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  1. Thanks Molecrochip Yay! Southampton is currently in Tier one, but who knows how long that will last? I am one of those who would try cruising under the new protocols before I decide if I would like it or not. Not too concerned about mask wearing as I have to wear one at work anyway and I've got used to it. I know we all have our own views on this, I guess we just have to do what is right for ourselves Cathy
  2. I am booking the first cruise on Queen Elizabeth in March today. March is a long time away so fingers crossed she will sail Cathy
  3. Thanks Molecrochip that''s what I thought. I wonder if they will start with Iona? I see she is still stuck in Bremerhaven and no sign she's going anywhere soon. Cathy
  4. There is a rumour on fb that crew have been contracted to return to P&O. it is not confirmed but I was wondering if any one here knows anything? Cathy
  5. I have been on a flight, ( 2 actually) and I can say I felt safe. 100% compliance with masks. Reminders too wear them throughout the flight. I guess if you remove it to eat or drink you might forget to put it back on? Airplanes have new medical grade filters that circulate fresh air. All staff in the hotel I stayed in wore masks. I can say I felt safer there than in the uk where staff in restaurants are not wearing masks, even though I think the rules say they should? I would be happy to try cruising again, I feel much more confident now I have been abroad Cathy
  6. Well I have just returned from Turkey. I an you a little bit about holidays in this new world. Extra precautions due to Covid were evident but not inconvenient as I am now used to wearing a mask.The four hour flight was full but every one wore masks. On the return journey I was the third passenger to board and I could smell the disinfectant but only briefly. In the hotel all cutlery was in sealed bags. The buffet was served by staff but you could have as much as you liked. Pool towels were pre wrapped and sun beds sprayed after use .All staff wore masks- not easy in 38 degree heat. Guests only wore masks on transport and in shops. Our temperature was checked every time we entered the hotel. Social distance signs were everywhere. Sun beds and table were all spread out We had to fill in lots of covid related paperwork at the hotel (mainly ticking boxes) and a passenger locator for online before we left. We had to show this at passport control on our return. There was the option to print out the form but it could only be filled in online. One thing that has happened and I now expect will happen on cruise ships is the increased use of apps. ( which I hate but I got used to them) Almost everything is paperless. You can still ask for copies of menus but they have to be disinfected after use making more work for staff. We didn't realise for the first day that easiest way to get information was to download 2 apps, one for the tour operator and one for the hotel. We hadn't realised that to find out when the rep would be present we needed the app. To find out about excursions , our flight home etc we needed the app. You needed the hotel app to book a la carte restaurants.Bookings opened at 9 am 2 days in advance and were full in 10 minutes. If you wanted to book through reception or guest services you had no chance. Wifi in the hotel was free, but not consistent. If P&O decide to use apps they need to be absolutely certain that they are easy to use and a strong signal that can be accessed in all areas of the ship at all times. Anything less is pointless and there will be even longer queues at reception. We did some excursions, all socially distanced etc. I was nervous beforehand but it's given me confidence to travel again. On a ship I wouldn't be bothered about wearing a mask in corridors. In the bars you will still be able to talk to people, one metre distance isn't too far. On the subject of excursions I read somewhere they some could be included according to your cabin grade. I would miss being allowed to wander around freely but the holiday I have just had, as lovely as it was, made me miss cruising more than ever. Cathy
  7. Does anyone have an account with Marine Traffic? You would be able to find out Iona's future movements. from Bremerhaven. Cathy
  8. A family have been turfed off the Msc cruise for straying away from their group when on a tour https://cruiseradio.net/kicked-off-cruise-line-boots-guests-for-ignoring-new-protocols/?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR1-Ji8fiuXP6umn27o4TTlfIKn4H2RXvBaQun19e-bYTdsOIY7h-MVUsjk Cathy
  9. Yes Bath Travel was sold to the TA in the North East. Locally Bath Travel had an excellent reputation for cruises, tailor made holidays etc but was never the cheapest agent. Peter Bath has set up a couple of fly cruises to the Caribbean with P&O flying from Bournemouth. Cathy
  10. We did Alaska last year on Queen Elizabeth, with 3 days in Vancouver. If we go back I would like to visit the lakes at Banff as well. Vancouver was much more interesting than I expected and we saw almost all of it in 2 days. On board we had a professor who was an expert in the wildlife who gave commentaries from the Bridge when we went through areas of interest. It was definitely one of the best cruises we have done. Cathy
  11. The first one visits ports in Italy, the next one goes to Italy and Greece. People will be allowed off with extra protection in place. There's a whole raft of protocols in place but I'm a bit too far a into a bottle of wine to find them atm🍾
  12. Starts on 16th August, just one ship at first. Citizens of countries in the Schengen Area can go, which excludes the UK. Cathy
  13. Italy has removed its advisory against cruising so MSC could restart soon-ish Cathy
  14. Oooh ginger sounds interesting. I just think Cunard scones are really bland- a bit of spice or sour milk makes them delicious.
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