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  1. Based on our knowledge of the generally accepted science and recommendations today, mandatory vaccinations are one of the requirements for us to return to cruising. So, I am all for it.
  2. I absolutely think there is something wrong with it - I don't like it one bit. I don't even look at the NCL e-mail anymore because I know it's all BS.
  3. And one of those "things" very well could be NCL's decision to offer the 30% sale. But the bottom line is, the price for cruises now is at least 30% higher than before the sale and that's OK because as your said numerous things influence the price and prices fluctuate all the time.
  4. For years, "experts" were saying the world is flat. Do you still believe that to be true? SMH.
  5. Are you saying that the Chocolate Lava cake served on Carnival is GF?
  6. I wish NCL had Carnival's Chocolate Lava cake. (Yes, I know NCL has something similar, but it's no where near as good)
  7. I've seen no change in the volume of pharmaceutical ads since this pandemic started. The pharmaceutical ads are a reflection of our severely broken healthcare system that rewards revenues and not outcomes. Yes you are, that is exactly what you are doing with these words: People who understand the problem don't really care about positive test rates. With so many asymptomatic positives, who really cares about positive test results? If you think the current "spike in cases" isn't real, please speak with anyone at your local hospital and ask them what their census
  8. I don't doubt you were told this. But if I were told this, I wouldn't believe it for a second. It doesn't make sense. So planners are thinking about "how do we get more people to eat in the MDR?" Here's an idea, we'll only offer the salmon in the MDR only. The fact that we'll save money when all those buffet people aren't grabbing it "just to try" or "because it's there" isn't important, we'll get more people into the MDR, that's the important thing. Yeah right. NCL doesn't make any change if it doesn't include cost cutting or revenue enhancement.
  9. What kfkolnel is referring to was not "in big, bold print ", at least not in the months leading up to the April cruises being cancelled. Cruising as an industry has been damaged. If they want to get people back, adding a year or two onto their CN certificates would be a good way to, at the very least, have people consider coming back on NCL. I've got some CNs that are probably going to expire before we would even consider a cruise again. Add a couple years onto the expiration and they might then be in the window where we are confident in cruising and we'd probably cruise NCL to use
  10. Yeah, just look at the posts in CC. I notice that two posts I made yesterday (about 24 hours ago) are still visible on the main/first NCL page as the last posts in those two threads. That's unheard of that in 24 hours only 13 threads recieved any updates. In the last 24 hours there has been about 100 posts/replies in the NCL forum. I don't know what that number would have been last year at this time, but I am sure it was significantly higher. Point is, draw all the conclusions you want from CC, the conclusion I draw is that hardly anyone is here and that reflects society in
  11. I would argue that the CC demographic hardly represents the general cruising population.
  12. I think the point of freestyle is to wear what you want (within the guidelines). I see people dressed nice and wish to myself that I'd brought a suit so I could do one night "out" so to speak. But, packing all I need in a carry-on is more to my liking, so, the suit stays home. I'm with Bird on this one, I can't imagine why anyone would care about anyone being dressed in a suit or even a tux. But, this really is a personal thing - if you are the self conscious type, I suppose you might have some sort of self conscious feeling related to being dressed nicer than most others around you. Bu
  13. Interesting. When we were on the Getaway there was no reggae band. Closest they got was a DJ playing Reggae tunes by the pool (and that just aint the same).
  14. As others have said, side probably doesn't matter all that much. Strongly recommend the small ship excursion that BirdTravels recommended to get up close the glacier. I was on the same cruise and excursion and agree it was the best excursion I have ever taken.
  15. What Bird says here is true, but, I think he downplays it a bit. We too were on that inaugural Bliss sailing and I thought it was fun to have the fireboats welcoming us and also neat that Wyland was on board. May not be a big deal compared to what other lines do, but, if you don't have anything to compare to, it might be special for you.
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