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  1. How true. I've been traveling solo for the last few years. I meet people I really like to hang out with (and just as importantly, want to hang out with me). We tend to socialize, eat together, drink together, go to shows together, etc. It can be as many or as few as you desire. Bubble probably isn't the correct term. Circle maybe?
  2. I don't think anyone really knows, or would have any way of knowing. No ships are sailing and won't for a while to find out.
  3. At this juncture, I think they’d be happy to have a ship break even and not burn through cash. Then, they can get back to making money. Stem the flow of outgoing money is probably what all the cruise lines are thinking right now.
  4. Personally, I don't think there will be masks involved. The numbers have been holding steady throughout all of this. Through the end of May, .0057 of the U.S.A. population has had the COVID virus. .00033 have died. Out of all those who have died, 40% of them were residents of Nursing Homes. .001 have recovered. Those numbers would be drastically impacted if everyone on a cruise ship has their temp taken (80% of COVID patients had a fever of over 100.5ºF) and those with elevated temps not allowed to embark. Further, any spread would be significantly impacted by strenuously enforcing the washing of hands in and out of dining and entertainment venues. Further, the newly installed HEPA are filters would impact airborne contagions. Even more, the thorough cleaning and fogging of public places would reduce any possible impact even more.
  5. Trying to remember where I saw this, but it was a medical journal of some sort.... "The weight of the evidence suggests that the new coronavirus can exist as an aerosol — a physics term meaning a liquid or solid (the virus) suspended in a gas (like air) — only under very limited conditions, and that this transmission route is not driving the pandemic. But “limited” conditions does not mean “no” conditions, underlining the need for health care workers to have high levels of personal protection, especially when doing procedures such as intubation that have the greatest chance of creating coronavirus aerosols. “I think the answer will be, aerosolization occurs rarely but not never,” said microbiologist and physician Stanley Perlman of the University of Iowa. “You have to distinguish between what’s possible and what’s actually happening.” Truth told, if I was in a high risk group (Like someone who has recently had lung surgery), I'd probably postpone cruising for a while.
  6. Carry disinfectant wipes for the guy who might sneeze. Sneezes can be cause from a variety of things....cologne or perfume, dust, allergies, etc. Just because a person sneezes, doesn't mean s/he's riddled with COVID 19. If the person who sneezes was not feverish upon embarkation, as they're checking for, I believe it's highly doubtful s/he's spreading the virus.
  7. I'll have to ask him about that when I hear from him, again. He's a pretty busy guy, right now. And, his internet service on board is no better than ours is when we cruise....LOL!
  8. All I know is he’s working on Royal, Princess and Celebrity cruise ships. What the cruise companies have required him to do is to get the engines inspected, maintained and ready to go. Don’t know about the type of engines, just that they’re used in cruise ships. He said he’s on ships for the next 90 days in preparation.
  9. He works for GE Aviation, who provides engines for Marine use (cruise ships).
  10. He didn't make any point about when they'd cruise. Just that they're doing the inspections and process reviews to get ready to cruise in the next several weeks. I guess that would put us in Q3 and Q4.
  11. I don't believe the Delta Amex Platinum qualifies. It's only for AMEX's Platinum Card. Your travel agent should be able to apply the OBC in your reservation. You do not have to book with AMEX travel to get the OBC.
  12. Have used AMEX Platinum several times. For the entire $300 OBC, you must book a full suite or above (don't think Jr Suites qualify). The other OBC amounts vary depending on the type of cabin you book. Nice perk. I probably have received at least a $1,000 of OBC over the past 5 years....some of it on Royal, but mostly on NCL (who unfortunately no longer supports this program). AMEX usually includes a specialty dinner and a bottle of champaign as a perk, too (again, depending on cabin type booked).
  13. Both....Have a friend who was called back to work. He is an engine inspector with GE. Most of the cruise companies, including NCL, contract with GE to help with the operation, service and maintenance of any ships using GE made engines. He met with the corporate NCL maintenance personnel yesterday about the engine inspections and procedures to get ships ready to sail. He knows I'm an avid cruiser. So, he was informing me they will cruise in the next several weeks. And, in addition to the reduced capacity (they didn't tell him the percentage), they made it a clear that air filtration was something they were quite proud of. It is the highest filtration available and filters air of particulates, ultraviolet light, and several stages of filtration before it enters the ducts in the cruise ship's cabins and public areas. As such, the transmission through passenger and crew breathing, sneezing, coughing etc (which is the overwhelming way it is transmitted) is virtually eliminated. The rest will be dealt with by constant cleaning of all touch surfaces. In addition, as they've outlined, screening passengers and crew upon embarkation/disembarkation will be in effect, too. All-in-all, he said the procedures are impressive in the lengths they are going to in order to keep anyone who's ill from embarking and eradicating the possibilities of transmission.
  14. I think that idea would be a total recipe for disaster. Can you just imagine how hundreds...thousands of passengers trying to text or send in an order via app? If it was like McDonalds, you just pull forward from the drive through and wait for them to get the order right. Multiply that by 1,000.
  15. Nothing's changed, per se except I have quarantined myself and family for 2+ months. Just starting to go out and getting back to normal. Restaurants around here have opened back up, but only 50% capacity (should be 100% capacity in June). Got a haircut (finally) last week. Had my May 31, 2020 cruise cancelled on Royal Caribbean Oasis. Thinking things will be in full swing my July 1. Booked an NCL Alaskan Cruise for October 2020 as a result. Ready to go!
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