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  1. ABC news just had a story on this……Royal is going to require all passengers to be vaccinated unless you are leaving in from a Florida port……the is will be highly suggested that you be vaccinated. wonder if that includes the crew…..
  2. Something brought up earlier in this thread worries me a bit…….my daughter, who has been teaching in schools with a large international population, always tests positive for T B…..she does not have it , but according to Doctors, was exposed sometime in her career…after the test she always has to have a chest X-ray….always negative….several cruisers mentioned HIV and flu with similar outcomes……maybe instead of testing for COVID we test for the antibodies…..
  3. How long can the cruise lines continue to give 125% FCC and very generous obc. On our remaining cruises...I don’t think we can spend all the obc we received. I know it does not cost the lines anything at this point because no one is using it...on our Nov. cruise we rebooked a Royal Suite from a Sky suite at about 1/3 of the cost using FCC. Not to far down the road this will catch up to the lines. I am not as worried about a bankruptcy as a reorganization.....that may not bode well for consumers.
  4. I really value your opinion....but I think my main question involves the fact that I think cruise lines know they are not going to start any time soon...but perpetuate the idea that they are to keep money coming in... My concern is why would they use a marking strategy of selling more cruises when all issues point to a longer startup delay. Offering 125% fcc or giving full refunds will come to a point of fiscal irresponsibility. They seem to be kicking the can down the road. All it takes is a Chapter 13 to make most refunds an FCC go away.... These cruises we were offered are fo
  5. Adding a bit to this topic....does anyone else think that maybe the Cruise lines are not being realistic on possible start dates....Because we are frequent cruises...Celebrity is constantly wanting us to book more cruises...just got a email about new 2021 Caribbean itineraries. We already have thousands tied up in multi cancelled and rebooked cruises. I wonder if the cruise lines are being upfront with their consumers. If the majority of posters feel pretty certain that cruising startup is a ways off....Celebrity should also know that..will it come to a point where celebrity cannot meet its
  6. I’ve gotten my first dose...second next week.....we have 3 cruises planned.....Nov...Feb....and May.....my concern is if cruise lines are testing and checking for covid on a regular basis....someone,vaccinated or not, will most probably test positive.... even with only one positive test...I can see ports closing again...many ports will not be as far along as other more affluent countries with the vaccine
  7. Thanks for the replies....as Drkoob said we can still get covid after the vaccine...so I guess we could still be in the position of being turned away from ports with one positive case on board...It looks like a no win situation for the cruise lines.....
  8. As I respect the views of posters on these boards, I have a question. In a hypothetical situation of vaccines being required for all crew and passengers.....what happens if a port requires negative testing to debark the ship and a vaccinated passenger tests positive? The reason I am asking is that a friend had both vaccines ....waited the two weeks....went for simple hand surgery .....tested positive.....no symptoms....no illness. In quarantine for 10 days.... I also read a congressman had a similar issue....most people who are vaccinated have no reason to get further testing without s
  9. There are still many problems CDC is looking at...I have a friend that tested positive for covid after both doses.....she has no symptoms....went in for hand surgery and ended up at home in 7 day isolation....even if everyone on the ship was vaccinated and one person tested positive.....would that be as big of deal as it was a year ago? I understand a congressman just tested positive after both doses. May not be that uncommon.
  10. We lifted and shifted Nov 30 2020 to Nov 7 2021...Celebrity gave us 3 cruises to choose from....we picked a different ship and different ports...but same cabin....no problem......
  11. My doctor agrees with yours on flu shots......I just read in a Newsweek blurb that a TUI ship off the coast of Greece just had 4 crew test positive even after precruise testing of the whole crew and passengers.....apparently still going to finish the cruise.....anyone have any more info on this?
  12. An interesting thought on testing... I had a rapid test last Friday. Got verbal results in 25 minutes.asked for a document to that effect, and was told I could it one as soon as the test was certified...5 to 7 days.. unless the cruise line controls the testing this could be an issue.
  13. Who is going to pay for all this testing. If you cruise several times a year and are required to test before each cruise, even if you don’t have symptoms ,will insurance pay for it? Here in nc you need symptoms to be tested at most places. If you don’t have symptoms you must go to an independent medical facility. The cost can be as high as 250 per test. I have read posts that the testing is free. If you live in Nc it is free for people without insurance, but if you have insurance , you company is billed.
  14. My concern is more about the testing prior to the cruise and what my insurance will pay for.....we take at least 3 to 4 cruises a year ( normal year). If I need a test prior to each cruise....will my insurance pay for it? Here in NC , they usually require symptoms before testing....you can find some independent medical facilities that will test you without symptoms.....they cost...I have heard it can be up to 250 per test.....this could get expensive....
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