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  1. I think if you've ever booked with an NCL PCC, you're in their sales database. I know I've never received any of those calls. I'm betting it's because I use a Travel Agent to book all of my cruises. From my understanding, even in "normal" times, NCL PCCs (actually, all cruise lines' PCCs) cull the databases to sell a cruise.
  2. Yeah....there isn't much to discuss since there are no cruises happening (at least out of North America). I that will pick up once ships are sailing, again. Just chatting with the folks I've become friends with while cruising, I believe there is a lot of pent up demand. We're all chomping at the bit. That said, I don't think ships will return to sailing until Q2 2021. I'm looking at some of those cruises now.
  3. That’s the way I see it, too. Just look at the posts here in CC. People complain, but mostly, they want to cruise.
  4. Had this same question for my long time TA yesterday. Only, my cruise is supposed to be January 2021 on the Joy. Here's her response... "I am going to suggest waiting. The CDC or CLIA haven't announced a new no sail order. The CDC wants to extend it to the end of February. The current administration does not. If extended and NCL cancels, I think you might be able to get an additional discount on your next cruise. With the ones that were just cancelled, they refunded clients, and gave them 10% their next booking. I think you should wait a bit longer. You still have ti
  5. I wouldn’t expect any sort of guidance from Washington D.C. If there is a change in leadership, where a new administration has a plan to move forward, things will get moving again. But, I don’t expect anything to happen with the current administration. It’s going to come down to when or if one of the cruise lines balks or goes belly up that there will be some sort of sailing schedule. As it stands, by all reports, cruise ships will be some of, if not THE safest public areas you can be in, if you’re not holed up at home. I honestly expect to see December sailings out
  6. These zealots can say whatever they want. Fact is, in order for the cruise industry overall to survive, they'll sail....regardless of any group who doesn't want them to. Case closed. CDC is such a mess now, with people quitting and those who are in charge having no authority anyway. Take any petition to the CDC to be taken with a grain of salt. Ships are already starting to sail again. So much for any petitions to the contrary.
  7. Not sure who would be close to home. The Big 3 (CCL, NCL, RCCL) are all in the same boat (no pun intended). So, none of them would be able to buy out the other. Plus, if any of them merged, they’re just doubling the risk, as they’re all highly leveraged right now. Costs have already been cut to the bone, so no value there. I guess some financial institution could come in and look for underserved routes and do a restructuring. But, even there, most of these ships all go to the same ports. To line up a new port, there would have to be even more money invested to build the infra
  8. Well...unless it's a "new" company that has cruising experience, none of the likely candidates can do it. Plus, I can't see any lending institution who already has a loan stake in any of the cruise lines putting out that kind of cash in a market that is, at best, not reaping revenues any time in the next 90 days (at least). Richard Branson? He's trying to find banks that will float him a loan for both his cruise company and his airlines. So, that's off the table.
  9. Well...unless it's a "new" company that has cruising experience, none of the likely candidates can do it. Plus, I can't see any lending institution who already has a loan stake in any of the cruise lines putting out that kind of cash in a market that is, at best, not reaping revenues any time in the next 90 days (at least).
  10. Bankruptcy isn't the end of the world for any of these cruise lines. You may see some mergers...some consolidation, but I believe the "big 3" (CCL, RCCL, NCL) will come back. The other smaller "sub-lines"? Those will be the ones where consolidations will occur. You won't see the cruise industry as finely segmented as they are now. That's probably something that needed to happen with or without covid.
  11. I think this was the plan all along regarding loans. As Dave points out, it's going to be a while before immunization takes place AFTER a vaccine is approved. I happen to be in a group that's testing one of those vaccines right now. I will say, although I'm not infected and feel fine, the trials have a ways to go. Pelican Bill outlines the situation succinctly. Personally, I think all the cruise lines are in the same boat, so to speak. I see some consolidation happening, even further. Some of the smaller "niche lines" being liquidated to support the main lines (Oce
  12. Have sailed both...more RSC than MSC. Sailed RSC's new(er) ships like Anthem of the Seas, and the new ships on MSC on Meriviglia (out of Miami) and Divina (out of Barcelona). MSC obviously has a more Mediterranean flavor....in particular the food and the entertainment. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. If you are open for new experiences, you'll love MSC. If not, probably best to stick with Royal. I will say that the Yacht Club on MSC is a wonderful experience. Really nice cabins and service, as well as the private areas for those staying in the YC.
  13. Agree on that point. At the very least ad revenues would explode allowing TAs to advertise on this site. Plus, there would be some real world input here about TAs we use. I've had more than one PCC (happened to be with Carnival) who dropped the ball on my booking by going direct. Try getting your booking issues resolved when a PCC gets into a "misunderstanding" about what you wanted, booked it incorrectly, and play "cover their a**" leaving you with little to no recourse as you have to take your issue up the ladder for resolution.
  14. Agree about that. Like anything else, there are good and bad TAs, just like there are good and bad NCL PCCs. But, my experience with NCL PCCs, good luck finding one who is there more than a year. My TA, on the other hand, has been booking for me for a decade or more.
  15. You make a good point. NCL will et you and your TA know when they received the cancellation/refund request. Mine came via email from both NCL and my TA. Like anything else, you'll have good and bad TAs as well as good and bad Personal Cruise Consultants direct with NCL. Aside from the "deals" OBC and discounts my TA gives me, she's been helping me for years. Plus, she helps me regardless of which cruise line I want to cruise. She has access to ALL of them. She also has sailed most mainstream lines. She knows what you should book (cabins, excursions, packages, etc). And will
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