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  1. https://infobonaire.com/getting-to-bonaire/cruises/. I know Aruba is a 4 now but had not heard about Curacao.
  2. This came directly from the hotel's website when you are booking a room.
  3. Minimum check in age is 21 at Comfort Inn and Suites. That said, this is showing up now under the alerts for the hotel. Don't know if this is because of the pandemic or a permanent change. Hotel Alerts Effective immediately. Same day one night bookings will not have access to Atlantis amenities. Advanced booking is required. Food and beverage options at this hotel may be limited or unavailable at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Starting 11/15/2019 new fees will be apply. The following tax and charges are applicable. 12 Value Added Tax, 11.2 Resort Levy, 5.00 USD per person per day Housekeeping charge, 17.87 USD per person per day Utility Surcharge and 14.56 USD Hotel Service Charge per person per day. 40.00 USD added to the rate for 3rd and 4th adult, plus Valued Added Tax. Children 16 years and over are charged as adults. Children 12 years to 15 years are charges 37.43 USD per child per day (Housekeeping, Utility Surcharge and Hotel Service Charge), not included in total. Restaurant open for lunch and dinner. Free complimentary parking 24 hours.
  4. That's a great idea. Never thought about using as peanut clusters. I did take our Seaside ships and melted them down and turned into a chocolate ganache with a little Pappy Van Winkle thrown in for my husband's special birthday cake.
  5. We take out the items ourselves and put them to the side.
  6. Same here. It's happened twice most recently on the Mera and previously on Celebrity. I really think it has to do with the season and flying.
  7. Looks like you figured it out!
  8. I've done mine on two MSC cruises in the recent months and when we got to check in, the pictures were not there and the agent had to take our pics. Very quick and easy.
  9. Seaside's spa area is beautiful. Love that snow room!
  10. Every bar will have its peak times as well as its quiet ones. On the last night of our Seaside cruise in October, we waited and waited and waited at the Sports Bar. They also ran out of wine glasses. We bought a $100 bottle of wine and the server said he would give me this glass, showing it to me - it was highball. Then he offered a cocktail glass. Nope!
  11. On Meraviglia last month, saw a man at Guest Services getting an extension cord.
  12. Great review! We loved the entertainment on the Mera as well (except for the magician).
  13. You might want to post this on your Seaside roll call instead.
  14. Love the Seaside! Glad you enjoyed!
  15. No changes if you booked a guarantee assignment originally.
  16. What did you end up doing? Canceling? Did MSC get back to you?
  17. This isn't possible. It used to be but was changed a while back.
  18. Thanks for your review! Love the Seaside!
  19. Never have seen those ordered or given out during the M&M's I have attended. Diet Coke, yes, have had those many times.
  20. You don't need that much time at the falls. 1 hour or less is what most suppliers do. If they are any longer, you are just shopping at the "crafts" market at the falls.
  21. When the trees have matured, there will be some shade. Now, there is nothing. Umbrella costs $12.99 if purchased prior to arriving to the island. Otherwise, it is $14.99 because of Bahama taxes.
  22. We were supposed to sail at 11:55 p.m. last month but they moved up our departure to 10:30 with all aboard by 10. Casino was closed while in OC.
  23. Think your cabin steward definitely crossed the line here but this really makes me wonder now. We always prepay our DSC and then give additional cash to those that deserve more. On the Mera last month, we gave an additional $20 to our cabin steward and at the time I also told him that we had already prepaid our DSC. He said thank you but you could tell he was just kind of ticked off a bit. Gone was our friendly cabin steward for the rest of the cruise.
  24. Didn't smell anything on the Mera last month but did smell more of a rubber/burning smell in our cabin only on the Seaside in October.
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