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  1. amajaa

    Cruise Programmes on TV This Week

    What Chanel/time is that on please? We have been watching the recent The Cruise which was the Princess ship sailing from Shanghai, I think it was, to Australia. Reference recent conversation in here I do find Americans tend to use the Roll Calls more. When we have been on a RC ship or Princess or even Cunard the Rolls Calls are much fuller. On The P & O Roll Calls you are lucky to get anyone else posting in your Roll Call thread. It’s a shame really as it’s nice to chat online before you sail even though you probably won’t even meet up on the ship.
  2. amajaa

    Cruise Programmes on TV This Week

    Possibly, I just got the impression she thought she was something special but as you say it was most likely done for the TV program. Personally I would much prefer eggs to crepes especially for breakfast, but I guess that is an American thing like the endless pastries they try and get you to take when in the MDR on Royal Caribbean.
  3. amajaa

    Cruise Programmes on TV This Week

    Had to smile at the Cruise from yesterday. The American lady from Cruise Critic walking around critiquing the buffet. What was that all about, just enjoy the cruise instead of trying to find things wrong.
  4. amajaa


    It’s a pity if as you say it has gone downhill but I do feel the booing says more about the passengers than the poor girl trying to do the quiz or bingo. Perhaps it was her first time or she had been slotted in at the last moment because someone else was ill or something. Unfortunately people are still expecting to get Cruises at prices from 10 years ago and then complain about them. You only get what you pay for and if the customer is demanding cheaper cruises there will be cutbacks. Bit weird about the Captain, did you catch his name? As for the vegan thing that seems to be the norm at the moment with everyone everywhere trying to tell us we should go vegan. Now the modern human has been eating meat ever since they evolved, had they not had done so I don’t think we would have humans as they are now but we all would be still living in trees eating nuts. I guess on that one they are trying to keep up with the times unfortunately. Whar a shame you didn’t enjoy your cruise, I hope our upcoming one on Oriana is a lot better than yours.
  5. amajaa

    Our Brexit Promise

    On our very first cruise in 2011, the first port was La Harve. At the said time for going ashore no one was moving and then a very disgruntled Captain came over the tannoy, he was very annoyed with the French Authorities as they hadn’t turned up to do the required checks. They did eventually turn up and we experienced our first ‘going ashore’ but somewhat later than expected. They made it difficult for us then and will make the whole Brexit transition as difficult as they can. Poo pooing everything Teresa May puts forward
  6. Perhaps it is down to who actually voted. I never voted and I love P & O, Cunard and Princess. Also like RCI but it is a bit Butlins at Sea sometimes. MSC not too good. Perhaps those that voted have only cruised a few times and are more likely to vote. Long time cruisers don’t often bother with voting etc.
  7. amajaa

    My All Things Aurora and First Time P&O Thread!

    We did an MSC cruise this year and it was nothing like a P & O cruise. Everything had to be adapted to 7 languages plus the waiters although helpful always ended up serving something completely different to what was ordered especially at breakfast. Aurora is a lovely ship, you will love it I am sure.
  8. amajaa

    Advice on for parking for disembarking

    Yes also use Parking4cruises.
  9. amajaa

    Our Brexit Promise

    Oh well my husband will get it free then, a couple of years to go for me. I can’t imagine Spain being pleased about the charge, they rely on British hooligans or sorry tourists. Will we charge Europeans to enter here I wonder. As a matter of interest does Europe charge other counties for example USA?
  10. amajaa

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    Does this mean the Strewards will get double the amount of cabins, therefore your cabin might not be made up until late afternoon? Or does it mean the Stewards will be required to do other jobs for the rest of the day after finishing their cabin duties? Poor them. What about the cabins with families that require the pullman bunks or sofabeds made up in the evening and put down in the morning? Most good UK hotels do a turn down service at night with chocolates on pillows ( will these now go) so perhaps they might just do that without a full service. That would be fine by me as long as the family cabins still have extra beds sorted. We try and reuse our towels so not a problem there, it is such a waste to chuck them in the wash after every use. I mean how many people change their towels at home twice a day? Unfortunately this is what happens when the majority of people remove the gratuities forcing the company to stop them altogether and then make cutbacks. Editing as noticed the runners mentioned above. We take it off and the scatter cushions as soon as we get in the cabin and put at the top of the wardrobe and ask Steward not to bother to put them back on. 1) to save the Steward time and 2) because I don’t think they are washed after every occupant
  11. amajaa

    Our Brexit Promise

    Exactly it doesn’t matter which political party or which PM it is negotiating, the result is going to be the same. The fault lies with Europe they don’t want us to get a good deal as they know others would follow suit and also leave. Leave Theresa May to carry on otherwise the delay will mean we end up with no deal, and put the blame where it belongs with Juncker and his cronies.
  12. amajaa

    P & O Revised Dress/Alcohol Code

    It is like anything, give people an inch and they take a mile. As has been said they used to allow you to take unlimited alcohol on board for consumption in your cabin or on balcony. Unfortunately people were sneaking it into the dining room and into bars etc and openly posting on social media about how clever they were getting away with it. We personaly never bother taking any onboard but those that did now have had it spoilt for them by the greedy few. As I understand it the ‘no slogan’ policy is mainly aimed at stag and hen parties wearing rude t-shirts etc. In the States I think you call them bachelor and bachelorette parties. We must have been lucky as have never come across any on cruises we have been on, I think they normally go on short 2, 3 or 4 day ones.
  13. amajaa

    Diabetic menu

    Same as you do except I don’t drink as prefer water. It’s just that so many things have sugar in them, tomato soup for instance has 12 gms of sugar per half a tin, likewise baked beans. I look at these things more now, used to just look for saturated fat as have high cholesterol. Plus the gravey and other things you never know how much sugar in them.
  14. amajaa

    Diabetic menu

    Did I see recently people were saying you don’t get the diabetic menu the night before now but just request on the night. Never used before but recently diagnosed. TIA
  15. amajaa

    Festival of Remembrance

    If anyone is watching the Festival of Remembrance at The Albert Hall did you see The Merchant Navy was represented by serving personnel of Princess Cruises and Holland America Line.