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  1. Tour companies are allowed, but travel agents are not. I've found most of my tour recommendations through CC. It's been a huge help as we've planned all our cruises over the years!
  2. Can you share which tour company you have booked? We are thinking about the Celebrity Galapagos cruise in the next couple years.
  3. Thanks so much for posting this information. We've just booked a South American cruise for 2020, and the cruise line extension to Iguazu Falls seemed pretty pricey, and now I have something to compare it to. Cruise line is 4x the price! It includes meals and some other excursions, but ouch, I think we'll save the money for business class air!
  4. Agree. One of the nice things about X's perks is being able to choose which are the most valuable to you. Although now that they've added the upcharge for the drinks package, it's not quite the deal it used to be.
  5. I would take along any documentation you have regarding the LCV discount percentages and the OBC amounts, just to be on the safe side. I think it's on the Azamara website if you don't have a copy, so you could take a screen shot to have handy.
  6. I thought it was great they included a listing of 7 day cruises in the planner on one of the later days of the trip! We checked them out but didn't find an itinerary that suited us. We do have a bit more flexibility and so booked a nine-night PerryGolf cruise in South America for 2020. Already starting the planning 🙂
  7. Yes, I have no trouble with the white one--I figured it was a cost/environmental measure. If the white ones actually left lint on my pants or skirts, I might care, but they don't. On our last cruise, on maybe the third night I asked why they changed out my napkin and the waiter explained it to me. I thought it was a nice idea but not necessary for me. As for extra laundry, our hand towel (we only use one) and my husband's bath towel was replaced daily, even though we left them on the rack. Unless it's dirty, I'm fine re-using them, because that's certainly what I do at home. I use the bathrobe after a shower, and that wasn't exchanged--I left it on the bathroom door and the steward just tied up the belt. I noticed on the last day a third bathrobe was in our closet--I'm not sure how long it had been there, but I guess the cabin steward thought I might like a fresh one at some point.
  8. It's interesting you noted getting the black napkin at dinner. On our other Azamara cruises, they brought me a black napkin every evening. On this cruise, only on Friday night did they give me a black napkin, despite wearing black every evening. Until then, I assumed they no longer carried two colors of napkins. We ate at Discoveries six of seven dinners (we didn't attend the White Night).
  9. $120? Wow! We were on Equinox in June when it was $59. I thought it was fun and I'm glad to have a souvenir (I made a Christmas ornament), but I wouldn't pay $120 for it.
  10. Darn, I wish I'd seen you to find out what to do with our VAT paperwork 🙂 We must have been in the lounge together at some point! Love seeing the pictures of places I visited, and a lot I missed!
  11. Looking at the menu you posted from the Patio, it was the same as the night we dined there, and recalled I saw you and Sam dining. Then I looked at your menu photo again and saw myself in the background. I'm glad for the blur. LOL.
  12. It was so nice to meet you, too, Lynne! I love that Azamara hosts the CC gathering so we can put names to faces. I was surprised on this cruise, though, that I didn't run into everyone as frequently as I have on our other Azamara cruises. We didn't spend as much time out and about on the ship in the evening as we have previously, though. We took the Azamara transfer to BCN; we had an 11:15 AM flight and were on the 7:15 AM shuttle. We arrived at the airport in less than 20 minutes, and were in fact too early to check in for our flights. There were many people there waiting to be re-booked from cancelled flights from Friday. The lines for check-in, even with priority access, were quite long. We boarded on time but once onboard, learned our departure would be delayed about an hour and half. Thankfully I had booked us a long layover on the return because last year we had to wait forever to get DH's golf clubs for customs. Azamara also offered OBC to anyone that had booked another cruise while onboard, so in addition to the $300 for booking onboard, we received another $200 for our cruise next year. I was very impressed by that! The only downside to the whole experience was that because I hadn't ever dealt with VAT before, I didn't know the forms had to be stamped at the airport! We got the paperwork from Azamara but it didn't have any instructions; I meant to ask as we debarked but staff was very busy so I didn't, and then I forgot to research it. It wasn't very much money, but for the first time I actually went over our OBC amount because I bought a couple pictures Friday evening, so the refund would have covered that. I can't complain about not getting a refund from free OBC, though 🙂 And now I know what to do for next time!
  13. According to the link posted in the thread first announcing the change in the pricing for the beverage package perk, if your booking was made prior to 10/10, you can still upgrade your classic package for $12/day. Many people booked their upgrade early because they didn't want to chance it. We are on Summit in November, and in our cruise planner the upgrade is still showing at $12/day.
  14. It keeps the cuticle of the hair flat to help reduce frizz, plus it absorbs water more quickly. In the US, a lot of women also use a plain cotton t-shirt. There is a theory of hair care called “curly girl” where they advocate putting product into soaking wet hair, and then using the microfiber or cotton afterwards to soak up excess water and let the curls define themselves. At first I thought the towel would soak up all the product, but it doesn’t. I do a mix—use the towel to take out some water, then apply product, then sometimes use the towel again.
  15. I learned this morning talking to another couple that the OBC was dependent upon cabin category—$50 for inside, $100 for OV, $200 for balcony and I believe $300 for suites. We took the Azamara transportation to the airport and there were many people waiting from flights that were cancelled yesterday. A young man we spoke to in line was in a town south of Barcelona last night and showed us video he’d taken of protesters blocking a highway exit. He said they were dining outdoors and were told by the protesters to move inside because they were going to start a fire. He said they were quite polite about it!
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