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  1. Not quite right. Enforcement of the dress code may be lax, but the dress code itself is not as lax as you've written. For example, see https://www.ncl.com/bge/first-time-cruiser under "what to pack". We want you to be comfortable, but tank tops for men, flip flops, baseball caps, visors and jeans that are overly faded, with holes or tears and worn below the hips are not permitted in main dining rooms or specialty restaurants.
  2. Ahhhh... now I see your point. And I agree. And following through on that, I suppose people would still be unhappy if only opened bottled water were included (In other words the server opened the bottle and kept the cap).
  3. Can you not understand that opening a bottle of water means you then need to drink it, rather than store it? That isn't rocket science either. Apparently not. Nor water. 😕
  4. Absolutely agree. Makes all the sense in the world. But what you wrote has nothing to do with "NCL beverage package includes drinks for immediate consumption" which is what I Was trying to understand (and I have since learned is not possible to understand).
  5. Yeah, you shouldn't try again because your post was contradictory. You stated one thing (immediate consumption) and then contradicted it (beer bottles). That may be the way you think, that may be logical to you, it's not to me.
  6. That must be a typo, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the poster might have meant to write.
  7. OK, then your original statement about bottled water seems to be invalidated (IMO) by the fact that they do include beer in the package. So I don't think the exclusion of water has anything to do with immediate consumption or sharing with friends and more likely has to do with cost savings and possibly a belief that it's just not necessary.
  8. OK, except bottles/cans of beer are part of the packages and they can be taken away with you to consume later (or give to friends).
  9. I thought the newer ships were making their own water now. I agree that water on board is fine and as someone who drinks a lot of bottled water, I managed to adapt just fine to bringing along my own water bottle and filling it on board.
  10. I will acknowledge that I am not quite following your point here, I apologize if I've just flat out missed it. But, bottles of water can be for immediate consumption just as much as a bottle of beer or soda in just the same manner as a bottle of beer or soda.
  11. I think it's great that some folks make whatever is thrown their way work for them. Seems like a great way to live life. I also don't think anyone claimed to feel cheated. "cheat" wasn't mentioned until newmexicoNita brought it up. Couple people mentioned some concerns, but, hardly did they say they were cheated out of something. In my opinion, if an organization is going to give you a free meal, it really ought to be free for more than just 4 selections on an otherwise robust menu. Likewise, if you are going to ask people to kick in a couple bucks towards their "free" meal, then, don't be surprised when people complain about being nickled and dimed. You can't have it both ways.
  12. This is your opinion. There is no rule that says men can't wear open toed shoes in the dining rooms.
  13. Even though you have the Dining "perk" your reservation doesn't necessarily know that you will or won't be using the perk. So, it says "ala carte" because those restaurants are priced that way. If you didn't have the "perk" you could still make a reservation and eat there and you would pay for what you ate "ala carte". When using a dining perk at an ala carte restaurant, as BirdTravels says above, you are entitled to multiple aps, an entree, and multiple deserts. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. Jersey Boys is definitely not geared solely to adults. The story of the 4 Seasons begins with some ruffians on the streets of New Jersey and the language reflects that. As I said, only you know what's appropriate for your child. I'm pretty sure I'd allow my 11 year old to see it if she wanted to.
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