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  1. It's not the Dreamliner from Manchester, our flights for our December cruise on Azura are with Thomas Cook.
  2. You don't have to wear shoes on the casual nights, trainers are just fine, I do wear shoes but also like the comfort a more formal trainer provides, saying that the ones I wear are all black.
  3. They were never added to drinks, drinks are the same reasonable price they've always been.
  4. You still need to register them but there is less paperwork to complete, it takes very little time.
  5. My partner takes two in the morning before we embark then one before she goes to bed every night, we sailed through a force 9 gale last year and she was perfectly fine, even though she suffers badly from travel sickness (cant even travel in the back of a car or on a coach). As has been stated its vitally important to get the medication into your system to prevent the onset of sickness, you cant react to it once it sets in. She also wears the pressure point wristbands as well, I'd also add that she drinks perfectly fine on the tablets and she suffers no side effects that others seem too.
  6. We travelled on the same cruise (N907) and experienced much of what you described with regards to the MDR, we seemed to be being treated in a certain way because as a family of three we wouldn't share a table with others, even being told to use the buffet when we questioned why we had to wait for a table for an hour and a half, twice we gave up after an hour and went to the glass house which as nice as it was cost us £40 plus on both occasions - for the food, on the third occasion we encountered a significant wait I wandered into the MDR and saw at least four suitable vacant tables which we would of been happy to take and that was just down one side of the dining room. I did question this and was told the wait was down to the demographic of the cruise and that there were too many families who'd requested freedom dining, even though our previous cruise at Easter the year before had over 100 children more on board we didn't have to wait once, it appeared to me there was a concerted effort by P&O to force dining arrangements on us even though we had paid for and expected some sort of freedom, to add to the mess service was hit and miss, drinks, toast, steak knife, condiments, all had to be requested which was in stark contrast to the year before, we even received the wrong food on more than one occasion although I must say I've never had a bad meal in the MDR and think the food is very good. Oh well never mind they are not huge issues but just leave a nagging feeling of disappointment.
  7. I do but not to hand, if nobody has posted by tonight then I will screen shot the programme from our recent cruise.
  8. Given that our cruise was a duty free cruise with Guernsey on the itinerary does the fact nobody set foot on the island change that?
  9. They will be in different clubs and P & O are strict with regards ages even if they are siblings.
  10. They have a good selection of board games on Ventura that are kept in the library, having cruised on Ventura only last week I must say that the shows the headliners put on were really good, as good as I've seen and the current team had a real good energy about them with some exceptional dancers. Ventura has also benefited from her recent refit and to us looked in really good condition barring the odd lift that was out for the duration of the cruise.
  11. Never had a problem taking plastic on board, only this week I purchased coke and water onshore and had no problem taking it on board.
  12. I didn't say I was never going to cruise again with P & O, despite the disappointment there are still plenty of positives and we will learn some lessons ourselves, I must say the food, service and shows produced in the theatre were first class, as was the embarking and disembarkation process.
  13. Just to set the record straight I am no conspiracy theorist I am merely posting my opinion and all the relevant info I have to hand, others can make of it that they will. On the whole the whole cruise was a bit of a disaster, unsupervised unruly kids in cabins either side of us, half hour to one hour waits for evening meal in the mdr, missed port in Guernsey, docking in the industrial port of Ljmuiden as opposed to the centre of Amsterdam which was the USP for us and a general disappointment with the day time activities on the many sea days we had on a seven day cruise. My motto is always that a bad days cruising is better than a good day at work but I must say that this cruise didn't really live up to my not so high expectations and with a deposit paid on a future cruise we are reluctant to commit at the minute, our week with P & O was topped off by an argument that got physical that wouldn't of looked out of place on the set of Jeremy Kyle - shameful behaviour from adults who should of known better in front of mainly children.
  14. Logging a force 8 gale was nonsense though, unless the gale managed to swerve me for the whole 90 minutes I spent on the top deck from 6am, I did make reference to the Captain being better qualified and having to consider the safety of passengers and feel the demographic of the cruise may of played a part in any decision made.
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