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  1. Yeah….the horn war and sail away happened within 10-15 minutes of each other. On my cruise, there were quite a few people on the Magic Carpet, but it was bigger than I expected. There were plenty of couch and seat space, plus seats at the bar, plus plenty of standing room without tripping all over each other. To me, the perfect sail away spot.
  2. Y’all are a bunch of enablers….LOL! I knew I shouldn’t have retired. Oh no. Glad you were able to get the vaccine card in any event. I keep my vaccine card in a pouch/leather case with my Passport, passport card, and Global Engtry Card. If that gets lost, I ain’t getting home, and I’ll probably be quarantined for the rest of my life.
  3. There really are no bad Sky Suite cabins. I was in10177, so close to yours. It is right between the fore and aft elevators, so nice location. Have fun!
  4. It was. That's where I spent Sailaway, actually!!!!!! Thanks for the encouragement (I think)!
  5. Well…someone stop me, please. I’m looking at Summit sailings next month, already!!!!!!!! 😉
  6. I stayed in an S1, with the bed facing the water/balcony. Loved having that view every morning and evening. The S3 has the bed facing the wall, from what I gather, but are a little less expensive. The Retreat is a whole topic in and of itself. The Luminae restaurant is great, and they’ll bend over backwards to give you what you want, on or off the menu. The Concierges are wonderful and do the same, only from a scheduling standpoint (specialty restaurants, excursions, etc). My Butler even stocked my favorite beer in the fridge every day. While I feel I’m totally capable of pac
  7. It is common sense (at least I hope it is). If you’re going to a hot climate, and you may have to wait a while in that hot climate, or cold climate, whether your 18 or 80, make plans for and prepare for that climate. It’s really that simple.
  8. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the Eastern Caribbean route they’re on this week. ON the Western Caribbean route I was on last week, internet speed was quite good. Good enough for me to post pics from the ship to Cruise Critic.
  9. As in all things cruising, “be prepared” should be your motto. Covering the suggestions here (software has been really glitch free…following Celebrity’s instructions will minimize any procedure problem).. 1. Follow the Celebrity check-in instructions, particularly adhering to check in times 2. Bring water and snacks with you 3. Bring an umbrella to shield you from sun or rain 4. Invest in one of those small portable seats 5. Wear a hat The above should cover just about any eventuality, so you will be fine!
  10. That’s why it has been suggested to get to the pier as close to your designated check in line as possible, to avoid standing in these lines. Short of that, I think we also know it’s probably a good idea to bring some bottled water/snacks with you if you’re going to wait in line.
  11. OP…so did you get your issues resolved? If so, by whom?
  12. My TA, if not available, has a VMail message stating who to talk to. One way or the other, someone always takes care of me in a timely fashion. That’s why I keep using her.
  13. We’re violently agreeing…. 😉 If they are denying boarding because someone falsified or forgot, knowingly or unknowingly, the correct paperwork requirements, I don’t see how NCL can be held liable for the passenger’s error and/or dishonesty. How many times have we heard of someone’s name not matching up with their ID and being denied boarding? I recall seeing travel shows on TV where this was the case and someone/some family were denied boarding as a result. Personally, I’d be shocked if ANY of the cruise lines had a fine levied by the State of FL. That wou
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