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  1. I'm so bummed we requested a refund for our Edge cruise prior to Celebrity allowing Lift & Shift. When they added that option, even though we hadn't received our refund, we weren't allowed to L&S. We had a such a great price with all four perks that now it's close to $900 more PP for the same cruise in 2021 with the Elevate package. To be fair, though, even before X created this new pricing, there was no way we could touch the deal we got during the Veteran's Day 2019 sale.
  2. Huh, that's surprising--everything on our cruise transferred. It actually ended up being about $75 PP less expensive because of a difference in port fees, I assume, and we got a cruise that was one night longer to boot! I'd keep trying, and with any luck you can do the L&S.
  3. You can Lift and Shift even if the cruise hasn't been cancelled--we did! If there isn't a comparable cruise, you can get in touch with Azamara and see if the BA to MIA cruise can be used for your L&S.
  4. I just did a mock booking for an Edge cruise in April 2021 (wishful thinking), and was surprised it appeared we couldn't add the extra perks to our booking with a NRD. Once I changed to refundable, I was able to add the perks package. I wish when our April 2020 Edge cruise was cancelled that L&S had been an option. We requested a refund because the 2021 fares were so high, we knew we wouldn't pay those prices even with the 125% FCC. By the time X was allowing L&S for those cancelled cruises, they wouldn't allow us to cancel our refund request.
  5. We were booked on this cruise, but between its likely cancellation and a new job/move, we decided to lift and shift back in July. We're now booked on a January 2022 Peru/Chile itinerary (we had to get approval from Azamara). We preferred the original itinerary, but this one will be fine--we may combine it with a trip to Machu Picchu if we can take the additional time off work. With the TA cancelled that was bringing Quest to South America, I have no idea why Azamara didn't cancel the following cruises as well.
  6. When did you book your Choice Air seats? According to the website, that 110% guarantee is valid only within 24 hours of booking your flights. That being said, I've booked on Choice Air and then re-booked less expensive tickets when I found them on the Choice Air site.
  7. I really enjoyed the Riverdance Azamazing Evening in Dublin. My husband came along begrudgingly and admitted afterwards he was glad he attended. Our other two cruises had the Valencia Azamazing Evening, and we thought it was just okay--we skipped it the second time. It was a very nice venue, though. Looking forward to whatever we may experience on our Peru/Chile cruise in January 2022!
  8. We were booked on the November 30th Quest cruise (Rio to Buenos Aires), but did a Lift & Shift about two weeks ago. Interesting that the two cruises before that one are cancelled, as the cruise on the 14th was the TA to get Quest to Rio! Wishing good luck to all who have cancelled bookings, that you can find a replacement cruise, or get your refund or FCC in a reasonable amount of time.
  9. I was responding to CHTobi that said customers had to pay the balance to Lift & Shift--just wanted to make sure s/he had the correct information. I'm sorry that you had to make your final payment--I would be frustrated as well. We had a paid in full Celebrity cruise that was cancelled, and it took about three months to get our money back. Compared to an Azamara cruise, though, it wasn't a lot of money to be waiting on for months! I hope you have some recourse with your credit card company.
  10. Because there was nothing similar in 2021, I contacted Azamara to see if we might be eligible to switch to the January 2022 cruise, and we received an exception. I preferred the itinerary of our original cruise, plus it's a PerryGolf cruise and my husband was signed up for that. But we just don't see how the 11/30/20 cruise will take place, and combined with a new job for me and a possible work conflict even if the cruise does happen, it made sense to go ahead and change it now.
  11. You don't have to pay the balance to Lift & Shift. We just have a deposit on our November South America cruise, and were able to do a L&S to another South American cruise in January 2022.
  12. If we were still debating about taking the cruise, I would, but since we're going to L&S, I won't take up their limited resources on a call. There are people that have more pressing issues that need to get through 🙂
  13. No, it's not the TA. I went back and re-read the email, and Azamara did not say they are extending the deadlines for penalties. So possibly Azamara has said it here, but it wasn't included in the email that was forwarded by our TA. Or possibly because we're in the U.S., we're under different terms.
  14. The final payment for our November 30th South American cruise was also extended by 30 days, but what wasn't extended was the cancellation penalties, according to our TA. Just something of which to be aware, if you're thinking you may cancel. Between coronavirus and a new job/move, we'd decided we were going to cancel, but instead are going to do a Lift and Shift.
  15. I called a week or two ago and also spoke to someone in just a few minutes.
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