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  1. Raf, I can sympathize with your empty table situation. It has happened to us a number of times, on many ships. I believe the availability of buffet, specialty restaurants, and room service is to blame. We sometimes ask our head waiter if a couple of tables can be combined without upsetting the waitstaff ratio. Many times there are adjacent tables with fewer people as well. We've ended up with some excellent dinner company this way!
  2. What bridges does the ship pass under while sailing out? What historic sites can be seen in the Chesapeake while sailing?
  3. shipgeeks

    CC log in problems

    I have not been able to log in for several days now either. I continue to get the message "wrong name or password". Same ones I've used for years. On my husband's laptop I'm fine; on my own it just doesn't accept my log in.
  4. shipgeeks

    Hot water for Tea

    However, if you order tea in the dining room, a little pot of hot water and a tea bag (separate) will be brought to you, or a tea bag and a pour from a carafe. Neither of those would be as satisfactory as doing the dispenser yourself, in WJ.
  5. shipgeeks

    Hot water for Tea

    I always find it hot enough, from the hot water dispenser at the coffee service, and I do like my tea strong.
  6. shipgeeks

    Weird/Bad Itineraries out of Northeast?

    We will soon be on one of the 12-night Grandeur cruises mentioned above; it will be perhaps the fourth time we've done it. Three days at sea, five Caribbean ports, three days returning. To us, it's the perfect combination.
  7. shipgeeks

    Sometimes it's the little things

    At home, DH looks at port webcams on a regular basis. I read CC posts. And we both browse our TA's website and think of cruises we might do next. If we are really aching to be "asea", I turn on both the washer and dryer, maybe even try to get a little extra vibration going, and have a coffee in the room above the laundry. Nothing comes close to being there, though.
  8. shipgeeks

    DWTS Fall 2018, Dresses and more...

    Erin's jumpsuit makes me want to pack mine for my next cruise.
  9. shipgeeks

    Getting off the ship

    You will need to carry your ship card, and present it at the exit for scanning. Because everyone will be doing this, you will be in an orderly single line. In some ports you will be asked to carry additional photo ID, such as a drivers license, for reboarding. Your onboard daily paper will tell you what deck the exit is on, and signs at the stairways will direct you. Be sure to be aware of the time to be back on board!
  10. shipgeeks

    "pure chaos" as Sunshine lists

    Formica tabletops, no tablecloths. It wouldn't take much to make the dishes slide off.
  11. shipgeeks

    Help me create an outfit, part 2

    That is exactly them! Thanks for the ideas.
  12. shipgeeks

    Shuttle Service to Baltimore Port from hotel

    Is your hotel one that provides shuttle service? Some do, some don't.
  13. shipgeeks

    Help me create an outfit, part 2

    I don't do photos, but I found them on ebay: Seven7 satin cargo pants. The listings call them "club" pants. I am not a "club" person; I dance but in dresses. If I ever took them on a cruise it would be for cool weather port walks.
  14. You just reminded me of a dress I made for a high school dance, many many years ago. Taffeta, I guess, the type with two different color threads, so the effect is shimmery. This one was emerald green. Lo and behold, my mother's friend next door offered me her heels that were covered in a matching fabric! (And when I think about the formal pumps we wore in those days, stiff leather covered in satin, they make today's heels seem fabulously comfortable!)
  15. New acquisition: grey satin cargo pants, close fitting, boot cut, gathered fabric on the front. I cannot not buy pants that fit, as they are so rare. Now what do I wear with them??