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  1. I'm Elite and I was matched to Black. Same with my husband.
  2. You will be enrolled as a Black member if you do the Status Match. It is very, very nice and you get a lot of freebies and perks. You do have to sail once every three years to keep the status.
  3. Still very valuable when you are traveling beforehand.
  4. Isn't the laundry perk one bag per Elite member? Or is it per cabin?
  5. No, you cannot. You must accept the cabin assigned. No changes.
  6. Great to hear! Thanks for sharing, koolforkatz!
  7. Son did have C & A number with Royal before he was 18. That is not the same number for Captain's Club. When they turn 18, they have to create an account with Celebrity. It is at that point that all of his previous cruise history is transferred over. Celebrity had each and every cruise my son had done starting at 3 months.
  8. Son must be 18 to have a Captain's Club number although any past cruise history will be added to his profile. Just went through this today.
  9. Just stumbled upon this thread as we are looking at doing a Celebrity cruise later this summer. It has been several years since we sailed on Celebrity but back then we had access to Michael's Club for drinks etc. in the evening as well as breakfast in the morning. Has something changed for Elites in the last few years?
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments thus far. I should have mentioned they are actually flying in on Saturday and arriving at 12:20 p.m. They want to see the USS Arizona so I guess this plan will now work for them.
  11. Have friends who are sailing on the Pride of America this Saturday. They want to do Pearl Harbor when they disembark on the 15th but purchased round-trip transfers through NCL. NCL will not refund the return trip to the airport because it is four days before sailing and in full penalty phase. They were planning to book the excursion through the ship so now they are looking at going to Pearl Harbor after they land and get to the ship. It sails at 7 p.m. Would it be possible for them to grab a taxi/Uber after they check in and drop off their bags?
  12. jdvmd

    Private guide in Tokyo

    TripleLights seems like they might fit the bill! Thanks so much for the recommendation! Which tours did you book specifically? Did you have to pay for an assistant in addition to the driver? Or was a guide provided as well?
  13. jdvmd

    Private guide in Tokyo

    Thanks so much, jkgourmet!
  14. Can anyone recommend a tour guide for our family of four (all adults) in Tokyo? Looking at a half day perhaps of the major sites. English speaking.
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