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  1. I called a week or two ago and also spoke to someone in just a few minutes.
  2. We stopped in Sardinia on an Azamara cruise last year, and I'd love to go back there for a land vacation. We stopped in Mallorca on the same cruise, and I did great hike there--a couple days to do more hiking and exploring would be great, too.
  3. We requested a refund back in March when our cruise was cancelled. We received an FCC voucher. Since we still hadn't received our refund, I asked our TA about doing a Lift and Shift, since we'd gotten such a great deal on our cruise. She said that X told her that since we'd requested a refund we didn't have the option. Then they darn sure ought to be giving us back our money here pretty soon! We received what I assume are port fees and taxes a few weeks ago, but that's it.
  4. Does anyone know the earliest date that Lift and Shift was applicable for cancelled cruises? Our April cruise was cancelled, but since L&S wasn't the policy at the time, I'm assuming we're out of luck. Too bad--we got a great deal and would have happily re-booked had we been able to keep our deal.
  5. I'm pleasantly surprised you were able to switch from a TA to another cruise that wasn't a TA. We are booked on the November 2020 South American cruise after your original TA, and would like to lift and shift. I looked at November and December 2021 cruises but didn't see a similar itinerary--the earliest South American itinerary of a similar duration is January 2022. Perhaps it's worth a phone call to Azamara to see if we might have some options after all.
  6. So, does this mean if we've already had a cruise cancelled, we can re-book for next year under the same promotion? Or is this for cruises that are currently still booked? I'm reading it as the second, but sure wish it was the first! ETA: Just re-read and appears it's for new bookings, so never mind 🙂
  7. Thank you for all the work you've put into the board, Denise! Keeping up the threads for cabins, bids and general Azamara tips is quite a job and you performed it admirably! Enjoy your CC "retirement" and just being a regular old poster 🙂
  8. We were supposed to be on Edge this week. As soon as we received notification of the cancellation, I used the online form to request the refund. Today I received an email containing my FCC, ugh! There is no information in the email about changing it to the refund. I've been trying to avoid bothering my TA, but I guess now I'll have to.
  9. I read it as Celebrity is not giving them that option--they must pick either a refund or the FCC. ETA: Unless you mean that the poster should force the friend to take the refund, and then she can book on her own, possibly endangering the friendship.
  10. Yes, that information was in Celebrity's FAQs regarding the FCCs.
  11. The cost varies depending on if it's a sea day or port day. When we were onboard in June, it was $99 for port days and I think $250 for sea days. Restaurants do not provide take out. If you rent the cabana, I think it comes with a lunch. I didn't think the lawn was that big a deal, TBH. It's a nice green space that has the hot glass studio on one end and the movie screen on the other. I remember there were signs about not walking on the grass, but that might just be in certain kinds of shoes, like heels for women, that could damage it.
  12. I posted earlier we requested a refund. I think if cruise lines had done what some of the all-inclusive resorts have done--"Change the Date, Keep your Rate," more people would have been likely to have re-booked even without the extra 25% FCC. I know we would have!
  13. That was why we decided on the refund. The same cruise we've had cancelled, with the same perks (but less OBC because we booked during the Veteran's Day sale) was double the price for the same sailing next year. Hopefully the cruise lines recover, and at some point, we'll see some prices that we're willing to pay.
  14. We decided to take the refund, as the extra 25% was only about $240 more PP (assuming I calculated the value correctly). Prices are so high right now, that amount wouldn't help much. If we'd been able to apply it to our fall Azamara cruise, we'd have taken the FCC, but since it can't be used across brands, the refund is better.
  15. I was just watching TV while working out and they broke in with a news conference. They said the person returned to NOLA on 3/5, and then to Ohio on 3/6, and the next day started feeling unwell. He was tested on 3/11 and they received the results the next day. https://www.dispatch.com/
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