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  1. 4/4 Sky Princess Chose Option 1, 175% of cruise to FCC and received the taxes and fees to credit card yesterday.
  2. So, I was told this by several people, but I was told by Princess agent today when I booked cruise for next March that they had credited by cc the above mentioned fees. I will monitor and will update. I did not speak to anyone about having the money refunded. If it has happened, it occurred without my requesting it. Just fyi
  3. So, after picking the cruise and calling to book, Princess applied the full amount of FCC to the new cruise. I had to specifically ask to have the FCC backed out until we were firmly committed to the cruise. So, we are holding the reservation with a refundable deposit.
  4. Ok, so, I did go ahead and book a cruise for March 20, 21, Sky Princess. As much as it made sense to take the money back and move on to something else, we really, really enjoy cruising and decided to go for it. So we chose Option 1 - received FCC for 175% of canceled 4/4/20 cruise and was able to apply it to the total cruise fare. We chose not to do that, just in case we change our mind. We didn't want to lock into it. So, we did put a refundable deposit down and will apply remaining FCC when the time comes that we have to. PLEASE make certain you monitor... So what was
  5. Oh..thanks so much...will likely make a decision today.
  6. Yes, I realize that now. Thanks! Tried to get in touch with Princess but call gets dropped.
  7. Thanks, I didn't realize this, I will have to call and see if we can have the money refunded.
  8. We were to sail on 4/4 Sky, we did not cancel, Princess did. We chose Option 1 a few days after we got the form to do so and subsequently received an email confirmation of our choice. We received our 175% FCC a few weeks ago. We received an email from Jan Swartz a couple of days ago informing us that we would soon be receiving our FCC - which we have had for several weeks. We still have not received the cc refund. We have been told on 2 occasions that we could use the FCC on cruise fare, port fees and taxes, which is different from in the past when using FCC was only allowed on th
  9. We were due to sale Sky on 4/4 - we chose option 1, which was 175% of cruise fare. We have a credit in our account for the 175% as promised. However, we are still waiting for refund on cc for port fees and taxes. I can't speak to changing from option 1 to option 2, though while having a social distancing visit with fellow travelers in the backyard yesterday, we did discuss checking on it. Originally, we were planning on returning to cruising as soon as possible, but with the degree of uncertainty on a timeline right now we are all a little uncertain about whether we will be able t
  10. So, what I was told was it could NOT be used for anything that I would use an obc for...excursions, gambling, etc. Everything was ok, cruise fee, port taxes and fees. I am not certain on deposit.
  11. Yes, and when looking forward to booking another cruise, I was told the FCC could be used for everything including port fees and taxes, where in the past it was only to be used for cruise fare. That was checked 2 different times with 2 different Princess reps, but I have thought one thing at one time only to find that it is not in fact true.
  12. Oh, wait a minute upon rechecking, the cruise points have been removed....
  13. Yes, upon questioning them these are the only places these people have been other than home without anyone else going anywhere. So, they have been contact traced back to these places. Anyway, also cruise points were added for the missed cruise....they were there before I received the FCC, when I received the FCC about a month ago and are still there now.
  14. Really, ALL of those places are where people have gotten both and many of the diseases that spread from the common cold to Covid 19. I am a healthcare professional, you should know how many have gotten COVID 19 from only going to DD for a coffee and the supermarket where masks have been used.
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