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  1. OMG you've been on a Marella cruise out of Palma Majorca ROFLMAO We used Marella as a jumping off point to experience cruising, the first one adult only was excellent and really gave us a taste for cruising so we opted on a second cruise out of Palma with them and if we had gone on this particular cruise first we would never have cruised again!! Be thankful Cunard do have standards and if you dont like them cruise with another line.
  2. Cunard are using QE in this way the first few cruises from mar 26 thro Apr are mainly 3, 4 & 7 nts cruises round british isles and near continenent, Bruges Amsterdam etc suspect P&O will go down this route, havent been on the boards for ages but its a year now since our last cruise and feeling very down so nice to see peeps have stuff booked optimistically for next year. Stay safe.
  3. Have to agree , been waiting with baited breath and sigh bit same been to most of places already maybe they're aiming to encourage people who have never cruised before? especially with the short cruises 3, 4 and 7 nts.
  4. Prices are still the same a week in May was £2878 inc drinks package balcony 7nts for 2 people but can book now with no deposit and i just wondered what the catch was. i suppose it means that if cruises end up being cancelled they dont have to do refunds? but still have an idea of demand?
  5. Pleasantest surprise for me was Palamos in Spain, really lovely place and Villefranche on Riviera . Happy days sigh x
  6. Have to admit not been to the pages for sometime, its a year gone now since we were on D2. I've started to look at cruises for next May onwards hence my post on the no deposit thing. I really hope cruise will commence next Spring after Easter. Fingers crossed.
  7. Having a look at at an EX2 sailing next summer and its says book now with no deposit, how does that work?
  8. Shes docked in Newcastle Port of Tyne at the moment or she was on local TV last night. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/whats-on/travel-tourism/po-oceana-ship-north-shields-18400124 From another topic #Moleschip? Currently Oceana is headed to Weymouth bay for a week or two but thats subject to change. I'm also hearing that she is likely to loose her bow art and branding possibly as soon as today. (07/07/20)
  9. Yorkshire obs 😊 York & rail museum, Whitby & Magpie for fish & chips, North yorks moors & railway, Wensleysale Creamery, Castle Howard, Harewood House, Harrogate, Bettys loads of things to do and see. 👍🙂
  10. What I would give for a formal dress code topic.🤣🤣😜😜😝😝roflmao xx
  11. Marella have just cancelled all cruise to 31st May so likely others will follow suit. This ain't gonna end anytime soon. 🤔
  12. According to Marella FB page cruises up to 31st May now cancelled.
  13. Just to add P&O have cancelled all cruises upto 15th May so likely Marella will follow suit especially as aircraft look to be pretty much grounded now. As this virus broke here in the UK we were just about to press the button on booking 2 cruises so glad we didnt. Stay well and safe all.
  14. This is what I had planned so we could go cruising start of May, anyhow she screwed things up by being10 days late and only born tonight so as they say every silver lining.........
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