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  1. amajaa

    Festival of Remembrance

    If anyone is watching the Festival of Remembrance at The Albert Hall did you see The Merchant Navy was represented by serving personnel of Princess Cruises and Holland America Line.
  2. It must be hit and miss, also e-mailed Christopher Edgington’s department 2 weeks ago, got the usual response of we will get back to you straight away. Haven’t heard a thing since.
  3. Well I phoned P & O and said we booked the first day and they said as you have booked with a TA phone them, I expect they have already dealt with this and they will phone the Agents team here and negotiate. So I phoned TA who phoned me back and said they say you have already had the 10%. I tried to explain again that the price wasn’t advertised as already having the 5% off but I don’t think she understood.
  4. So we booked Iona on the first day of sale, through a travel agent. Strangely I did query the price with them and was told the advertised price already included the 5% discount for new customers so our price was the advertised price plus the 5% already taken off and then less the 10%. So are you saying that price was wrong and we should have paid less, if so should we phone the TA or P& O.
  5. amajaa

    Cruise connect

    Thanks, if the worst comes to the worst we will just have to put on the seat between us. I always take a bag as well, but only very large handbag size, so we will just have to squash up. We should only be on coach for about 2 1/2 hours I think.
  6. amajaa

    Military Benefit changes

    They did I think, I know people that worked for the MOD were posting saying they had got the OBC. Also presumably people that had nothing to do with the military might have been trying it on. As you say, they said to take proof, and we always took my husband’s little red book ( his discharge book) but no one ever asked to see it. The first time I went to reception and offered it over but they just “it’s okay we already have it down”.
  7. amajaa

    Military Benefit changes

    Yes we have had to give our Defence Discount number for the last few cruises, fortunately we already had a Defence Discount Card. You can use it in other places, so quite useful to have.
  8. amajaa

    Cruise connect

    I see Cruise Connect say up to 3 medium suitcases each. We are on a longer cruise so will probably take 4 medium suitcases between us and then a smaller one to keep in the cabin for the last night. Has anyone on here ever taken 3 suitcases and was the driver okay with that please? Also my husband normally takes a rucksack with the I-pad etc in it. Is that okay, will there be room in the coach to keep with him? TIA
  9. amajaa

    Iona - Dining Options

    Oh thanks, well done for finding that out, as I tried looking and couldn’t find it.
  10. amajaa

    Iona - Dining Options

    I tried to look to see which ones of the 16 dining options are included in the cruise and which are paid speciality restaurants, but it doesn’t appear to say. They talk about a fish restaurant and an American style diner so hopefully they are part of the cruise. We started using Freedom dining about 5 years ago when a couple on our table turned up 3/4 hour late every evening and expected us all to wait making us late for the theatre . When we asked waiters to serve us before they arrived they reported the waiters. When I pointed out the waiters had to get ready for second sitting the lady replied “ I don’t care about them” hence asking for Freedom dining on future cruises.
  11. amajaa

    Coaches from Birmingham area

    When you disembark do you have to collect your luggage and take to your coach? Also do you get labels for where you will get off the coach as surely the driver has to put the luggage in some sort of order depending who is getting off first? TIA
  12. amajaa

    Iona Roll Calls

    Yes I know it’s early but as it’s a new ship I thought people might want to be joining Roll calls earlier. In fact I see there has already been some started in here as no Roll Call up yet.
  13. amajaa

    Iona Roll Calls

    Wondering when the Iona Roll Call Forum will be up and running. I notice other Social Mecia have Roll Calls up already, although I always wonder why people would add their real name to something telling burglars etc when they are going to be away. I never post on Facebook etc when I am going to be away. Plus your insurace apparently won’t cover you if you have announced to the world you won’t be at home. The other thing I often notice is people posting the front cover of their cruise paperwork showing their reference number, all someone then needs is their date of birth ( which can often be also found if only just with people wishing them happy birthday) and they can access passport details etc
  14. amajaa

    Coaches from Birmingham area

    Sorry you misunderstood I was saying it wasn’t the passengers fault that you had to divert. I do realise and hope that the coach driver knows exactly where he is going. I thought you were blaming the 2 passengers you see.
  15. We eat at 5 to 1/2 5 at home and speaking to many people on board so do they.