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  1. I am a vegetarian so any suggestions on where to eat in Juneau, Skagway, or Ketchikan? Son wants me to bring him salmon jerky, daughter wants a suncatcher, kids want chocolate rocks, I don't want to spend all day shopping
  2. Depends on your fitness level as well. Just my 2c: Best hike: ride Juneau Tramway 1/2 way up Mt Robert's. Takes you to 1800' then a great easy walk up to 3800+'. Bring binoculars to watch bears fish in river below you. The marmot are friendly and expect a few to cross your path as you go up or down. Cloudberries are delicious. Best zipline: I prefer Ketchikan to Skagway but that might just be me Totems: Totem Bight and Saxman are both on the city's bus system as is Totem Park. Saxman has Clan House, Native Carving Shed, Gift Shop, a short walk through the r
  3. I hope people remember to tip heavily when doing excursions. My favorite ziplining company lost a year. Unemployment only covers so much, not to mention the mental effect of being unemployed Shopping in Alaska in 3 weeks!!
  4. Sorry - disagree. The GREEN Lane means you can have expedited check-in process because you have entered info and answered questions and done all those Personal Info and Checklist items successfully And now its Yellow. No change other than its a week closer to embarkation
  5. Thanks @Steelers36for trying to keep it all straight. And +100%
  6. Anyone else slip to Yellow after the last email?? Voyage date 8/15/21 & I was Green Lane until a weird email asking me for a visa and to upload NHS app. Slipped to Blue Lane. That email was in error, it was for UK cruises. So I got an email to ignore it. And I now have Yellow Lane. I keep wondering if this happens to everyone within a few weeks of cruising bc we have to reaffirm 24° before boarding?? It seems weird but I believe the app is weird
  7. I will know 8/15/21 unless someone on 7/25/21 posts it Sunday. I had been told it was nonrefundable OBC when I bought like @Astro Flyer
  8. Ward Cove is on the bus route to both Bight & Saxman just not on the free route
  9. One would think so, but there have been reports on the Amtrak Unlimited Forum that some Amtrak crews are expecting guests to wear their mask even in a Roomette or Bedroom if the door is open. Like much on Amtrak, there is inconsistency among trains/crews. But that shouldn't be an issue if the door closes. Wear it for just a few moments while food is delivered
  10. Ketchikan website: http://www.visit-ketchikan.com/ Ketchikan bus schedule / map below. Totem Bight State Historic Park is located on the north end of the island and Saxman Totem Pole Park is on the south route.
  11. I am sharing the map I got from Ketchikan Tourist Bureau. Its $5 all day .... I'm sure they'll stop at WC if it isn't already on the list. City services needs our support
  12. Elite got 1 on a short 5 nighter out of LA but my PVP hasn't notified me about this on my next cruise. Interested in hearing if it's on the 7/25 Alaska & if the 1st drink on the medallion is still free.
  13. Correction issued. Guess I'll try to get my passport to stick or call that # cruzsnooze posted. Maybe I can get the Green Lane back. But only giving it 1 more try ~~~~ enough others keep banging their head against the wall that the Blue Lane will be fast at 11:30
  14. Put the pics / videos in the cloud to deal with later (I have an older phone with just 128GB)
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