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  1. I would love to get every meal from the IC. But my DH likes a nice dining room breakfast & dinner.
  2. We have 3 booked. Like you, I'm very glad we booked when we did. Same with the ezair fare. It's too early to book air for our 2022 cruise. But for the Nov. cruise I booked air as soon as it became available. The air has gone up & up.
  3. When many of us say we've had 6, 7, 8, 9, etc., cruises cancelled, we don't mean we had that many all booked at once. In our case we had one cancelled, so booked a replacement. The replacement got cancelled, so booked a replacement for it. And on & on.
  4. We've had 6 cancelled, 9 if you count the b2b segments separately. I check our 3 currently booked cruises not just daily, but a few times daily. I can't seem to stop myself. 😁
  5. I was telling my DH just yesterday that cruise fares will go higher & higher. We have 3 booked, & those fares have gone up.
  6. Check the patter to see when & what type of entertainment will take place in the piazza that evening. Sometimes it's soothing music from a 3 piece group. Get a snack & beverage from the IC, relax to the music, forget all worries, count your blessings.
  7. Thanks!! Cannot wait for all the dining opportunities & possibilities once again. ♡
  8. Who do you ask at the buffet? We definitely want to do the special nights.
  9. So far ezair has always been cheaper. For our upcoming Nov cruise I got Dallas to Rome, then Ft. Lauderdale to Dallas at cruise end for $509 pp using ezair. Same flights booked thru United are $3600 pp, economy class. It's usually a good idea to book your flights early on. You can always cancel or make changes up until 45 days (I think) prior to departure. Our flights are no longer available. Very glad I booked when I did.
  10. Same here. We are retired teachers on a budget so always book an inside. Not a lot of room, so the table goes in the closet. Holds hats, scarves, bags, etc. I love that we are discussing this. It's a "normal" cruise question. ♡
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