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  1. So, NCL will no longer provide assistance if you fail their embarkation test. I would wait until the day before the cruise and have an Antigen test to determine if I am positive. Results within 30 minutes after test. If positive, stay home, cancel/postpone air and cruise. As for not going to a test center, CVS testing is a safe environment as when we went in Sept, we were the only two people in the shed/room. There is no 100% way to stay isolated if you fly.
  2. Celebrity had their logo on theirs. Even the bottles of sanitizers. Great advertising.
  3. Did they have the NCL Logo on them? This helps to remind us what Cruise line we are on. LOL
  4. OMG! You must delete the shuttle van to the nearest mall!!!! LOL, now we have somewhere to go when we dock in Orlando.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. Stay Safe and Happy Cruising!
  6. Did you have to wear a mask on the ship? If so, when. Thank you!
  7. Seriously, why don't we all accept someone else's opinion if it is describing how they feel about their experience? Is this forum becoming divided like the political parties of today? It is easy to find fault with things you don't agree with. People make suggestions and ask for opinions. Instead of trying to provide value added, people immediately disagree with the suggestion. Then you have those that try to control the boards. Why not make this more positive and try to understand we are all here to try to help each other with answers rather than criticism. Remember, we are all interested in cruising, beating C19 and may meet on a future cruise. Stay safe and happy cruising!
  8. We never have cruised just one line. I tried to let each reader understand that there is no one cruise line that is the best fit every cruiser. We no longer cruise the Caribbean for the islands as we cruised them all many times. We have cruised the Baltics, Mediterranean, South America, South Pacific, South East Asia, Panama Canal. Mexico, etc. Everyone has their choice when choosing a cruise. Some pick price, others ports, others cruise line, others ship and others perks. You and only you know what is your priority in picking a cruise. The only way you know if it is something you will enjoy, try it. We have over 125 cruises and really never had a bad one. We were on Celebrity Edge in Sept 2021. Going on NCL JOY Nov 2021. We know we will enjoy the Joy for different reasons than why we enjoyed the Edge. To us, each cruise is a wonderful experience! It is what you make it. Just - Stay Safe and Happy Cruising! We are fortunate that we can cruise. There are many people who can only think of cruising. For over 18 months Cruising was unavailable.
  9. First let me give you a background on our Cruising experience/history. We are Elite+ on Celebrity and Platinum on NCL. Our last 4 cruises, 2 each on Celebrity Edge and NCL Encore. The next 12 months were are cruising on NCL Joy 2, Oasis OTS 4, NCL Escape 1, Symphony 1 and Celebrity Apex 1. So, we don’t have a favorite Cruise Line and are not Cheerleaders for any Cruise Line. Point being, we consider all these cruise lines plus MSC and HAL to be all equal. Each have their pluses and minuses. Each cruise can be the best or have shortcomings. Some say Celebrity has the best food. Yes, food is subjective, very subjective. We were on the Edge in Sept 2021 and ate in the MDR 5 nights and considered the food good, but nothing great. We ate in the Raw on 5 and Fine Cut Steak House. Both of them are totally overpriced compare to the price and food served on NC. Speciality Restaurants Examples: Celebrity NCL Nights Cost Per Meal Nights Cost Per Meal 3 $128 $43 3 $99 $33 4 $149 $37 4 $114 $29 5 $182 $36 5 $129 $26 6 $204 $34 6 $139 $23 7 $233 $33 7 $149 $21 If these prices have changed since I posted this, I apologize. Someone may correct this. I find no difference between Celebrity and NCL or the other cruise lines in Customer Service, Internet, etc. For every positive, such as getting your price reduced after Final Payment because prices went down, there is someone who did not get the same reduction from the same cruise line. It is on these forums daily. Price of cruise for 2 Inside Cabin with Drink Package, WiFi: Celebrity Edge NCL Joy $2,440 (OBC $200 Tips $210) $2,104 (Includes 2 $75 OBC, 2 Meal Dinners) Celebrity Elite+ Perks: Nothing compare to NCL. