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  1. We've taken it both cruises with marella and defo worth it, OH likes his gordons and tonic and i like a bellini pre dinner and always have bottle pinot grigio for me and bottle of merlot for OH with dinner also like being able to go to the coffee port, its amazing how little extras can add up so no bill at end is a bonus. Doing sober october at moment and its a killer but the weights dropping off lol
  2. I saw that too but I wouldn't worry about them going pop had a delve into their background and they're Arab funded so with oil at $85 a barrel at mo kerching they also own arsenal stadium lol.
  3. Looking at an MSC baltic next year but food Is a HUGE part of our holiday and although Magnifica as a ship has great reviews nearly all complain about the food which really puts us off. Now I know food is subjective but the thought of pizza, which I'm reliably informed is good, for 14 nts and days doesn't fill me with confidence. We're not fussy eaters and I should say we cook from scratch every day for dinner so we like a wide and varied menu. So what's the true picture or is it just the luck of the draw on that cruise?
  4. We are looking at Baltic cruises for next year too and hope that restrictions will have eased considerably by then. My father who is 80 is currently in Riga Latvia has been for a month seeing family and the rules have slackened since he went out there, hes due home to the UK tomorrow. Hes told us there is still covid in Latvia but theres no movement restrictions or face mask protocols and they're all jabbed with the Janssen vaccine. So I'm fingers crossed that the the rest of the Baltic region is on the same trajectory. 🤞🤞
  5. Bet his inbox has already crashed with sheer weight of disgruntled app users you couldn't make it up Doh 🙈🙄🤔
  6. The best thing to do is ring your credit card provider prior to using it on p&o ( carnival) to alert them thre may be some $ transactions going thro. I always do this with barclaycard prior to going abroad and have had no problems. Its due diligence on their part to stop scammers and money laundering so a quick call saves a lot of hassle imo. Hth
  7. Having heard Princess are now going to bring back a web based version of their personalize your trip and comments above, I've added Princess back into the mix. Finding the Cunard board very off putting and the cost eye watering so I think its between PandO and Princess now. Hope to get something finalised with DH this week when I get chance to pin him down 🙄
  8. Have a look at Viking Ocean Cruises they do some Scandinavia to the Med cruises.
  9. I think sometimes when cruise companies bring in new technology they're aiming at attracting a younger generation to cruise the trouble is they dont look at the demographic of the customers they already have. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and have a lap top running windows 8 and I'm in my mid fifties my DH who is 60 has an S7 and can barely switch on the laptop and doesn't even have his own email address. I understand from previous posts Princess are going to set up a web based access which I for one will be much happier with.
  10. The best thing to do is go on your mobile phone network providers website and see if what they offer on worldwide calls. There may be a package you can buy for the duration of your holiday which will allow you to call home when you are in port. Personally I wouldn't even attempt a call from the ship unless you are in port. I'm with Vodafone and they have one where you can use your UK package data, text and calls whilst abroad. Hth
  11. Looking at a baltic on Arcadia next May and nearest packing lists to cover I could find were those for Alaska and as everyone has suggested layers. 👍🙂
  12. When I was laid up after being in hospital I daydreamed about a world cruise and the one I looked at had 27 formal nights on a 99 night cruise so I was trying to decide if I could wear 3 long frocks 9 times or 9 frocks 3 times each, then I got better and back to work and the real world 😉😜😂😂😂
  13. I think you'll struggle to find a 7 day/night cruise for £600, usually you allow £100 per night/day. There are seven day and shorter cruises to northern spain, fjords of norway and some of the Northern european ports, Amsterdam, Belgium, Le Havre, France and channel islands which might suit. The Med is defo a 14 day+ from Southampton for 7 days you would have to look at a Fly-cruise, our first cruise was with Marella(Tui) but even 7 nts cruises started at £900+ all inclusive for lowest grade of cabin. With your budget you may be best looking at a shorter 4 or 5nt cruise around ports on the Channel and get a feel for cruising that way.
