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  1. Probably a silly question, but have booked Rhapsody Greek Isles cruise for August 2020 and am looking at the dining options available. The unlimited dining package says you get a $35 credit for restaurants with a la carte pricing, but I can't figure out which restaurants that is, because the all the sample menus I can find seem to not have a la carte prices. So which restaurants does that apply to? Plus - is it possible to pre-book restaurants before boarding, and if so when will booking open and how do you go about booking? if you can only book onboard, presumably bookings get very busy and you need to book as soon as possible after you embark? Thanks!
  2. Hi - We're travelling on Rhapsody next year and I have found conflicting info about the suite perks. Iome of the information I've found suggests that things are available but then I've read some reviews that indicated they weren't, so any help anyone can give me would be great! 1) Do we get priority boarding? 2) Is there a concierge lounge? 3) Is there a special area for breakfast? And not related to suite perks, but i'm rather fond a piano bar on a cruise - is there a good piano bar on Rhapsody? Thanks!
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