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  1. I took a lot of grief for some of my remarks in my "MSC Comedy of Errors" thread, but I think some of you are seeing how they operate first-hand. MSC plans on introducing a premium/ultra-premium new cruise line and given their usual lack of customer service, I have a hard time seeing how it will be successful. I work for "A major Wall Street firm" and am a former member of management. Our motto is "Doing First Class business in a First Class way", and we take that very seriously. My sister was in management for Neiman Marcus for decades and their customers too have extremely high expectations. I can tell you firsthand that the affluent and above, of which I am one, have high expectations with respect to customer service. True, MSC isn't exactly Crystal Cruises, but they ought to at least set a reasonable standard for customer service. And if they think they can entice the rich and ultra-rich with pretty new ships and a lower standard of customer service, they have sadly miscalculated. As a side note, I do like a lot of things about MSC or I wouldn't be here. But often, I find their customer service to be lacking. They have beautiful ships and poor service. It wouldn't take too much to fix that.
  2. I usually get through pretty quickly. Not sure why that is. Let me give you several different numbers to try, assuming you're in the USA: 844-899-7442 833-506-6065 833-244-0372 844-567-1789 877-665-4655 855-574-4138 833-500-8882 Not sure if any of these are better or worse than the others. Good luck!
  3. You might make it if you get off quickly. I wouldn't feel terribly comfortable with that. Be prepared to walk off with your bags as soon as the ship arrives. If that's not practical, go to the courtesy desk after your luggage tags are issued, explain the situation, and ask for the earliest exit they can give you. If you have a somewhat convenient flight a touch later, I'd move to that one.
  4. If I visit my healthcare provider's website, I can download a high-res copy of my vaccine card, front and rear.
  5. FWIW, when I e-mail existing reservations, I receive a reply roughly 20% of the time and I'm not sure I've ever received a timely reply. If the OP cannot get a quick response, then I agree with the decision to cancel.
  6. I recently got $100 OBC on a 7 day and $50 on a 5 day. Not a lot, but I'll take it.
  7. I mentioned that I have American Express Platinum, which is now usually $695 USD per year, but free through my employer, although I qualify as a customer rather than as an employee. Pretty sure I'd be covered if I got covid or was quarantined due to covid. Not sure if MSC is okay with that or not. I guess we'll see. Here's a non-official discussion of some of the card's benefits, for anyone interested. https://upgradedpoints.com/credit-cards/reviews/american-express-platinum-card/travel-insurance-benefits/
  8. As I mentioned, there's the non-stop Air Canada flight we picked that arrives 9ish. At least 2 more United Airlines flights that arrive between 11 am and 11:30 am. 1-2 others that arrive around noon (I think Alaska is one of them) and then 1-2 that arrive 1:30 pm (American Airlines?) or so. Thus, if there's a problem w/Air Canada, which I view as unlikely, pretty sure that we'll be able to jump on one of the other options and make the cruise.
  9. It's frustrating that it's so hard to get good, accurate information. I discuss some of this on my MSC Comedy of Errors thread and certainly most of the issues I've experienced do not relate to covid. Is insurance required? Agents say no, website says yes. Website says complete the health questionnaire by following the link. Link doesn't work. Older bookings have not communicated to customers in any way that covid insurance is required (lack of communication when things change is one of my major beefs). But newer bookings state that directly. Website says insurance must be purchased *before* final payment or you will be denied boarding. This doesn't even make sense, especially when MSC tells you that you don't need the insurance when you ask, and doesn't communicate that need otherwise. But even if you did need to buy covid insurance, certainly there needs to be an opportunity to buy it after final payment. After all, who in their right mind would make final payment if they thought they'd be denied boarding and have no further opportunity to buy covid insurance? We understand that things are changing, but I'd love to see some consistency and uniformity within MSC. As mentioned, I'll skip it until the cruise approaches and then we'll see.
  10. I probably could have phrased this differently. The flights are reserved, but can be cancelled without penalty. I feel pretty good about the decision. As mentioned, my GF forgot her passport once, and considering how many times I've rubbed it in, pretty certain it will not happen again. FWIW, I don't think we have a seat assignment, but on a 3 hour flight, we can live through whatever they give us and hopefully we'll get 2 seats together.
  11. What's interesting is that I did a mock booking for a cruise already booked, as it's now a Voyager's Select sailing (old booking is better). Before continuing, I had to agree to buy MSC's covid insurance. But, after reading this (follow link), I tried to complete their health questionnaire and was unable to do so, as only the usual check-in populates, nothing about health, covid, vaccinations or insurance. I wonder if I am exempt because I booked the cruise some time ago and at the time of my booking it was not required? https://www.msccruisesusa.com/health-and-safety-measures/europe-cruises
  12. MSC has plenty of problems and issues, and certainly good things about them or we wouldn't be here. But their website usually works fine, so I won't slam them on this just because their website is temporarily down.
  13. If I book directly through Air Canada, the ticket is non-refundable. I might be able to get a credit for a future flight (not even sure about that), but I cannot receive a refund. Per multiple agents at Flights by Celebrity, if I book through them, flights are fully refundable up until final payment, regardless of what the ticket states otherwise. So if that's true, it's a great deal, especially since it's often cheaper than going straight to the airline. If it's false, then they are giving out bad information.
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