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  1. I believe MSC has been giving fresh masks to all passengers daily, if not more often.
  2. Our cancellation took place in March, we opted for FCC, we got confirmation the same day (all via our TA). Tax refund came to our credit card in July, as did the FCC. No phone calls, just patience while the system progressed. Our TA's agency was handling 23 cancellations for every one booking, all being done individually. That is not a workday I would aspire to!
  3. retired dude, May I give my two cents worth? We are long-time cruisers on Celebrity, Royal, and several others. We sailed on MSC Seaside for two weeks last January. It was one of the best cruises we've taken. One of the differences was that Americans were only a small percentage of the passengers aboard. It really felt like being "away". MSC has four different levels of "experiences". We chose Bella, the lowest level, because we didn't care about any of the extras included in higher levels, and we wanted a set dining time. We were very happy with that. Prior to our cruise, we applied for MSC status match, and were given a high match. I definitely recommend doing that if you have a high level elsewhere. One of the perks for us was priority boarding, as well as some gifts while aboard. We found the food aboard quite good. Shows were different but very enjoyable. Drinks are reasonably priced. Service was excellent.
  4. That's okay. Good ones are still good the second time around.
  5. We are among those who are going to wait and see if RC enforces whatever rules they set, before we will book a cruise. If reality shows that they don't, we will stick with MSC.
  6. OP, I'm guessing you will be coming from Australia?
  7. With all the posts saying "I won't even consider cruising if I have to wear a mask/can't go ashore on my own/can't have a buffet/have to wait for an empty elevator/no prison ship for me/etc.", does anyone really think that there will be an issue of having too many people booked??
  8. I believe the FCC will include cruise price plus "fees", and the taxes are what will be refunded to credit card.
  9. Personally, I think you have made a good decision. We cruised on MSC last January, in a Bella cabin. Everything about the cruise was outstanding, from the cabin to dining to entertainment to the service we received from all departments. I know Yacht Club as many fans, but I don't see the appeal. We had no complaints about Bella.
  10. Miaminice and Germancruiser, Happy to have you both here! I want you to know I have loved your posts. You have given me some great imaginary cruises, and you are dispelling some myths. Unfortunately, myths still abound. I continue to read posts that assume "they jam 70 people in a crowded bus", "excursions are spent mostly captive in a store", "it's like a prison ship where you have to stay in your cabin all the time", "excursions are extremely over-priced". ??? I continue to refer those posters to you. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to your next cruises and your next posts. You are a breath of fresh air, and a ray of hope! Thank you for taking the time to write.
  11. Mine, too, and I am American! To add to the food discussion, I'm surprised no one has mentioned Promite, which I preferred to Vegemite, and the fact that peanut butter, in Australia, is called peanut paste.
  12. Do you ever go past the port? If you see Grandeur there some day, will you report it here please? That might be one more indication that cruises will be becoming reality.
  13. Re all the references to overpriced tours: All of the "live from..." posts I've read (many) mention that the prices are very low. Three excursions for 100 euros, five for 100 euros. Did you ever see an excursion here priced that low? And they are being done with small groups.
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