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  1. mking8288

    Mini Fridge stock items? Cost?

    You can keep the ice bucket inside the box so it'll not melt in a few hours, bottled water, soda, juices, milk & those chocolate strawberries, cheesecake & anything else for snacks ... along with medications that needed to be chilled.
  2. mking8288

    Site seems a bit wankish

    CC has been running into a partial meltdown/shutdown for several weeks - happened again yesterday, for much of the day & came back up late - for me. There is nothing wrong, for the most part with "our" computer, tablet/iPad, smartphone or iPhone - nor, for what it's worth, problems with NCL's website itself. Here's the MERGED SERVER ERRORS post here on CC - bookmark it for future reference, and check it ... next time. Others on popular/major sub-forums here, apparently, still seeing 500 and/or 504 errors, or similar "codes"
  3. NCL Escape Dining Menus - Jan 2019 - Part 2 of 2 (A friendly reminder to try not to "quote" these 2 posts with menus, as it is graphics-intensive, thanks)
  4. NCL Escape Dining Menus (that "should" be good / applicable to the rest of the ships in the fleet ... as a general guide, until changes are made for 2019) - these are zoomable. Of course, disclaimer of YMMV and ships sailing in different regions and/or parts of the world could have local variants. Jan - 2019 - Part 1 of 2
  5. As promised, while CC's popular sub-forums, including NCL was down for much of Monday - SQL 500 & 504 errors (issues with AWS CloudFront server ... nothing wrong with us / end user's broadband connections, hardware & browser configurations, etc.) CC admin/host aware of this - see link - uploads done offline. And. Here it is, took a little bit of time to sort, compose & format - done, all 14 days of MDR menus for Dinner from our Escape cruise (Jan 2019) - I did not capture all of the dessert menus on some nights, and we dined @ LeBistro & Moderno on 2 different nights ... no pix. MDR are open for lunch, except on port days - using the one and only, same menu ... but, they did manage to come up with one (1) daily special, ask your server (waiter / asst. waiter about it ... and, in my opinion - take a chance, it is something different & you are probably "tired" of the same old choices/items after day 4 or 5 ) For MDR breakfast, on the left side of the menu - a section has, usually up to 3 daily "specials" - go for those if you see something you like, we did. You can always order something else if ... O'Sheehans and the Garden Cafe (Buffet) has nightly specials and it was listed in the Freestyle Dailies - and, the "Washy Washy" teams are going around "promoting them" near Taste & Savor on a regular basis, if you happened to walk by - feel free to check them out as well. The next 2 posts will be strictly Dining Menus & Pix - please, try "not" to quote that post - refer to this or other posts instead, it will just tied or hog up things and make it difficult for the rest to read.
  6. Thanks, I trust RJ and you; and, everyone else had a safe trip getting home and warm inside today ... It's about 5 degree here & wind chill, below 25 feel, could use another vacation, lucky Charlie posted earlier on the 20th Roll Call. We're home by 10 am yesterday - took a taxi instead of booking Carmel on the App, then to take our luggage across 12th Avenue with the weather. Going to re-post a handful of pix from the M&G, Slot Pull & Cabin Crawl - sort the rest of them in higher resolution on the Roll Call link for everyone & you. @GeneLady mentioned it as she travel solo.
  7. Heads up / FYI ... Check your favorite forum, maybe log out & log back in again ... Norwegian forum seemed to be back, at the moment - still a bit sluggish. Probably a fair # of CC addicts gave up, reducing demands on the DBMS cloud server, easing bandwidth & processing bandwidth, or whatever. Enjoy it while it last, until the next cycle of partial forum failure.
  8. Ooops, Norwegian board came back late night & was fine earlier this morning, UTC time & then, boom - 500 error, again. NCL's Roll Call forum is working, however. Roll Calls are still working, not a total meltdown but pretty annoying. Heads shaking & eyes rolling, someone isn't delivering the promised performance benchmark ... IMHO. This SQL cloud-based database - partial server shutdown and going offline, getting to be rather frustrating, aggravating ... whether this is a scheduled maintenance or unscheduled one, it should not - common sense logics - be done in the middle of the day when end user traffic to the sites are expected. What else can we say ...
  9. mking8288

    Platinum Concierge?

