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  1. If it were me I would make a plan. I use a rail in the spare room. I start with what I will travel in. As you're going with NCL you dont really have to worry about formal wear. Work out what you'll be doing each day which will mainly involve swimwear, shorts, tanks/t-shirts, sarong and or sun dress. Take 2 or 3 lots if each so while you rinse and dry one lot you have others to go at. Evenings you can get by with LBD, black pants, white jeans and some sparkly/pretty tops. Footwear think flip flops and espadrilles or trainers and come strappy sandals for evening. Mix and match with jewellery and scarves. I hang all the stuff I want to take on the rail. Daywear and underwear goes in packing cubes. Long stuff gets folded in. Dont sweat it too much, cruise packing pretty much follows the same route as a land vacation especially on a casual cruise line like NCL. Enjoy your trip.
  2. Just to add to this in May this year a ship was held by the port authorities in Naples as it arrived with 60+ sick passengers. The Italian port authorities slapped an immediate ban on it moving. We due to board were held in coaches and then the terminal for 8hrs before the authorities allowed us to board after a deep clean was deemed satisfactory. We should have left port at 5pm but were held until 8pm by the port until they were happy with procedures in place to prevent further illness. So it not just in the US, our ship was flagged Valletta Malta.
  3. Jeez I haven't had summer 2019 yet, I have no idea how anybody can plan that far ahead πŸ€”πŸ€”
  4. The majority of cruise lines have downgraded, dumbed down, diluted whatever you want to call it their 'formal' dress codes. For what its worth i think MDR and speciality venues should be smart casual as a minimum standard. No shabby jeans, beachwear, shorts, tanks, caps, footy shirts or track suits. We are in our fifities and we find most passengers of a similar age and older who have grown up with certain standards and ideas of etiquette that just dont seem to exist in today's generations ie people born late eighties onwards. In fact many seem to revel in flouting the codes on purpose! But at the end of the day the cruise lines are trying to appeal to this younger demographic as the old guard pop off the mortal coil as they are the next generation of cruisers.................
  5. An option you may not have looked at but may be of interest is Marella have a ship Discovery based in Cyprus (Limassol) over winter doing Suez, Egypt and Jordan and also out of Naples doing southern Med. Page link here scroll down. https://www.tui.co.uk/cruise/deals/winter-cruises?im_id=PPC&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImpfeoIv94wIVBbDtCh3YagiGEAAYASACEgKyj_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. No. No. NO! My DH goes gets changed if we happen to wear the same colors by accident! When we were on a trip we had to buy a couple of rain coats and even then he made me have a different color to him!
  7. Agree with others the LBD or black pants give you multiple options. Bear in mind Rome at that time of year can be chilly, we were there for my birthday in early November and it was only 8c(47f) - 10c(50f) at best and if you are trekking in the mountains in Morocco ditto especially at night.
  8. I just bought these, do you think they're blingy enough? πŸ˜„
  9. I 'like' all the posters here on the Marella board so no problem to dine with any of them because i think we are all of a like mind. I look at other boards and there are defo people, British i might add who i would be inclined to feel the need to slap!! Even though we always get a table for 2 the tables are so close to each other in the MDR we invariably end up chatting to couples on either side of us. Theres very few that annoy us but on our last cruise every excursion we went on there was one guy we called him 'Timothy' who we thought was with his mother turned out she was his wife! who knew more than the tour guide, you know the sort kept correcting the guide. lol. Would never share a table with him!! On D2 at same time as @Pensioncruiser and @pgilc1 so we shall see πŸ˜ƒ
  10. You say your cruise starts in Rome so when you land st Rome airport you will go thro immigration there after that so long as your cruise ship stays in the Med you won't show your passport until you go home via Rome or other Euro city possible exception any countries on southern med African side. Your ship will also advise. Keep a copy of your passport with you just in case but on the whomdsafer in your cabin safe. Hth
  11. No sittings All freedom dining go when u want. We always go 8.15ish thento 10.30 show never had any probs. Hth Enjoy
  12. We never book anything more than 8wks b4 we go due to work constraints. Saying that we never seem to get a bargain booking late as prices dont seem much different to when first issued. You could always book it and pay deposit and if the saving is significant nearer time cancel and re book at new price but take into consideration losing the original deposit. We see lots of cruises loads cheaper than Marella but when we add in flying from our local, drinks, tips etc Marella is a no brainer. The choice is yours. πŸ€”πŸ‘
  13. Now I understand @ormy thought u were only a young thing 🀣😝bless you should have asked for help but guess u r like my dad and bugger on regardless as he says , lol x
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