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  1. The weather temps in Bayonne will reach the low to mid 50's, so it will not be a freezing tropical storm on Saturday. No snow has been predicted. Just heavy rain and high winds. As far as the airports, they are saying that there could be a few hours delay on some flights....but that is not confirmed as of yet, just a possibility. I guess they are all playing it by ear too...until tomorrow. Don't worry about the gifts, I'm sure they have souvenirs that you could find at the airport. Good luck. Enjoy the rest of your cruise. Thank you again! 🙂
  2. Thank you so much! I am very excited to cruise on the Anthem. I have been playing it by ear too. We may decide to leave for the port tonight instead of driving through that mess tomorrow. I haven't anything about airport delays as of yet. Safe travels. I hope there is not too much ship motion for you all during your arrival back. I am wondering if they would delay our ship departure time until after the storm passes. It is supposed to be over with by late Saturday evening.
  3. I have been enjoying reading all about your cruise, and the Anthem. Thank you!! I am looking forward to cruising on her, but not looking forward to the NorEaster tomorrow in getting to the port. If there are any changes/delays in the ships arrival time to Cape Liberty Saturday morning, could you please post it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Can anyone please tell me what hotels are the closet to the Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal in NJ? Would prefer not to be in NYC though. Thinking of going a day ahead of time before cruise. Thank you in advance.
  5. Yes, I do think they are important. There have been drownings on other ships/cruise lines, and they still do not have lifeguards at their pools! So, I am still saying "Thank You Royal Caribbean" for now having lifeguards. I wish they all did...
  6. Glad to hear Disney has them too (never been on a Disney cruise) Which NCL ships have lifeguards? I have been on the Gem, Jade and Breakaway, and none had lifeguards when I cruised on them, unless they added lifeguards recently. IMO..I think all the cruise ships should have them. Thanks
  7. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has always been my favorite cruise line, and to know they now have lifeguards present at their pools makes my heart really happy :D It's the only cruise line (that I know of anyway) that does! So...I just want to say "Thank You So Much" Royal Caribbean!! :D
  8. Thanks for your reply. I check for spa sales everyday as well, and have found nothing. If It happens, I will post it here. :)
  9. Hello :) I have seen the packages for the beverage, dining, internet, and excursions go on sale pre-cruise, but have never seen the spa packages go on sale. Do they ever offer reduced prices for the spa packages pre-cruise, or only while onboard the ship? Thanks in advance
  10. Thank you for answering my question. :D I will only be wanting to use my phone for a few calls/texts/email checking. I don't plan on using alot of social media websites like Facebook, Youtube...etc. I just want to be connected to "Home". I am also interested in texting back and forth with those I am cruising with, and hoping they get the cell package too.
  11. I usually don't bother with that Package or internet while cruising. The last time I bought the internet (when they used to charge by the minute...not that long ago) it was very hard to connect on the ship and it was very frustrating, so I haven't bothered to even look into these packages after that. After reading all the posts here, I'm confused as to what these packages are. Can you please explain what the Voom Surf....Stream is. Bob, you also mentioned you are "covered" for the "Internet". Is that a separate package solo? When cruising with others on a previous cruise, they went through their cell phone carriers. Do you still need to buy the package? Please educate on all this...as I am not aware about any of it...lol...thank you so much! :-)
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