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  1. im just hoping there might be good deals to get us back on. but then again I don’t have much leave left for this year anyway.
  2. well in real life today I have just put my chicken to marinate for the bbq and cut all my veggies so I’m ready. Kids are in the swimming pool after already having an hour bike ride. id love days like this if everything was normal how are we all managing today as it’s stinking hot! I did wonder which one of us on here I going to be first back on a p&o ship
  3. I’ve never tried liver either and I really couldn’t. There are always a few foods I just look at and think I cannot put that in my mouth 🤢
  4. I agree. There are some menus I did find last year with a whole Caribbean menu that night. I’d love that but I suppose it was for a set destination. there’s no many rice or pasta dishes compared to the potatoes ones
  5. Treacle tart is popular. Must be cos it’s a good old british pud
  6. might have to look at the glass house tomorrow. I find the mdr hit and miss but I seems to be better that trying to get a buffet with the kids.
  7. I had the potted shrimp last year. Never heard it before but it wasn’t as I expected and I didn’t like it. I was surprised that it was cold
  8. You guys have cost me too much. MDR again. tonight I think I might struggle Asparagus with egg salmon fillet kumquat and almond cake never had asparagus or kumquat so will definitely try it when we go back
  9. kids do come out with some crackers. it’s Georgia in our house that bonkers. She will talk to anyone and you never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. she told princess Anna last year she liked her eyebrows, asked a woman in Argos a few months back if she sleeps. And today’s was “my tongue is tired” when Scarlett was little baby she used to make a grunting sound like all babies do when they go but she sounded like Janice off of friends. That stuck for years, “she’s doing a Janice” luckily for them we have stopped saying that. Thinking of that I often call the kids spadge. All our parent used to use the word so we seems to use it for ours too yet people look at me like I’m loony. ( maybe it’s just our family but it’s sometimes “my little spadgaloos” I don’t think that’s an actual word though but it’s always stuck) btw I think I prefer it dolphin nose 😂
  10. Back to the MDR folks we would both have Calamari atlantic cod chocolate pretzel ganache for me banoffee meringue for hubby
  11. Yep he is a Yorkshire man. I’ll have to go find some whiskey for the father in law
  12. I hope I turned out ok. Maltby lasses are known for being tough tho. We just get on with it. I was more miffed that my hubby thought it was my job to buy for his dad!
  13. great news avril glad he’s coming home. Sheffield are a good hospital. I wouldn’t have ever been able to have my two without that hospital.
  14. Kalos unfortunately my dad is no longer here. He died when I was 17. To be honest though I wouldn’t have called him anyway, he remarried when I was 15 and she was very controlling and he allowed her to cut him off from his two kids and his parents when before her he would call us every day and see his parents every day too. I used to be sad about it but since having kids it doesn’t bother me anymore. I used to ring my grandpa but we lost him 2 years ago so there’s only really my hubby and father in law to buy for and we didn’t get them any presents. To be fair my hubby wouldn’t like a present anyway he just likes to have time with them. But they did help him with his bench, they were sweeping all the sawdust for him. will have to post a picture of the bench when he’s finished. He thinks it’s amazing 😂
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