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  1. Sorry, but I don't see the slap in the face. The only overlap is the priority tendering and embarkation. None of the CO perks you mention in the first post above are 4* or 5* perks, so they weren't taken away from you or diluted because you were made to share them. You don't see the value in these perks. So are you insulted/angry/offended because you think those perks should have been added to 4* or 5* perks rather than people who want to buy them?
  2. I think until we hear more from people who've experienced CO on the non-Pinnacle ships, it's a good idea to wait and see what you'd really be getting for your $440.
  3. I don't know the name of the app, but I've heard of it. I'm pretty sure there's a version that generates "hard copy" that is mailed. But it would be mailed from the US, so no pretty foreign stamps. Edited to add: I just looked and found one called mypostcard. They do mail a real postcard. $1.99 each. There are a few others, too.
  4. I rarely do all-day tours, so I like having time to wander the "local" areas in a port rather than spend my time in the "shopping mall" at the pier. Finding the post office is part of my wander. I buy postcards, then get stamps, then stop somewhere for a drink or a snack and write the cards. I do use googlemap to look at the port in advance and see where the post office and other local shops/facilities are--I hate that the port maps don't put anything useful like a post office or pharmacy on the maps they give out.
  5. Have you seen it on a non-Pinnacle ship? I don't see why it would be so hard to do the priority line at customer service on any ship. It turned out to be useless in my one attempt to use it, but if they want to put out a sign or a special mat, they can do that easily. For clarity, I'm not a big fan of CO and I'm 4*. But I'm not offended by it. I don't see how CO is such a slap in the face of loyal customers. On all but two ships, CO passengers pay a fee to get a few perks: priority tendering and embarkation, one extra choice at dinner, and maybe an extra choice and a mimosa at breakfast. Maybe they get to jump the queue in the wait for a table in the MDR. The rest of the benefits are a lot of window dressing. The only real overlap is the priority embarkation and tendering. CO doesn't give discounts on wine packages or specialty restaurants. It doesn't give free laundry. Those are Mariner benefits worth some money. The only overlaps for NS and PS are the priority embarkation (and tendering? do N/P suites get that?) and special breakfast. And it appears that CO and suites share a breakfast space only on the Pinnacle ships. From what I'm seeing here, suites on other ships are still getting breakfast in PG while CO are getting the special space or menu or whatever in the MDR.
  6. My understanding is that the upgrade is within a general category, so from one category of an ocean view room to a "better" category of an ocean view room, not ocean view to Lanai.
  7. No, they don't show up on the onboard statement. I'm always surprised at the number of bonus points I get because I look at my statement but forget about the money I spent in advance booking tours.
  8. Perhaps you should try HAL's newest ships, Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam. They've "freshened" the ships to the point that you can have your ears blasted every evening at BB King or the Rolling Stone Rock Room (named for the magazine, not the group). Old school stuff like an orchestra and dancing, maybe even a little jazz combo are gone. When I got off the K'dam this winter, I said to myself, thank God there's still Cunard!
  9. (bold added by me) I want to believe that, but it's HAL...
  10. So if I accept an upsell that amounts to $150 per day on an 8-day cruise, I'll get 4 cruise-day points?
  11. You were smart to do the self-disembark. I was on that cruise and you were at the Southwest gate around the time they announced they were suspending disembarkation for a while.
  12. I think someone posted that suite guests on ships other than the 3 new Pinnacle class ships are still getting PG breakfast, but I'm not sure of that. And looking at the link fatcat posted (thank you for that!), I see that there's no mention of CO in the description of suites. So, on non-Pinnacle class ships, do suite guests get the "expanded" dinner menu?
  13. That was my first impression of CO. The difference is when you're in the CO, you feel like people walking by are watching you eat. But in the MDR, everyone is eating and you don't feel like people are looking at you. I got used to it and it didn't bother me. Forget converting Tamarind. Too many people love it.
  14. Yes, I was quite surprised. I remember the scratchy sound from earlier days on QE2.
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