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  1. This is what mine says and included time stamp. I travel with my passport just bc it's easier but I could do it with a birth certificate (see 1st paragraph next to medallion). So apparently 2 caribbean islands now require it but not USA / Canada (next March) / Mexico (this October)
  2. I'm doing it in reverse in 3 months so looking for your input on my tentative plans as you were just there: 11/21 - Melbourne - Doubletree Hotel in CBD 11/22 - Melbourne  11/23 - Melbourne  11/24 - board 11/25 - sea day 11/26 - sea day 11/27 - Fiordland National Park (scenic Cruising) 11/28 - Dunedin (Port Chalmers) - Garden and City Tour. Pier pick up & return 11/29 - Akaroa - tender to city center 11/30 - Wellington City Pass includes Cable Car RT & two attractions - Zealandia or Botanical Gardens and Introducing Te Papa Tour. Is a RT on the Cable Car necessary or would it be better to walk to shuttle? Helps me decide whether I should buy city pass. 12/1 - Napier - Mohaka Rafting 12/2 - Tauranga - get up early and see the wonderful entry from the sea around Mt Maunganui into the port of Tauranga (from my balcony). 1 hr walk around the Mount from the port to the surf beach front for coffee and or ice cream etc etc 12/3 - Auckland - walk off, bagbnb, no ideas yet, takes 3 hrs for Sky bus from Auckland CBD to Airport / check in ================================/= FWIW:: In Port Arthur (Tasmania) last year, I walked to the right once off the tenders for an amazing yet short hike. Just a few miles where I was the only person. Saw a lot of wildlife in their habitat
  3. I deleted all the apps except Ocean Ready in anticipation of the 'new and improved' Medallion Class App which was supposed to be here last week. I sail October 14, 2019. Should I reinstall them as the app isn't here? Or just Ocean Now as the others are basically useless? Frustrated ... WWYD? 🤔
  4. Any update on when OM will be active on droids?
  5. Maybe just uber. It'll be after a long flight and although there won't be a language barrier I will be tired
  6. Sounds lovely! I'm adding to the myki card so that I can make use of the trams. I know 1 is free but the others will charge and I need it to go from the airport to Flinders St & Flinders St to pier
  7. I got it for Cabo Getaway Cruise but it's not needed. There's non-USA / Mexicans on the ship so they just send out a general email notice ..... or so Princess stated. Went on State Dept site and WHTI is still in effect
  8. We sailed on Carnival until the teenage boys came to me and said "can't we find something with better entertainment?" That something was Princess. We have been happy here ever since. Guess we could've tried another line but why change when you're satisfied?
  9. Is that $15AUD (so $10 USD)? If so I'll pick up 2 extra in Melbourne
  10. It was a 7-11 in Japan & Busan, Korea in Nov 2018
  11. What's your favorite one? I only drink long blacks (ok, sometimes with real cream) and a lot of coffee shops here add sugar. I don't want that even in a latte
  12. This is what residential shipping to Montreal with a declared value of $10 costs. Just wondering why your handling charges are so high Mine did NOT come USPS so why would yours? (don't you hate it when we can look these things up and punch a hole in their logic?)
  13. I'm looking for a new place. Only go to PES lounge if in Skywalkers and they moved it on CB / eliminated Skywalkers on some ships altogether. Are tapas still comped in Vines? If not, what's the charge? Might just grab something at IC but I can miss that running ad at Good Spirits
  14. IMHO barrel chairs are not omitted from all room categories, just the smaller rooms, 171 sq ft and less -- inside & outside rooms, balconies & above seem to still have them. I've always had to put mine in the closet and I've had 2 cruises after the uproar (Caribbean & Star)
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