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/new-images/Captain's Club Benefit Brochure_072821.pdf NCL Platinum Perks: Notice the 2 Dining Meals and bottle of wine. Latitudes Rewards Benefits Gold 56 Plat 80 Priority Check-in At The Pier X Keycard Recognition X Bottle Of Sparkling Wine (per stateroom) X Onboard Discounts In Duty-Free Shops1 X 15% Additional Internet Minutes w/purchase X Free Work Of Art For Attending Art Auction X Onboard Latitudes Rewards Representative X Monthly Latitudes Rewards Insider Offers on Select Sailings X Complimentary Latitudes Rewards Online Magazine X Exclusive Cocktail Party X Onboard Discounts On Shore Excursions X 10% Onboard Discounts On Photos X Onboard Discounts On Spa Signature In Port X 20% Bottled Water (per member) X 1 Laundry Service 50% OFF 1 BAG X Priority Tender Tickets X Priority Disembarkation X Priority Embarkation X Dinner Two at Cagney's or Le Bistro Bottle of Wine X Dinner for Two at Moderno or La Cucina3 X Free Internet Minutes4 X 30 min Chocolate-Covered Strawberries X Behind-the-Scenes Ship Tour5 X Concierge Service:specialty restaurant, etc. X Dinner with Officers Priority Restaurant & Entertainment Seating Complimentary 7-Day Cruise I could add more, however, I think this shows that each Cruise line offers different Things. You be the judge as it is your money. They all Nickle and dime you. Celebrity Tries to make off their are Crystal Cruise Lines. They have changed like all the rest over the years. Been on both cruise lines since 1986. There any many opinions. Only yours counts! Read each posting and realize we all have different experiences and opinions. Stay Safe and Happy Cruising!
  10. You are within normal price range. We did it in Feb 2020 and it was $50.
  11. Thank you for accepting my comments and understanding them. I was a Professor in the USAF and thought Computer Science for years. I wrote many types of documents. I guess I tried to condense, as much as possible, due to the audience I was addressing. From the enlisted to General Officers. I continued my experience in the Civilian sector, retail and financial disciplines. So, we must met and share our strengths. Stay Safe!!
  12. I just saw this on another forum and thought of this posting. Align hat! LOL Did or do you address dress code?
  13. Personally everyone has their own way of doing things. I am not trying to change your mode of operation. No pun intended. I ran a Directorate when in business, traveled and headed up teams during my Government & civilian times. Even on IG teams, never tried to detail to that low of a level. Your first page should contain all the info you ID. I use Excel Spreadsheet to do all of that on one page even with the ports of call Arrival & Departure Times. Your other pages must be books. Don't know how many people you travel with, but I would hold a general meeting the day/night before with all hands on Deck. I know you don't start from scratch each time. However, your book seems thicket than the Cruise line contract. When we meet on the Joy, please bring your copy and I will bring mine. Maybe we can both learn to produce a better product. Stay Safe!
  14. Thanks for all your input! Stay Safe and Happy Cruising!
  15. Thanks for your value added comment!
  16. Do they still have the old 70s night on the Oasis OTS on the PROMENADE DECK? That was a fun night for all us Ole guests. LOL
  17. What hours is the DL staffed? All day?
  18. Thanks for one of the most detailed reviews I have ever read! Did they have the old 70s night on the PROMENADE DECK? That was a fun night for all us Ole guests. LOL
  19. I find that hard to believe. I'm 35 days out and still don't have mine. LOL
  20. Yes, $166.99 is the best price I have seen! Thank you! Stay Safe!
  21. I just Googled RCI CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE FAQS* Updated September 13, 2021 14. Do standard Final Payment timelines still apply? Yes, full payment is still required at 75 days-to-sailing for cruises of 1-4 nights in length and 90 days-to-sailing for cruises of 5+ nights. So, if we are getting a shorter time, we cannot complain. Thanks again!
  22. Thank you all for taking the time to provide me your experience and info. Stay Safe and Happy Cruising!
  23. We have not cruised RCI since C-19. Just booked Oasis OTS for Feb 6 & 13 2022. Final Payments are being shown as being due on Oct 29, 2021 and Nov5, 2021. Has RCI increased the Final Payment Dates? It use to be 60 days. Now that is over 90 days. Anyone else notice this? Thanks in advance.
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