  14. Having followed this topic from the beginning i am now 90% sure a Cunard cruise is NOT for us despite it being on my bucket list and my love of 'formal' wear. We're a hard working still at 55/60 (logistics and construction) couple who have worked through all the pandemic and havent had a holiday for over two years and thought a Cunard cruise would be a treat but some of the comments here and in other reviews i have read as regards snobbery have really put me off. 😩
  15. Snap thats about my lot though i do travel in one pair either sketchers or trainers(sneakers) then its one pair glitzy dance sandals, one pair dark medium heels and a pair flat day sandals. I alway pack footwear along the outer edges of my suitcase and fill them with miscellaneous socks, belts scarves etc.
  16. I think it depends on your journey to the cruise port. Fly-cruises for example we have often been in the same clothes for over 12hrs by time we get to the ship so we take a change of clothes, underwear and footwear each in our carry on to go to dinner after a quick shower. if cruising from local port or you overnighted in port prior then you can usually get away with just a quick wash and brush and a change of top again brought in your carry on. Most cruise lines are casual first night and whilst shorts are acceptable personally being a lady of a certain age i like to make the effort to change. I wouldn't dream of travelling/boarding in shorts even in hot countries, linen pants all the way!
  17. This is a bit how i feel, obviously due to Covid we never got to do our Cunard cruise in 2020 or this year and had started to look at a Baltic on QV for 2022 as a special splurge after not holidaying at all for over two years and missing two milestone events but the more posts i read on the Cunard page the more i am having deep reservations. I know forums like this tend to bring out those with extreme views and the vast majority of Cunard customers probably dont take part in things like this but none the less its putting me off pressing the buy button at present whilst i ponder further spending a lot of money that we've worked bloomin hard to earn and save............???
  18. Although this is an old topic its still very current for us as we never got to take our Baltic cruise in 2020 obviously and not this year either so we're now looking at 2022. However we have really really gone off the idea of going with Princess because of the medallion and phone situation. When we go on a cruise we put our phones in the safe (we're in our late 50's so remember a time without them lol) and they never see light of day until we disembark, princess seem intent on making everything 'smart' via phone apps etc so its now dropped out of favour for us. I've looked at two Baltic cruises for next Spring one on Cunard QV and One on P&O Arcadia both similar dates and itineraries. P&O works out marginally better value at the moment. Any thoughts or experiences of this trip on either ship gratefully received.
  19. Its from Kaleidoscope www.kaleidoscope.co.uk Their brand Heine do some good dresses but their sizes are small i'm a 14 and need a 16 from them lol hth
  20. I'm in my late fifties now and find working with a base colour of Navy works for most things. The dress in the pictures is a polyester/crepe and it travels beautifully due to its crinkle texture. I change its look with these two little jackets and also a pale blue cardigan and a silver wrap and different jewellery. The good part is that all the four accessories can also be worn with a couple pairs of navy trousers(pants) a pair that i usually travel and day trip in and a dressier pair for evenings.
  21. Thanks Host Hattie, i looked all over, guess its just knowing where to look. Think we'll probably take the OBC. thanks again
  22. Not booked yet we will be Brittania Club the OBC is currently $250
  23. I am undecided whether to take free parking or the OBC. Who is Cunard's 'free' parking with as i've seen on other pages they push Holiday Extras for insurance and wondered if parking was with them.
  24. Have to say that during this pandemic a lot of stores/catalogues have had sales on of 'formal' wear as no partying etc. I don't own a lot of so i've been able to buy a couple of gowns for our next more formal cruise at ridiculously low prices eg black velvet evening dress reduced to £63 from £210 and i got DH a jacket reduced to £19 from £79 so that been a bit of a bonus. I've also found that 'day' clothes i have for cruising have found their way into my everyday wardrobe as things have been casual for the last 18mths so think i may need to purchase a few casual tops to compensate the plundering. Most years i take the same holiday wardrobe away with me which is evident when you look back at old holiday snaps!!
  25. Like somebody already said we use packing cubes and they slide straight out of the suitcase onto shelf or into drawers. We nominate one empty suitcase for dirty laundry this way when we arrive home this goes straight to the utility room for laundry without having to schlep it upstairs sort and carry back down again! My personal issue is shoes,but i've got it down to dressy sandals, sketchers, fli-flops and flatish day sandals. We also take a OTC first aid kit and towel clips.
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