    Last time we're informed by NCL (voluntary, not asked of) of this "virtual" perk was probably 3 or 4 years ago on the Breakaway's old "firework" era - and, the information was part of the "Welcome Abroad" letter, with an extension # to call, not even a name ... mainly, referred to as help with specialty dining reservations. Second & third time around on the BA, not a word & the letter replaced with the Latitude mini-booklet w. 3 coupons - any & all help needed gone to the onboard CruiseNext/Latitude reps on duty. Earlier this month on the Escape, there were large # of Latitude Platinum, Plus & 7 Ambassadors onboard tor the sailing - the reception was moved to & held in the much larger Supper Club - look at it on their side, practically, quite a challenge to provide the services to even a fraction of qualified Platinim/Plus members. The iTV touchscreen & new Norwegian App can pretty take care of booking those reservations.
  10. Whew, I was post "semi-limited live" for 2 weeks on the Escape and just disembarked this morning, and luckily enough, it wasn't a major outage but bad enough to cut my satellite minutes/MB data. The cases of possible Noro-virus onboard apparently didn't worsen as I was giving the next Roll Call sailing out today, a heads up / FYI alert - actually gone to Twitter/another social media as a precaution, in case I wanted to post urgent update/time-sensitive info. Luckily ... ship has a delayed embarkation today & still sitting at MCT/Pier 88, and not sure if they can post anything to the NCL forum and/or to the Roll Call on what's going on. Was just settling down @home to start post-cruise wrap up and answer some questions, and now this - again - very annoying/frustrating - as "routine" weekend maintenance & downtime "should not" result in these error(s) when website travel is likely high/normal ... again, no warning. "An Error occurred (500 error) We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. MySQL server has gone awayYou can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later. " Well, hello - anyone at the 24/7 help/tech support desk ?? EDIT: Postscript - now I am seeing a 504 error, AWS's CloudFront gateway-timeout ... there is nothing wrong on end user's side, it's on CC's end.
  11. Thank you & all. Yellow taxi dropped us off curbside just before 10 AM - fare with East River toll & tip came to $60, actually a little less than our typical flat rate with Carmel. Had to wait a little longer to get off the FWD gangway, even some folks up in Haven (non-Express Self Walk-Off) were held up ahead somewhat - the porter that took our bags upstairs to the Taxi Stand said unloading bags off the ship in the morning took longer than usual, whatever. I literally used up & carefully rationed over the last 4 days, all of our 330 WiFi minutes, including overheads - satellite WiFi speed was actually pretty good, IMHO ... I'll get into that later (maybe separately, @graphicguy & others interested in knowing how it worked for me & the tricks for it ... ) With Google (Project) Fi covering us in 5 different ports billed as home rates, final cellular data charges on 2 devices - newer iPads/iPhones are now supported - for our 2 weeks come to about $25 additional, on top of Mrs. M's typical regular monthly charges, for about 2 GB data. We managed to get a 2nd. load of complimentary laundry earlier in the 2nd. week, came back just in time to repack - so minimal to be done at home, except some hand-wash items. For non-Platinum members, the all-you-can-stuff a bag laundry "Special" for $19.95 was offered twice during our 14 days, paper bags used but it worked fine using a "liner" (typical hotel plastic laundry ones ... or ask for a clean pillow case). Overall, we had a good time ... very good time as a whole, nothing is perfect and most of the crew tried & worked hard. One has to appreciate and take into consideration of their extra efforts to deal with the reported cases of acute viruses onboard. Poor Chaddy looked like she just got off a red-eye flight & barely slept, with a crazy embarkation day facing them all. We aren't into all sorts of comedy shows on the Escape so that limited our options on sea days, but the atrium singers & games were good - crew members set up as many extra chairs as they could. *** If some of the reserved (walk-up, space availabe basis ??) comedy shows came with a free dinner, it wasn't "advertised" and a best-kept secret, and, clearly all booked/sold out already by the time I learned about & started looking. We had almost perfect weather for 2 weeks, except for the rain & downpour @Costa Maya, and, yesterday - last Sea Day once we're north of the Georgia & Carolinas, crossing the fronts - clouds, wind & chilly temperature ... so all the chair hogs on the upper decks virtually disappeared, except for a few in the hot tubs. They hogged up the buffet & atrium lobby instead, as the small library/card room was also closed. We retreated at times into our cabin & hooked up HDMI to catch up on pre-recorded media, but resisted the urge to call for Room Service, except twice for breakfast to sleep in late. We're a little disappointed missing GSC again but I had a hunch that it was going to be a "Fun Day at Sea" when we're still at Port Canaveral & when we saw the RCL ship port-side next to us started leaving, we just knew it. Harvest Caye was a nice stopover & I will write up a little more shortly. CruiseNext - affirmative, as we are running out so purchased them again, although one of my BIL has extras, should we need them in a hurry for a last minute booking ... a good possibility that we might be looking at 3 more cruises this year, and, to check out different ships & ports, now that we are in a good position to do it. Our dearest SIL is hanging tough & stable, but progressively ... so that's something we are mindful of, being a closed knit extended clan. Next mission, transfer & organize several hundred photos taken (some on Mrs. M's smartphone) and group/upload some of them for sharing ... thinking of putting 14 sets of MDR dining menus on its own thread/post - instead of amending it here ?? Thoughts & ideas - make it easier for folks to scroll & find them ... until NCL roll out their 2019 changes.
  12. Look like usual CBP staffing n lines moving along, thank you to the officer for working. Taxis upstairs waiting n off we go. Folks already arriving at 9 am, going to be a long wait. Some of the buses are cancelled for weather, ooops, not going to be good.
  13. Heading downstairs for leisure disembarkation with priority. The rush should be easing up
  14. Time for one more sit-down MDR breakfast, good morning & say goodbye to some of the crews. More post-cruise thoughts, comments & yet to be uploaded pix, unfinished Q&A, etc. later.
  15. Pilot boat alongside n dropped off. Sailing into the NY Bay, up the Hudson & just about full stop at Pier 88. Home ! Now, get a little zzzz, still too early for breakfast 😄