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  1. OMG, thank you so very much for the link. I will know everything about this ship and our up coming cruise. Thanks to BirdTravels, too. BirdTravels took a lot of time to gather and post this info that is greatly appreciated.
  2. Going on the Encore this month. Will someone please provide a link to the recent daily bulletins? Thank you in advance! Happy CRUISING!
  3. Thank you for the quick responses! I do appreciate the info. Happy Cruising!!
  4. Have not cruised X in over a year. Going on the Edge next month. Elite +. 1. Have they changed the Elite Happy Hour (HH) allowing us to get free drinks that are on the HH Menu at any Bar during HH? 2. Do they limit the number of drinks you may have during that HH at the bars? Before, if they used coupons, you were limited to 3 drinks outside the HH venure. On RCI I believe it is still limited to 3 drinks on your CC. Thank you! Happy Cruising!!!
  5. Thanks, didn't know it was free in the morning. Great idea! Happy CRUISING,
  6. Thank you! Happy Cruising.
  7. Is there a charge for Lunch? Dinner I see is $55. Thank you!
  8. We are Elite+ on Celebrity, Diamond+ on RCI, Diamond (Black) on MSC, Elite on Princess, Platinum on NCL, etc. Have over 100 cruises. Been on MSC Lirica, Sinfonia, Seaside, and Davina. We have had totally a different experience than what you have had on the Meraviglia. I am not saying you experience was not as you experienced it. I am just posting our experiences which were totally different. The major thing we found was that the food in the MDR and Buffet was totally different in the way of being of a lesser quality and selection that we have found on the other cruise lines. Many people say that it is totally Italian or European and thus Americans do not appreciate the different dishes. Other than that, we found the Specialty Restaurants (SRs) were very good, personnel very friendly and accommodating, entertainment excellent and every night a production type show. Prices were extremely reasonable and a real value for the dollar for excursions, beverage packages, SRs, and cruise pricing. Never had a problem with loud sounds in any venue. Announcements were in 6 or 7 different languages, yes. However, we learned to tune that out. Their ships are very clean, very modern, and provide a wide selection of ports around the world. In fact in Europe and the Med, you may join a ship at various ports not only one port. Rick Sasso is assuming the role of chairman of MSC North America. Rick was with Celebrity years ago. We are cruising MSC and Celebrity this year on the Edge next month and going on MSC in June. Try MSC or any other cruise line and make your own judgement. Now you have heard two different experiences from two different cruisers. No cruise line or ship is the same to all guests. Only you can decide on what your experience is. MSC has 10 new ships coming out in soon. So, they must be getting the passengers required to fill those cabins. Expect a lot of Europeans and non US passengers. We find that a plus as we get to meet more people from around the world. Happy Cruising!!! We were not in YC category. Balcony and Suite. So, there was no special treatment when we cruised on MSC.
  9. Agree! However, why do people have to quote an entire post to make a comment?
  10. Oxo

    TSA Locks

    Yes, I bought these last year instead of using the key type I had. Work great. Used them on 5 different cruises this year. Never a problem. This way you set your combination and never worry about losing key. Happy CRUISING! Happy Holidays !
  11. Yes, we normally do that rather than sit in that area.
  12. All the Celebrity ships we have been on did have waiter service, too. In fact, if you are standing in line to order and the waiters are not busy, they will take you order and sometimes make it themselves for you.
  13. Went to NCL site and saw this: Premium Beverage Package (formerly known as Ultimate Beverage Package) DETAILS $99.00 USD per person per day (adults age 21 and older). This package includes all cocktails, spirits, glasses of wine and beer (under $15 USD), unlimited fountain soda and juices at all bars, lounges, restaurants (including while at Great Stirrup Cay) This implies JUICES?
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