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  1. Hi. Michigan again. I'm surprised there's so little activity here with other states and cities closing things left and right. I'm surviving. Cases are showing signs of stabilizing, at a very high level. The virus is circling closer. The vaccine can't come soon enough.
  2. The big flagship lines might, but they really don't want to. The smaller lines with deep-pocketed, committed owners might, if they can stomach the uncertainty and losses in the meantime. The others, I think, can't afford to wait that long.
  3. Thanks, everyone, for continuing to report from wherever you are. The latest health order is effective tomorrow in Michigan, and is scheduled to last through December 8. It's a complicated one, so allow me to post some of the highlights: All indoor dining and drinking at restaurants and bars will be closed No more in-person high school or college classes Almost all indoor entertainment will be closed Indoor gatherings will be limited to two families or 10 people Outdoor gatherings and funerals limited to 25 people Most other businesses ca
  4. Thanks guys. I don't have a lot to say, except that these cruises would seem to be ideal to require everyone to have safe, effective vaccines before boarding.
  5. I got this offer and I'm platinum. It's not of interest to me because of the way I live my life, but I'm glad others seem to be excited about it and that it's not a super-targeted offer. P.S. My offer code is different than the one shared directly above. I'm not going to volunteer it, sorry.
  6. 1. I think the cruise lines would like to vaccinate their crew ASAP. But the lines have at least two big problems. First of all, most crew members on most lines come from countries where vaccines are likely to be scarce - at least in the short run. Second, most crew members are young and healthy, and they're likely to be a low priority on the vaccine list wherever they get it. 2. Giving those people with a vaccine special privileges (or, in this case, lack of restrictions) that other people on the same ship without vaccines do not share is a recipe for disaster, IMHO. I thi
  7. Like Funship Freddy, George Lopez, EA Sports lounges, and the Carnival Fantasy, that message board is just a memory.
  8. It looks like he survived. Congratulations, I guess? Here in Michigan the virus fight continues to go badly. Worse than that, I fail to be convinced by the official explanations of why things are so bad. Worse days are ahead. In other big news, Other Big University has canceled most in-person and hybrid classes for NEXT semester. They will also be closing the dorms then and mandating weekly testing for students who have to stay on campus or visit campus for classes and such.
  9. TUI Cruises canceled all of their cruises on one of their ships until further notice: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23814-tui-cancels-kiel-cruise-program.html However, Italy is letting cruise ships operate for now: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23815-cruise-industry-avoids-italy-s-new-covid-19-curbs.html
  10. I should be on the Horizon, a few hours away from Aruba, deciding what to have for dinner and how to entertain myself after dinner.
  11. A better question (IMHO) would be will guests from those areas be allowed on these cruises at all. I don't see any sign that their bans/quarantines/restrictions on entry to the U.S. are being lifted any time soon.
  12. No thanks, for several reasons: Travel to/from the port likely to be still a bit hazardous and tense Cruise likely to be too short for me Cruise likely to visit only ports of limit to me Some protocols not to my liking Living through a test lockdown or quarantine not my idea of a fun vacation But it does sound like the cruise lines, if they chose, would have plenty of volunteers. I salute you all! You'll make cruising better when it resumes in earnest.
  13. Our Governor is safe for at least the next two years, at least from being voted out of office. She would have been reelected easily, IMHO, if the election had been held before this latest surge. Now I'm not so sure. It's not her fault, of course. Michigan has tried to enforce many things during this pandemic. Some of them I didn't think were good ideas. I've mentioned some of them here. Here's the latest: the Health Department (who has emergency authority of its own outside the rest of government) has just introduced the requirement that indoor diners and bar patrons give th
  14. It's taken a stubbornly long time, but the current wave is starting to take a toll on cruise ship schedules. Costa is rescheduling and canceling a bunch of its cruises over the next few months: https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/costa-cruises-reviews-its-schedule-for-winter-2020-2021.html AIDA canceled all its cruises from October 31 through November 30: https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/aida-cruises-cancels-november-voyages-in-europe.html
  15. Hi. Michigan again. Cases are shooting up like a rocket. I don't think we have a good handle on what's causing it. Do we blame Wisconsin? The colder weather driving everyone indoors? Colleges? Private gatherings? Rallies? Churches? Schools? Fatigue? I think it's sad and more than a little worrisome. I'm waiting for assorted shoes to drop...
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