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  1. Long time lurker here on these Egde threads. Your observations on the Infinite Veranda are pretty much exactly what I was thinking when this “novelty” of an innovation was revealed. It’s really not like a real balcony. There’s a distinct difference between actually stepping outside of your stateroom and being outside, as opposed to just lowering the glass on this panel, even if you can separate the outer edge of your stateroom with the bifold doors. For that reason I’d probably never book one of the IV staterooms. It just doesn’t let you sit outside, feel like it’s outside, when compared to a real balcony. It would be interesting to see, maybe in another thread based solely on this observation, what people who have experienced the IV vs a real balcony think of the benefits vs drawbacks.
  2. Looks like her Nassau “visit” has come to an end? She’s sailing away.
  3. At 5:29pm there’s inbound traffic MSC Vittoria (1000+ foot long container ship) on MarineTraffic in the ship channel.
  4. There’s only 😉 8 ships in Port Miami today, 7 along the main ship channel...
  5. Easier to leave tomorrow from port. She went straight to pier today to keep the traffic clear of the ship channel. It took her nearly an hour this afternoon to maneuver from Terminal A and back.
  6. I believe she pulled away from the pier in Port Everglades around 11am or so and arrived pierside into Miami around 3:15pm.
  7. Make sure you’re up at 4:30am to take inbound pictures. 😉
  8. Thank you! It was fun! And a huge THANK YOU to the camera man at http://www.portmiamiwebcam.com for which these screen shots would not have been possible. 🙂
  9. That would have been fun, but this was what I believe is called a dead-stick move with no passengers on board, since they were going from Fort Lauderdale to Miami.
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