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  1. True, but since on X the passenger has to fill out a form and name the crew member, and then the form is given to Finance to be debited from the account (at least that's what we were told on X), it seems like that could be done on Azamara. Especially if, as HGC's post implies, you can designate additional gratuities with non-Azamara refundable OBC.
  2. That's disappointing. Celebrity allows you to do this.
  3. We were on Equinox last month and found that the burgers at Mast Grill to be pretty good. My husband, who generally doesn't care for hot dogs, had one and enjoyed it. He's a brats and mets kind of guy 🙂
  4. People frequently ask about the shampoo on board, so for many, this would be helpful.
  5. Open jaw flights are those that fly into one city, but depart from another (for example, EWR to LIS, and the return is BCN to EWR). I don't think it's solely an American expression. They are also called multi-city flights. You can usually price these flights under the "advanced search" options of airline websites.
  6. On Equinox we had a wire rack below the pump bottles for our own items. I believe the bathrooms weren't revolutionized, though, so maybe that's why the additional space was there. I was glad, as I never use cruise ship or hotel shampoo or conditioner.
  7. Then as long as the OBC is showing in your cruise planner, you ought to be able to book it and pay the difference.
  8. hiccups


    I've received emails from Choice Air about flight time changes, but with our upcoming Choice Air booking on Azamara, checked our flights on the United website and found we'd been changed to another flight and didn't receive notification. Called and got it fixed (we had paid for business class and they changed our connecting flight to coach), and then two weeks later, another change to a different flight, once again stuck in coach! Called again and got it changed, and so far, nothing else has happened. Choice Air couldn't tell me why we weren't notified, even though we'd already received time change emails.
  9. I thought if it's OBC from a travel agent, you have to wait until you're on board before using it, so it might depend on the source of the OBC.
  10. Larger cabins and newer ships? Possibly specialty dining?
  11. hiccups


    I use the Choice Air link on the Azamara site because I find it quicker, but you can also search on the Celebrity site (at the top click on Shop Flights, search for a cruise, click on the itinerary and then search for flights). When I saw lower prices, I called Choice Air and had them re-book the tickets. Until final cruise payment, which is when you actually pay for the tickets, you can do this as often as you like without any fee. For the last price drop, we had to switch our outgoing flight to one that departed an hour earlier, but we were fine doing that to save $90 PP. Our flights have come down $290 PP since we booked the cruise.
  12. hiccups


    You have to monitor it yourself. We've had three price drops on the tickets for our upcoming cruise.
  13. hiccups


    For domestic, not usually (or maybe only a few dollars), but international, yes. We've still used them at times for domestic because of the "we get you to the ship" policy.
  14. It's actually quite biased towards the family wanting to blame Royal Caribbean, IMO. "Why was a window open?" Um, because it's A WINDOW? This is a terrible, tragic event, but it is not Royal Caribbean's fault the grandfather placed the child on a railing in front of an open window.
  15. Just... wow. I'm sorry you were treated that way. My upcoming cruise still has a bicycling excursion listed, but I had also booked it on our Azamara cruise last year at the same port and it was cancelled two days prior. I wasn't offered any discount for another tour, and the only other tour that I was interested in was full. I firmly but politely said that I would appreciate it if they could check again to see if one more person could be added to the tour, since my plans changed because of their cancellation, not because I dithered around to book an excursion. They made an exception and I was able to take the excursion.
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