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  1. Problem with the P&O site when you are booking as a solo is the price leading right up to payment is misleading and the attractive price you see is for one but they still add on the single supplement nearer to checkout which in some cases near on doubles the price, you need to be careful as it is a little misleading.
  2. I am a fit and healthy 47 year old and I have just been contacted by text to book in for my first vaccine which I will receive on 26th Feb, I'd say that is quite some effort by all involved in providing the vaccine to the population and it would suggest that a target of May wasnt as unrealistic as maybe first thought.
  3. I'd prefer to fly from Manchester but the cruise I'm looking at only has London flights available, thanks for your prompt reply.
  4. Do these flights leave from Gatwick and does anyone have any experience of them? I've only ever flown in to Barbados on previous visits to the Caribbean so would be interested to see how these compare.
  5. I think the new cut off for the changes to balances due 30 days before the cruise is 15th August. If it falls in September you would still need to pay 90 days before or if you have set up direct debit payments they generally allow the last payment 60 days befoe.
  6. We've always travelled down by train the day before and stayed over in the centre of Southampton, depending on the weather we will either walk down to the terminal or grab a taxi, I must say that on the half a dozen Southampton cruises we've done we have never had an issue or more than a minute or two to wait for a taxi when we have disembarked but I must add we are in no major rush to dash off once the ship hits Southampton, we book the train 12 weeks in advance (to the day) with a railcard to maximise the saving and reserve seats as the return train back to Manchester can get quite busy, it
  7. Can any experienced autumn cruisers to the Med shed any light on the weather around the Med in the month of October, will we get many opportunities to tan, out of Southampton on the 9th out to Livorno and back with the usual stop offs, done a repositioning at the end of October through the med but was hoping we had a better chance of sun three weeks earlier. It's not a game changer but I'd prefer it to be pleasant and warm outside, I have googled it but through past experience would rather seek advice from those who've been there and done it. TIA
  8. I dont mind, back up is Azura for two weeks in April.
  9. We are due onboard on the 24th October which if it gets the go ahead will be the Maiden I'm more hopeful than optimistic.
  10. https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1301949/Spain-coronavirus-holidays-travel-covid-cruise-cruises-news?fbclid=IwAR3MJr-Fusalkm4aaTygcdVqorKKCGDUCUDyRnFbg0jewKGVPgkafJG7g6g
  11. Exaggerating is a very apt word, I have two cruises booked so have been following these threads closely and feel that wowzz is becoming the forum doom monger, I have no problem with someone having a pessimistic view but not everything that happens in the future needs to be viewed in the context of worst case scenario, holidays after all are something to look forward to and I'd still prefer to be hopeful that my October cruise on Iona and the other I have booked on Azura for March will go ahead.
  12. It is quite significant news so probably worthy of it's own thread given some users of the forum won't read every thread available.
  13. Will Iona be seen this year or will they hold her back till 2021? I'm booked to go on her on the 24th October cruise so theoretically could be on her maiden voyage.
  14. Where have you read this information? I've seen it banded about a bit on other forums but there is no firm word that this is the case.
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