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  1. Can you give us an idea what the entertainment is please? Thanks
  2. Thanks for explaining how it works. I'd certainly consider it if I was offered one.
  3. So do Princess offer passengers a deal to change their cruise if it's overbooked? I have never heard of PandO doing that but it's a good idea
  4. Thank you Andy, I keep looking on the bright side, it won't last forever. I know I've been lucky. It would be lovely to see you both and it's great to see you posting Andy. I hope your business is doing well too. Cathy xx
  5. Thank you, you'll have a lovely time. Do pop in to say hello xx
  6. Hi I went up to London on Saturday. The shops- John Lewis, Next -in Oxford St are quiet but there were lots of people in the street, but not as many as there would be on a Saturday in June, as obviously there are no foreign tourists. Mainly young people, but it was Saturday, so may be that was why? The tube was quiet, but a friend who lives there says if a a tube is busy the next one, or the one after won't be so it's worth waiting. I took an lft before I went, one on Tuesday and I'll don one t morrow, just to be sure I didn't catch covid. The riskiest bit was probably the train journey
  7. So would you say it's more likely that Ventura will be brought back into service than Azura? TIA
  8. If you are looking for places to visit near Southampton please take a drive out to Wickham. It's a lovely village with lovely unique shops, local walks and water meadows. And please pop into my gift shop to say hello - sorry for the plug but business is tough! It would be great to meet you all. Cathy
  9. I am quite short too so I try to buy sleeveless evening dresses with few layers. That way the cost of shortening is cheaper- just an inch off at the shoulders and however many inches I need from the bottom. Heavily beaded ones with lots of layers and sleeves cost more to alter - almost the whole dress has to be redone. Jersey or a stretchy material is good too for the expanding waistline. Pity Precis Petite went under as I have got a couple of dresses from there and didn't need altering. I'm getting excited now-I need to try my dresses on! 👗
  10. I am on this cruise too. I am hoping any extension to the restrictions doesn't affect cruising as MSC have managed ok. I haven't sailed with the other lines you mention yet so I can't comment but I do hope you enjoy P &O.
  11. Yes now called Celebration nights
  12. P&O have an answer for that If you are unable to use the My Holiday app, then once you are on board you can call our holiday experience number from your cabin or drop by at one of the My Holiday pop-up desks that can be found in multiple locations around the ship. If you have any queries or need assistance during your holiday, our Reception team is available 24 hours a day. You’ll also find useful information in your daily Horizon.
  13. Also it's exactly 21days till sailing for us, it wasn't in vp last night but it was there there at 9am today
  14. I have been checking every day and got my cabin number today, 21days before sailing on July 1st. Very happy with the cabin too!
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