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  1. We Yorkshire men would never make that sort of error.😁
  2. So is the code you need for the PLF given in the confirmation e-mail then?
  3. How can they do that when the govt says the tests cannot be ordered until the 22nd, or have I also misunderstood that?
  4. I did say towels changed when needed, we must fall in the same slovenly camp as you then Harry, since I am happy to re-use a towel if its dry. However I do like my bathroom freshened up after I have showered, which I doubt adds anything to the ships pollution record, and it is one of the nice touches that makes cruising special for us.
  5. We always shower before dinner in the evening so it's nice to have the bathroom freshened up and clean towels where necessary, and of course the daytime bed coverings and cushions are carefully stored away overnight, and the curtains drawn and the lights dimmed.
  6. Something dear to my heart as well, and I certainly hope it returns before next year.
  7. Not that I am cruising at present but, if you place an order before the 22nd wont it have to be a PCR test rather than the cheaper LFT. Forgive me if I am barking up the wrong tree.
  8. Well that is slightly relieving for me as well, after having our cruise cancelled because our cabin was needed for the new quarantine protocols, I was feeling a bit annoyed that they weren't being used.
  9. I'm envious, please let us have a full review once you have it up and running. Just one thought, will your TV programmes run 2-3 minutes late, just like SkyGo does?
  10. The first incident was a seacation cruise and I don't believe intercruises started operating until the international cruises re-started.
  11. I do think Dai is correct, the very first coach incident was on Eavseway, which led to the tighter protocols they now offer, the recent one on Ventura however was intercruises.
  12. I have a feeling that was applicable to staycation cruises, I doubt it still applies.
  13. But until a passenger tests positive you won't know what they will do?
  14. If it's been programmed by the P&O IT dept, then you could end up anywhere on the ship, but unlikely to be near your cabin.
  15. Fortunately the post office system is very simple, and the only drawback is that it does take longer to reach your account than paying it into the branch used to. I might suggest to Boris that he gives the banks an ultimatum, they set up a single branch network in every local village, to service all the banks, or he will nationalise them.
  16. Hardly a northern coloquialism, have you never seen South Pacific or listened to its music which includes "A cockeyed optimist".
  17. Yes it will be the post office, I do have my banks paying in envelopes.
  18. Maybe he's a ***** eyed octopus? PS I hope you all know what I typed.
  19. How quaint, I have just received a cheque from Carnival for the refund of our cancelled cruise. Our first cheque for well over 2 years, now I wonder if my bank has any branches still open?
  20. Just hold your nose and swallow, remember just like when your Mum used to force you to have cod liver oil on a tablespoon.
  21. I am not entirely convinced that just because the chicken was suffocated, rather than having neck rung, makes it any healthier!!!😉
  22. There doesn't seem to be any variation between the Royal Caribbean brands, although I realise that Azamara is no longer part of the group. Similarly Princess, P&O and Cunard all seem to be the same, but no idea if HAL, AIDA and Costa are also in the meany class.
  23. I watched a YouTube interview with the VP of RCI and in reply to a question she did say that RCI can run profitably on their big ships with 62% capacity, and the Oasis class is below 50%. This was clearly stated as profitable, not just covering costs.
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