevant when you use a search feature if, like me, you browse a forum at a time then there is no blue button. Incidentally SF have you found a way to search "unread" content from a specific forum, when I try this I get posts from the entire CC forum, I find it easier to browse each separate fora I want, mainly P&O and RCI, then I can easily see unread posts because the thread is in bold. Whoops just found it, will now try to view the unread content via this method.
  7. terrierjohn

    Noise in Cabins by Lifts

    We need an accessible cabin and on most ships these are close to the lifts, however I do notice that on P&O the lift bell and floor announcements are switched off from early evening and overnight. However you sometimes do hear voices chatting outside, presumably friends going off in different directions, but saying elongated good nights, however this is infrequent and being so convenient for the lifts more than compensates for this minor inconvenience.
  8. terrierjohn

    Shareholder benefits for UK

    Although the official Carnival website says that you receive £60 for cruises of 7-13 days, I just noticed that I received £150 for my recent 13 night cruise on Azura, so presumably they consider 13 nights to be a 14 day cruise. I also notice that the web info says that it cannot be used for gratuities charged to your account as well as casino charges. For P&O of course the gratuities info ceases to be relevant in May next year.
  9. I was having to log on each day but this morning my bookmark setting has logged me in, so maybe that's a bug they have now fixed.
  10. At present a free cancellation would enable me to get a lower price, but whether I could get the same cabin might be the problem, unless P&O agree to do the change for me.
  11. You can get back to the forum from any thread by clicking the topic listing, which is immediately after the last post.
  12. After my TA got the brush off from their support team at P&O I decided to try my usual method and e-mailed Chris Edgington this morning, one of his minions rang back this afternoon to say they would investigate and get back to us, but it may be up to 2 weeks because they are very busy at present! Nothing truly positive from that but I live in hope.
  13. It just needs the mouse to be in that post for any faded text to be highlighted.
  14. terrierjohn

    Shareholder benefits for UK

    Carnival shareholder benefit has always been in addition to any other OBC offers you may have, but don't go giving them any new ideas.!
  15. Looks like you scored by booking early. I booked a B2B for Sept 2020 through my usual TA, the quote I had on day 3 after initial opening was the same that I eventually paid on launch, however checking now both base prices on the P&O site are 5.25% less than the base price on my original quote, but P&O's response to my TA was that I received the full discount available at the time. I accept that fluid pricing has now kicked in, but being a cynical sort the new lower prices look too close to the 5% lower prices that were probably listed on day 1, which makes me wonder if I somehow missed the boat.