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  1. Someone has posted the pamphlet on a P&O page on face book.
  2. Oh Andy I am so sorry to hear that. Well I do hope this trip cheers him up. I think if he wants to use a different company for his Rome trip then he should be ok to get back. The other tour companies will get him back because if they don't then they have to pay for accommodation and onward travel costs to the ship. The problems with late arrivals seem to occur with trains and taxis. BTW we are doing the Essence of Rome Trip. I did look for a cheaper alternative but could only find something on Viator which was the same price as P&O. In fact for the first time ever the P&O trip worked out cheaper as we got a loyalty discount.
  3. He's not having much luck is he? there's info on cc https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/shore-excursions/port/79/ and of course trip advisor. I haven't been to Rome from Citavecchia before so I can't give specific advice.
  4. You are a good son in law! it looks like we will be getting a taxi at 3.30 am, but at least we should get a chance to see a bit of Malta
  5. We are also flying on BA from Gatwick on 17th but our flight, which I am sure was 6.30 am, is now 7.30 am. An extra hour in bed!
  6. may be I should avoid him? P&O have now sorted flights for passengers going to/from Malta this week and will now start sourcing flights for the rest. Everyone is advised to have their contact details in Cruise Personaliser up to date
  7. UPDATE: people flying to join Oceana in Malta this week have been advised on the new flights On FB someone has posted a letter given to all Pax on Oceana stating those on fly Caribbean cruises like the OP will be contacted nearer the time
  8. I am not sure you will hear as soon as a few days but it would be great if you did. We are flying to Malta on October 17th and I don't expect to hear until much nearer the date as P&O have more immediate flights issues to deal with. What I'm really saying is don't panic all will be fine. Enjoy your first cruise
  9. If they do go under, and I hope they don't, P&O will need to find a substitute pretty fast. We are flying with TC to join Oceana in a few weeks, but there are probably flights that will be affected before ours. Fingers crossed they find the money
  10. Regarding Stonehenge if you are going to Southampton it's not far to drive from there. Weather in the UK is variable - last week it was cold, I was thinking winter woollies, this week it's sunbathing weather again. There is slight chance you can see the Northern Lights from the Orkneys in September.
  11. Speaking of itineraries, I wish they would do US ports and Far East in the summer, then I wouldn't have to "jump ship" to other lines to see those parts of the world. The other lines are more expensive. It's really annoying that Cunard for example sell many if the same wines as P&O at a vastly inflated price and then charge 15% service charge on top
  12. Hi DBSDSS Thanks so much for your advice. Sadly Osaka is not included on the dates I want to do. I have now found flights to Osaka but not direct ones so I think Tokyo - Kyoto - Tokyo -cruise might work. Or may be I'll go somewhere else and leave Japan for another time.
  13. If you book through P&O you can be allocated any grade of balcony, but I suspect it will be the lowest grade. If you use a TA, depending which TA you use, you can select a minimum grade so as to avoid obstructed cabins but you will pay more. HTH
  14. Hi Thank you! I soooo want to go to Kyoto. I am in the UK and TAs have been telling me there are no direct flights to Osaka. However that is a few weeks ago and so I am hoping flights might now have been scheduled. One TA did say to check in September/October. The TAs seem to be struggling with getting a package to include Kyoto as generally most people ask for Tokyo. I have looked at land tours but most of them are too long and go to places the cruises also go to and I really would like to have some time on a ship, to do a bit of relaxation. I am tied by dates around my birthday and work stuff which means I need to be back and over jet lag by early September
  15. Thanks so much for this. I am hoping to cruise Japan next year. I am celebrating a decade changing birthday in August 2020 and want to go to Kyoto but none of the cruises go there at the right time. Sigh! I am trying to persuade my self not to let that put me off and your review has helped
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