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    Why do you walk out on Rock of Ages?

    I agree with this assessment. Except for me, that was my reaction to Burn the Floor. 😉 Sometimes, you just need to see some of the show to realize it's not your cup of tea and there are other things you'd prefer to do.

    Big NCL OOOPS!

    Well said. Unfortunately, the "NCL can do no wrong" crowd will never understand the difference between good and poor customer service. Or maybe they just can't bring themselves to admit that NCL might actually deliver poor customer service at times. Fortunately, this time NCL did the right thing with respect to customer service.
  3. So, did he make you some? (Really enjoying your report by the way. Thank you.)

    Has specialty dining improved since 2015?

    Wasn't even close to answering the question, but, that's never stopped CC before 🙂 I loved the stock excuse of cooking thousands of meals as the reason the food on mass market cruise ships isn't very good. To the OP, having been on NCL in 2015 and 2018, in my opinion there has been no noticeable change in the food quality at the Specialty restaurants.

    New and Improved CC

    It's your browser that is remembering what you typed into a similar box on a different site. It's similar to how your browser remembers things like address and phone number fields across web sites.

    where is the search function?

    But search is not finding things that it should. Are we waiting for indexes to get built? For example in the NCL board, I searched on "BLISS" in titles and it only found two hits, where there should be dozens.

    New and Improved CC

    Is it my imagination, or, is the font suddenly darker? The lack of "first unseen" or similar is a real shortcoming. I can't believe this package doesn't have that capability.
  8. Mt first RCCL cruise was 1987 (Song of Norway, oh what a nice ship that was) and we cruised RCCL primarily back in those days. It was always just one lobster night as I remember it.
  9. That's good to know. I would view a port stop at most US ports as a "relaxing" day on the ship. Now I need to pay attention and determine if it's stop that would require clearing customs/immigration.
  10. This thread is a very interesting read, I hadn't been aware of these immigration delays when stopping at a US port after a foreign port. What is not clear to me is, do I have to get off the ship? It seems to me that everyone would need to go through immigration, but do they?
  11. PATRLR

    Norwegian Escape BX vs B-2-3-4

    This is the best advice - it all comes down to what impact it might have on your vacation. If none, then book it.
  12. PATRLR

    NCL Cruise Service Charge Refund

    The other point is the dependent clause "that your service charge supports" is an adjective clause that modifies the conjunction of both nouns "salary" and "incentive". In NCL's own words, the service charge supports their salary which I think we can assume is a fixed amount. The service charge supports slarary and incentive just like your cruise fare and all the $$ they get our of our wallets.
  13. PATRLR

    NCL Cruise Service Charge Refund

    That person was never identified or confirmed to be an officer or what level officer they were, right?
  14. PATRLR

    drone question

    Use the search function and look for prior threads on drones. There is a thread form someone who it seemed had similar qualifications as your son and he was able to get the drone from NCL's holding location to take off ship at some of the ports.
  15. My wife typically gets the soda package and has never received the cup on NCL. Apparently you only get the cup if you buy the package at a specific bar or location (Atrium maybe?). Or maybe you need to go to a specific location to get the cup. If the cup is important to you, ask around as to where you get it.