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  1. Some years ago in St Tropez the tenders were suspended. We had gone over but the officer in charge of the tender said it was so rough he recommended we went straight back to the ship which we did. Tenders continued for some time and were finally suspended. There was a very long queue of P&O passengers waiting for at least 2 hours in the wind, cold and rain with no shelter until tenders resumed. By chance Azamura Quest was tendered nearby and sent over blankets and hot drinks for P&O passengers. Azamura's tenders were able to operate. Whilst on board we noticed the ship ( Oceana) slipped its anchor a few times, floated off, turned round, almost crashed into the harbour wall. The engines fired up and put all to rights.
  2. And your tips are included. Children's clubs on P&O are very good. Norway can have surprisingly hot days, you just can never tell
  3. Cathygh

    Bug/Mosquito spray

    For bites I use one of those zapper things that gives a tiny electric shock, 4 or 5 times around the bite. Works quickly and can be used as often as needed
  4. On another forum someone has posted the letter MSC has given to passengers. It offers a full refund, cost of travel home and the opportunity to stay on the ship till the end of the cruise. The ship is not allowed to leave Venice until the investigators say so. The only thing missing from the letter is an apology Elsewhere it has been stated ( I haven't checked this yet) that the crash was caused by something jamming in the engine.
  5. As I said in another thread, it's fine for daytime( but not at work) but not evenings. the guy in the pic looks scruffy. The woman's clothes aren't appealing either
  6. Thanks to all of you who have made me feel I won't be out of place! The pics on the website are things I would consider for smart day wear not evenings on Cunard. BTW for the young at heart https://www.jdwilliams.co.uk/shop/womens/dresses/party-dresses/womenswearpromotions-fifty-plus-advert/2/_/N-1ytjsrqZ1yth62e/products/show.action?Nao=36&Rpp=36 I've not bought form this site but at the models are more mature. The women in my family all in late 20s would consider some of these too!
  7. Mmm, don't hold your breath about Cunard. On our forthcoming 10 nighter there are 2 formal nights, one is traditional, the other is 1920s theme, so I don't think I'll need 2 long dresses. Also on the website there are pictures of what to wear on the other "smart attire" nights which to me look like smart day wear, not for evenings. I could be very overdressed if I take what I planned to pack.
  8. I am going on a Cunard cruise soon. Before I saw this thread I was worried about being under dressed. Now I think I might be ott for the smart attire nights.
  9. Hi If you are staying in Oxford you can do a coach trip from there. This is one I found http://www.oxfordcityguide.com/blog/top-five-day-trips-from-oxford/ and there may be more. Or you can hire a car as the drive takes around an hour. Cathy
  10. People were debarking before 3. I guess they were self debarkers.
  11. In West Quay in Southampton there is John Lewis, Coast, Phase Eight & Monsoon. There is a Debenhams a few minutes walk away that sells Quiz. Labels in Bishops Waltham is a dress agency that often has nice evening wear. Dress to Go in Botley( appointment only). Tiffany's in Stubbington. Charity shops in Winchester might be worth a look. Facebook market place. Also I found googling Prom Dress brought more results and shops will be getting some in around now
  12. Holland America send out a Cruise Welcome book which contains PICTURES of suitable attire. Perhaps P&O should do that?
  13. Lots of restaurants list the dress code under FAQs. Yes I can find examples, it just takes time and patience.
  14. We had to ask for our voucher as it wasn't in the cabin. Loyalty Cruise desk on board sorted it. We only realised when I another passenger told me we should have had it.
  15. Hi The cost for us was about £225 each with SPB in 2018 for 2 full days lunch and we saw everything except the inside of the Faberge museum. P&O cost more. There were no children on ours so I can't comment but it should be fine especially if they like history or art. I would do it all again tomorrow if I could.
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