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  1. Ferried into town where the highlights were the Bank, the Post Office, the Police Station and the Bermuda Monetary Building. Carry on!
  2. I’d stick to Horseshoe Bay. If any of them has beach chair rentals, it would be there. Better yet, do the NCL SPONSORED tour, as they can help with mobility challenges that the more out of the way or 3rd parties can not!
  3. To me, it’s comfy! I’m wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Obviously, not to him.
  4. OK…home stuff resolved. Just missed the ferry. Could catch a bus or taxi! And, I came looking for cookies just now! Love this spot!
  5. For you Internet speed geeks, if you have T-Mobile, here are your speeds in Bermuda!
  6. You will rue the day! Apparently back home, got a call about “service work” being done at my house. Didn’t schedule any, wasn’t expecting any! So, dealing with what may or may not be a “thing”! Will head out in a bit, though! You already off the ship?
  7. I realize I’ve not included many food pics. Not intentional. Food has been good to great across the board. As @Sugar Magnolia posted about the cookie sitch. They are here and plentiful. Have no update on hashbrowns. Then again, I haven’t looked for them, either! Got to the Haven Restaurant last night just before they closed (like 9:25 p.m.). They gladly seated me. Ordered surf and turf. It was good. Not a huge lobster tail fan, but it was decent size and they actually asked me if I wanted another after eating the first one. In short, all food and service has met or exceeded expectations. Having coffee and juice before heading out for more exploration!
  8. Maybe he was saying “cove” and I didn’t catch the “Jobson’s” part. Very nice, uncrowded beach (except for the wedding)!
  9. Ferry rides were rough! They had a hard time docking and pulling next to the ship!
  10. At the Haven Bar and everyone is reviewing their day. There’s a couple sitting talking at the bar stating they got married today! I recounted that I saw a wedding at the beach today. They said that they got married on the beach. Showed them the pic. It’s them. Small world!
  11. Maybe! My driver said he charged $65/hr, 3 hour minimum. Thanked him and told him I didn’t want that long of a tour, as I had seen it before. Went back and forth for a minute, ended up at one hour and he would drop me off at the beach shown earlier. He called it Cuid! Cood? Cude? Beach. Didn’t ring a bell, but he said it was the best, least populated beach! He was right! The taxi stand area was pretty sparse! Ended up piggy backing on a group who had their own taxi coming from the Celebrity ship. Offered to kick in $20, but they refused. So, lucked out. Not sure about the church! Harbor Night was a good time. Pics to come…
  12. I would have come in and been a PITA when all you wanted was a private dinner! Agree about the evening…beautiful. And, you had an ideal place in the middle of the activities!
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