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  1. I just got the email for my Veendam cruise next July. I'm not meant to go to Ireland. Two years ago, we cancelled because of DH's illness, and now similar itinerary is cancelled. I expected the cancellation when I heard about the sale. The cruise comes up when I log in to the HAL site, but that is't surprising. It will take a while for that to catch up. I tried to do the form to opt for the bonus FCC, but after I filled it out, I got the spinning circle of dots. I, too, will lose OBC. But it wasn't a lot.
  2. Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm having chicken tonight, but chicken enchiladas, in honor of the day. Jacqui, sorry to hear about your foot. Tell Jose that margaritas are good for the pain.
  3. May 6, QM2 TA. Fully paid. Cancelled March 6 (through TA). No FCC, no refund. TA says it could be up to 90 days, despite Cunard saying 60 days. Because of the UK shutdown, I have received refunds from nonrefundable play tickets and nonrefundable train tickets. Hotel deposits were always refundable. The ONLY part of my trip not yet refunded is Cunard. (Air through Cunard, too, so I didn't have to deal with the airline).
  4. I got a HAL survey a few weeks ago and it also had that Princess branding.
  5. We had Visiting Angels for my aunt when the basic assisted living arrangement wasn't sufficient, and they recommended Visiting Angels as supplementary aides. Every one I met was great. I hope your mother will accept help. My aunt was great about understanding her needs and accepting help. My MIL, on the other hand... 🙄
  6. Thanks, Rich. It's strange to see the ships idle. I used to make porcupine meatballs, haven't thought of that in years. I think I used ground lamb.
  7. Tension on the bow lines may help to adjust her position? Who gets to stand on that little forward platform? What a view that must be!!
  8. Yes. Glad the crew have been given a chance at better quarters.
  9. Is this the first time a HAL ship has used the new locks?
  10. Looks like the crew have hung flags from balconies. Maybe their home countries?
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