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  1. Just happen to be watching THE LOVE BOAT on PlutoTV (has its own channel here) when the sad news came across my iPhone. Loved that show, still do.
  2. I’m sure this has been announced elsewhere on this sub-forum within Cruise Critic, but you can bet that Princess will follow suit if it means getting back to business. https://www.cruisehive.com/ncls-vaccine-requirement-will-others-cruise-lines-follow-for-u-s-departures/49266
  3. Yes. And I do. They’re fairly nice. And the ones I have fit snuggly over my eyeglasses.
  4. The hospital I work at absolutely REQUIRES all employees to wear goggles, regardless of your position or if your job involves dealing with patients directly one-on-one. Since it’s also a federal facility, we are also required to wear masks at all times as well.
  5. I do hope this new double-variant that’s been popping up now doesn’t delay the re-start of cruising, but sailing out of California heading southbound sounds really nice - actually ANY cruise sounds nice - after not have a real vacation since 2013. Definitely need some good vibes. I’ve already received both Modena shots, and waiting for a booster to maybe come along this fall. Fingers crossed that by December ships are already sailing, and there are no complications, especially when sailing to a destination that may have a much lower vaccination rate. It’s going to get really
  6. According to Marine Traffic, the Noordam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Koningsdam, Royal Princess, and Emerald Princess are now at La Paz. Grand Princess has departed and en route to LA with an ETA of 4/9. Ruby Princess arrived today 4/4 at anchorage off of Long Beach. Zuiderdam and Majestic Princess are en route to La Paz, both with an ETA on 4/8.
  7. As long as you’ve been a member of this forum, you know that neither is possible when asking for “opinions”.
  8. Don’t know if this already posted elsewhere... some nice aerial drone footage of the five ships in Aliaga... https://7news.com.au/travel/inside-the-cruise-ship-graveyard-where-luxury-liners-are-broken-up-for-scrap-c-1348372.amp
  9. My apologies if this was posted elsewhere, found an aerial (satellite) image prior to Inspiration being beached...the website is in German. https://www.wiwo.de/wirtschaft-von-oben/wirtschaft-von-oben-66-coronakrise-auf-diesem-schiffsfriedhof-enden-die-kreuzfahrttraeume/26107852.html The second image has a “slider” and you can advance the image to include Inspiration, but the clarity leaves a lot to be desired.
  10. FYI, in the other thread you’ll read that she’s at the scrapyard in Aliaga, Turkey... same place Sovereign, Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Inspiration, and Horizon are heading. On Marine Traffic you can see CF is about 270nm west of the Strait of Gibraltar.
  11. There’s also one taken from the bridge-view - if you click on #aliaga in the description and then under Most Recent select the first video showing the front of the ship.
  12. Any news why Sovereign departed the Aliaga Anchorage area and headed out to a spot about 12nm west of Monarch?
  13. Sovereign of the Seas was my first ever Royal Caribbean cruise (1997), albeit I’d been on a half-dozen CCL cruises before that happened. For years afterwards I bounced between most all the major cruise lines, coming back to RCI for a single cruise on the Voyager of the Seas (1999) and Allure of the Seas (2012). My final cruise was with Princess, a B2B on Royal Princess in 2013. After that I found a new hobby that, as a single passenger, was financially more suitable and I could stretch over an entire year instead of a week or two. Seeing Sovereign go is heartbreaking. It was bound
  14. Will do. I prefer a full transit, only through the old locks, and “eastbound”. It may or may not be Princess Cruises, depending on what ships are doing this and the price. I’d even take a small Carnival Fantasy-class if one was repositioning. Not that picky about amenities and reward levels. Just want the experience.
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