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  1. Love the ship....so much, I sailed her again this past June. I’m betting you’ll love her, too!
  2. Boy....resurrected this one from the dead!😂 CRAPS——I was playing with $10 chips. I think the minimums changed depending on time of day......not sure, though. Won mostly by betting hard numbers, though!
  3. This might help...... https://www.ncl.com/travel-blog/cruising-the-haven-and-suites-by-norwegian-perks-details-part-1
  4. OP...my sincere apology. You’re trying to get some comp for a price drop. I was one of the participants who took your thread off the rails. Again, apologies! I’ll refrain!
  5. @DaCruiseBug.....sounds like you like MSC. So do I. If you like sailing them.....do it! I’ve sailed both. Before I sail, I look at Carnival, Royal, Celebrity, MSC. I’ve sailed all of them. I choose the best value on the date I want to sail. I choose NCL for my upcoming and the last few cruises I’ve booked. Not trying to sway you (or anyone else) to change. Just sharing my real world experiences.
  6. Bottom line, you have to take the entire cost of the cruise less the OBC, the perks, etc to do an apples-to-apples comparison. I understand that some really like Carnival, or Royal, or MSC, or Celebrity, etc. I tend to keep my options open, although I admit, NCL has been getting my cruise dollars recently because of the service, ships, food, deals, etc. For the Haven, whenever I see a fare of $2,000/pp, I'm very interested. The one I booked did have that fare. With OBS, Drinks, Specialty Dining, internet, etc included, I find it hard to dismiss, especially given I like NCL. If you don't, I understand. Sail which line you like, what ships you like, time you like. But, to say you can't get good deals on NCL is false. I find them all the time, which is one of the reasons I've sailed them so much recently.
  7. @DaCruiseBug Yes...all inclusive for two, sailing 9/1 on the Breakaway (which was just refurbished). It was available when I booked last week. Got all the goodies. Plus, got nearly $700 in OBC which I could not get if I had booked any MSC cruise (who doesn't participate in the AMEX promos). Got internet, SDP, Drink Package, $50 excursion credit/port, free laundry (Platinum Latitude perk), etc. Just looked at MSC (I always do as I've sailed YC before). Didn't see anything remotely close to a Haven (Yacht Club) type suite on the Armonia, which was the only ship sailing out of Miami for MSC close to that time. Cheapest Yacht Club Balcony Suite I saw was for a 9/28 sailing on Seaside for $4,500. Including drinks, but only 1 Specialty Dining credit (I got 5 with my Haven booking....3 for the included perk, and 2 for being Platinum Latitudes). I have sailed both and while I enjoyed the Yacht Club, I would choose the Haven over the Yacht Club unless the YC was discounted significantly.
  8. Found an Escape 7 day cruise out of NYC, mini suite for around $2k this past Spring. Booked a Haven Suite on the Breakaway for just under $4K sailing next month. Got all the goody perks on both cruises. Not being able to get a good deal on NCL cruises vs any other cruise line is simply not true, if you just shop a little bit. But, prices drop and rise on all cruise lines depending on time of year, ship sailed, etc. OP....interested in what your TA can get done for you.
  9. Try these.... https://athome.starbucks.com/coffees-by-format/starbucks-via-instant/ Worlds better than any other instant or the old, usually scorched coffee you’ll probably find at one of the coffee urns. Actually, I think it’s better than some of the stuff I’ve tried in any of the buffets on board at peak times. Cruise coffee in those big urns just isn’t that good, regardless of the time of day.
  10. Kim....so very sorry to hear of your accident. Hope you have a speedy recovery!
  11. While I don’t live in NY (actually in OH), I have sailed out of NYC 3 or 4 times the last few years. I’ve never had any issues with embarkation. But, because of flying in the same day, or just out of habit, I never try to get into the port before noon to embark...usually closer to 1:00 p.m. Embarkation is easy-peasy doing it that way. The previous passengers are mostly all gone by that time and the initial push to be the “first to board” is finished. All you have to do at that point is just check in and walk on. Disembarkation is hit and miss. It really depends on immigration. They either have enough manning the immigration desks, or they don’t. If they don’t, you’re in for long lines and a long wait. The way I alleviate that is to have a porter grab your luggage for you, and he will escort you to the front of the line. Or, my personal favorite, take your luggage with you (don’t check it the night before) when you disembarks and leave as soon as the ship is cleared. I’ve found that the food has improved over the last couple of years....in the MDRs and the Specialty Dining places. The only caveat would be the Shanghai Noodle Bar. It really has disappointed me on the ships that have that venue. Even the Garden Cafe has become really good (I really like seafood night and prime rib night). To me, casinos on cruise ships are all about the same. They have a few table games, roulette, craps, but mostly they have slots. I’m not a slot guy. I was in the black jack tournament on my last cruise and made it to the final table. I didn’t win. And, the winner had a choice of envelopes he could choose which had different amounts for him to win. He ended up picking the one with $50. Not worth the effort to me. But, I did have fun. Probably won’t enter it again. I do know the guy who won the Texas Hold’em Tournament. I think he actually won $1,500. That’s more like it. Have fun. I do like sailing out of NY. But, December weather in the Atlantic? Waters are likely to be a bit rough until you get down around FL. Have fun!
  12. Is this a recent phenomena that folks are looking for any little slight to complain or be in a bad mood? This isn’t just here in these threads, but in just about every cruise line board I look at. Cruise ships are like airlines, taxi cabs, or any other sort of transportation. Yes, they are surprisingly punctual for most of their trips. But, sometimes the weather will cause a delay, sometimes traffic is bad, sometimes a port doesn’t clear a ship in a timely manner, sometimes there are problems with passports, etc. At the end of the day, 30 minutes is really not a big deal. I’d be OK if NCL didn’t even respond to such a complaint. Geez....lighten up Francis.
  13. OK....now it makes more sense....some people could not be cleared by customs due to passport issues. As they say, “stuff” happens. Maybe it’s because I’ve cruised a bit, but a 30 minute delay isn’t really that big of a deal. I’m not particularly “nit-picky” though. Gonna be a tough sell to get any sort of compensation for a 30 minute delay for any reason, let alone due to passport issues. Best of luck!
  14. Thanks for the review. It seems Celebrity and NCL are being compared and contrasted a lot recently. As you would imagine, the experiences one has, in large part, is reflected in what they know and like. For example, the information you were seeking for the behind the scenes tour is available. You just have to ask. I did the behind the scenes tour on the Escape recently (similar in size to the Bliss). I asked how many eggs they used. The number of 7,000 dozen sticks in my brain. I do remember someone asking about how many towels, table cloths, etc they used. Don’t remember the number, but I do remember them saying the average time they use sheets and towels was two months. Lots of info available and they’re willing to provide it if you ask for it. The biggest difference between your favorite Celebrity and NCL is that Celebrity is much more formal and laid back. Not a bad thing, as Celebrity has lots of fans given the amount of ships they sail. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but I wouldn’t sail them again as it doesn’t fit what I expect or want in my cruise experience.
  15. Trying to understand what happened here. The tour bus was late? The ship was late docking? There was a problem with the ship getting clearance once docked? You were 30 minutes late? What did the tour operator say? I like to think that NCL has some “say so” over how the tours you book on board operate. But, at the end of the day, they’re separate, independent entities.
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