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  1. My daughters and families are staying away to keep us safe. It won’t be long before we get to see them again.
  2. Also for me it would be can I go and see my Children and Grandchildren without them worrying they might give us the virus. We have only seen them from a distance or on video link since lockdown.
  3. Well the Government has just ordered more of the Moderna vaccine so doesn’t seem like bias to me. But surely if a country has developed a vaccine they would rather use their own, it makes sense to me. Plus the Oxford vaccine is easier to store and each dose cost a lost less, makes sense to me.
  4. Well aren’t you the lucky one. You sound just like Donald Trump, I’ve had it no problem aren’t I the Superman. Which stopped people (people who believed him) in the US social distancing and therefore more infections, perfectly healthy people who do all the things you do have had the disease and died, no one knows who is going to get it and how bad. Now for some good news, watching BBC News last night, a Vaccine company in India took a punt and have been manufacturing the Oxford Vaccine just waiting for the go ahead to start vaccinating. The vaccine is rolling off the production line
  5. We had this an e mail last week from Princess which as I said we weren’t sure if it was a scam, but other people confirmed okay. It said on sale for Elite from 1st December. Here is the link if it works http://static.cdn.responsys.net/i2/responsysimages/content/princessuk/2022Europe.pdf?cid=brand_email_info_internal_191120-europelaunchhighlights-elites_brand&mi_u=8571196067 It was the post from an ordinary person on Facebook that disappeared not the link that is still there. I assume the Facebook post was deleted because as usual people were arguing with each other on
  6. No it can’t be that as the P & O ones for the same period have been on sale for a few weeks already , and a couple of other lines. Cunard also I think
  7. Again though why do people in the US get to book on 25th November yet in the UK even the Elites can’t book until the 1st December?
  8. In the UK it is 1st December for Elite, goodness knows why other Countries get first choice
  9. As good as this offer is it seems grossly unfair that it is just workers in the US. Do Princess value the Medical workers in the UK, Canada. Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in the World less then?
  10. Actually I have found P & O are better with the Diabetic Menu, but am still more than happy with Princess.
  11. Thanks and no you can’t get it in the UK. Seems a tad unfair to any NHS workers here.
  12. Is there a link to the form please so I can see if it applies to any country other than the US?
  13. So if you don’t live in The US you don’t get it presumably.
  14. I am diabetic and I am always given the menu the night before to pick for the next night. We also go Anytime Dining and have never had a problem. The Guy giving out the menus has always remembered me and anyone else we have seen getting special menus from after the first night. Also when you are given your table it must show up on the computers somewhere as the waiters seem to know, even if you haven’t had them before, and only give my husband a menu and even tell me what I am having. We normally stick to the same anytime dining room but have used another one once, they just had to look it up
  15. Thanks. I was waiting for the new itineraries to come out and had heard it would be November so when the e-mail arrived I wasn’t worried, even though my husband said make sure it’s not a scam. So I clicked into it and did notice a few errors in the list so then thought oh perhaps I shouldn’t have gone into it. I was going to post the same link when someone asked for it on Social Media but then what with the errors and I noticed lots of people on there were saying oh we have already booked, which is odd because booking doesn’t open till 1st December so either 1) Some Countries g
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