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  1. It may well do, as I said that’s what was said around a month ago.
  2. Hardly when the final payment date is 30 days before, removing the cruises is a tell tale sign that they’re cancelling sailings until June 24th well before deadline.
  3. All cruises until June 24th now removed. Maybe a 10am announcement, it’s not Tuesday but Thursday sounds similar.. easy mistake 😂
  4. Thank you too for being kind. We are doing our very best to try and take it day by day and not worry about it. Some have suggested moving it to next year but our situation doesn’t really allow for that with new jobs starting etc.. Yes the stress is building rapidly, my better half is doing better than me with trying not to dwell on it thankfully. I’m doing my best to find ways to switch off from it, my jaw cracking and locking is the latest sign of stress. Gaining age quickly and I’m only 23 haha!
  5. You’re very kind, we appreciate that so much. Hopefully we will be joining the list with your parents! We are hopeful that it can happen now, we are expecting some port changes though but we’re fine with that!
  6. If you look at Azura’s first sailing that’s listed too, there’s an error that shows Day 1 as Malta and then Day 1 as Southampton! This is hopefully just an IT error!
  7. Azura, Sailing 22nd July for 3 weeks. Italy, Greece and Malta are all very promising for cruises especially with MSC sailing now so I’m hoping P&O hold out and ride the next few months before jumping the gun... If anything, itinerary wise I think the Med fly cruise season has a better chance than Northern Europe itineraries, France and Germany etc aren’t looking quite as welcoming as Greece and Italy want to be.
  8. You can’t book this date though, you can’t book any of the visible sailings until after June 21st. Looks to me like they have been preparing the website for the next announcement and they’ve accidentally made some of the changes live instead of scheduled.
  9. But to argue against myself, it’s still allowing you to book Azura’s July cruises. So keeping everything crossed that I was just being silly! Haha
  10. I’ve tried this on multiple sailings before June 21st out of the ones that remain, you cannot book them. Also, this may be an IT error and I’m probably adding 2 and 2 and getting 12 but Azura’s first listed sailing (which you can’t book) for April 29th shows an extra day on the itinerary as it says Day 2 as Southampton. Obviously this is an error if they are still wanting the Med fly season to go ahead, but my mind tells me they may be repositioning her back to the UK instead and they’ve started editing the website accordingly behind the scenes... I hope I’m wrong as our wedding
  11. This is scheduled for the end of Feb I think I recall Moley saying. Maybe she’ll start moving in the next few days. She was only booked into Newcastle until the end of Feb too I believe.
  12. Well parliament is where I first learnt about this before reading it here.
  13. Just so we are absolutely clear. International travel may resume from May 17 at the earliest. government roadmap document shows this below. see section 125 and image.
  14. Yes I watched the entire announcement, then read his exact speech afterwards on government website including the documents that followed. I don’t read the news versions when I can read the actual documents put out. I find it hilarious that some refuse to accept they got things slightly wrong and instead choose to mock the ones pointing out the facts.
  15. They aren’t confirming what was said, they are stating how they read it. again, the government said May 17th is the earliest date international travel can possibly resume. So I was right. you said the date was June which was incorrect.
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