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  1. Thank you everyone for the info
  2. Just learned that Costa doesn't have open dinning. What times are available for dinner (Carribean/Mexico sailing) Thanks :)
  3. It's that bad? Just booked with them. Not many deals this time of the year but they had one (700$pp for 10 night with a balcony)
  4. We are sailing Central America mostly (Fort Lauderdale/Miami/Grand Cayman/Jamaica/Belize/Cozumel/Costa Maya) so I'm hoping it's a little less dressy than their European cruises.
  5. Good afternoon :) I'm an avid cruiser (Platinum on NCL and have cruised a few times with Cunard and HAL too... On top of working on a ship but that's another story). I just booked my first Costa cruise for next week and I have questions about my options for wine and beer and also dress codes. I see a package where I could buy wine/beer by the glass with lunch and dinner at a fair price. I think it could work for us. Would I be allowed to take an unfinished glass of wine to my balcony after dinner or it's a big no-no? Do we get to somewhatchoose the wine or it's only one kind of house wine? What if we don't like it, can we remove package and go by the bottle instead? I see this package is also offered in the buffet, how does this work? Let say we decided to have an early dinner in the buffet and then go for our late dinning assignment. Could we get a glass of wine/beer with each meal? Or would they deny us the drinks in the dining room if we already had one in the buffet. if we decide to buy bottles of wine instead of the package (to allow to bring it to a lounge or balcony after dinner), are there any packages for a discounted price? At what price do the bottles or package start? And how much for a decent bottle? Nothing fancy, just drinkable. Can we bring a bottle from home to drink on the balcony? Or pay only corkage if we bring it to dinner? My boyfriend hardly ever go on cruises, he's doing it for my 40th birthday :). He hates to dress up. What is the bare minimum requirement for each restaurant? 10-night cruise with 3 sea days, do you think formal nights will be on those days (night 3, 6 and last night?) For casual nights, would Capri pants paired with a casual button-shirt or polo shirt do (or maybe jeans if capris are not allowed)? I understand formal nights are optional. So would a pair of slacks with dressier button-down shirt (long sleeves) be acceptable? Please don't judge me too much, I personally prefer to dress up more when I cruise but he is already doing me a big favor to come on this cruise for my 40th birthday. I want him to be comfortable but I don't want to be turned away from the dinning room/restaurant we go to. I see there is a pay-for burger joint. That seems like a nice option to skip one of the formal nights. Would just a regular t-shirt work in that place even non formal night? I love a good fancy burger, are they any good? And what about the dress code at the pizza place? Casual every night? What about their specialty restaurant dress code? I hope just a button down shirt will do. If not, we'll skip but I would like a special evening for my birthday 🙂 Anything I should know about Costa?
  6. Yes, I plan on calling the embassy. Cellphone coverage is limited on the ship I work on so I decided to post here to get people input in the meantime. I have been to Cuba in the past. It's nice but I don't like when I feel like somebody is trying to "take advantage" of me and it's what US 75$ (over 100$ Canadian and a third of the ceucru price) for a single day in Cuba feels like. I'm taking this short cruise to rest after my elecotral campaign so going ashore isn't as necessary as usual. Just want to relax a few days.
  7. Does anyone knows for SURE if I need to take a Visa from NCL to cruise to Cuba? I am Canadian, we don't need a visa to go to Cuba. I don't like that NCL is pushing a Visa I don't need. Worse case scenario, can I board the ship and just stay onboard the day of Cuba or will I be denied boarding in Miami?
  8. It will be nice to see more artists, but I liked Tarkay (I have few pieces, and also some from other artists). However, I like art auctions (especially with free sparkling wine ;) )
  9. It will be tight but if you all are careful not to bring too much lugage (and the suitcases themselves should be able to be stacked into each other - 2 by 2 at least) you can manage. However, if 2 of you like the spa, it would be a good idea to get a spa pass and therefore can get ready in the spa too.
  10. If you have canadian money (coins - 3,50$ pp each way), you can pay cash on the bus - tickets will save you 50 cents pp each way, not worth looking for the vending point IMHO. The map I posted shows where the bus stop is. Yes, you arrive at the top of the falls, you can opt to go at the bottom (cable car - fee), stairs if you are VERY BRAVE but even from the top you have very nice view points.
  11. here is an old blog of mine, some info is no longer up to date (areas closed for repairs, prices, etc.) but still a good itinerary http://jp2001-travel.blogspot.ca/
  12. And here is an old blog of mine. Some of the info is outdated (areas closed for repairs, prices, etc.) but still a good itinerary for a first visit. http://jp2001-travel.blogspot.ca/
  13. Yes, you can get to the falls by city bus. It takes longer (40 minutes + nice walk to get to bus station) than with a rental car or a tour but still a good option. If I were you, I would do the falls first thing in the morning and this way you'll see how much time you have left to see the sights in Quebec City. I think you can see the falls area and be back to your ship by 1pm or so for a quick bite, leaving you a few hours for Quartier Petit Champain which is right by the ship. https://www.google.ca/maps/dir/Croisi%C3%A8res+AML+Qu%C3%A9bec+Billetterie,+10+Rue+Dalhousie,+Qu%C3%A9bec,+QC+G1K+4B7/Chute-Montmorency,+5300+Boulevard+Sainte-Anne,+Qu%C3%A9bec,+QC+G1C+1S1/@46.8287002,-71.2246745,13z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x4cb895dd2899da6d:0x26c866f953061a52!2m2!1d-71.2011709!2d46.8132268!1m5!1m1!1s0x4cb8bea29e1000ab:0xd54275f120d61923!2m2!1d-71.147684!2d46.890804!3e3?hl=fr Actually, your bus to the falls returns right by interesting sites. When you come back from the falls, I would check out the train station which is a very nice building inside and out (looks like the Chateau Frontenac a little, but smaller) and then walk through the Marché du Vieux Port Market. Following the shore line will get you back to your ship (if you are at its usual dock at Quai des croisières Cruise terminal). But please leave some time to walk to Place royale and Promenade des Gouverneurs by the Chateau Frontenac, it is a must. If you don't think you can do both in a day, I would skip the falls for this first visit as Quebec City is a jewel you don't want to miss. Actually, what date are you in Quebec City? If you want and if I am home (I work on a ship so sometimes away but available when I am home), I could arrange a private ''tour'' for you (I am by no means a tour operator or even a tour guide, just a fellow cruise critic member who has a passion for travel in general but for cruises and my city in particular). If interested, let me know and I'll give you my email.
  14. Hi :) I am considering this cruise too (third time for me too :)). Are you sailing solo? I probably will. There is a good price for Canadians but still a rough single supplement.
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