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  1. I concur. My balcony actually went up on Alaska May 24, 2021. Jewel. Upgraded to balcony with free gratuity promo. (Lost free airfare but not free from Mo and the rate $ they wanted was more than the price I paid which was actually in the form of a credit from my canceled Quebec cruise that was supposed to happen in a couple weeks) Then upgraded balcony one category better with 20% employees discount because less than previous promo w free gratuity. So I’ve been watching my sailing closely and Honestly the rates have barely fluctuated because they obviously have a fine tune algorithm that
  2. yes, I thought I was 2 and done... but going back May 2021 for 3rd. (Not my destination choice but I did insist on Northbound - We started to do Southbound but it skips Glacier bay which I haven't officially done. We did Icy Strait last year- Did the Whale and Mammal excursion - Got very seasick. We all did. Even my sister who never does. It was a good excursion tho)
  3. Someone else pointed this out but it got overlooked.... If you have the insurance - they give you credit of that amount for insurance on your next cruise. Then once you are all rebooked - and before final payment - remove it. But I would not sail without even if from 3rd party vendor. And it may have something to do with the way they're processing refunds that they need the insurance claim - who knows... And yes, I agree NCL nickles you to death. Also - I haven't seen people notice that the dinner upgrade now is for only 2 dinner versus 3 dinners like it was before Covid. So really we're
  4. I stayed at the Westin Waterfront and we walked. It was a nice walk - maybe 10-15 mins.
  5. My son and I zip lined in St John, its over the Bay of Fundy. In Halifax we did a tour which included a Lobster stop on the way to the lighthouses (fun for a 12 yr old to put his finger on a lighthouse in a pic) And they talk about the Titanic a lot and we went to Titanic cemetery.
  6. Ok, so I took my son to Halifax, St John & Sydney when he was 12. We went to Peggy's Cove which wasn't the highlight of the trip but that's where you see people standing with their finger on a lighthouse (popular a while back). We stopped on the way to eat the best lobster in our life! We also went to the Titanic cemetery which may interest her (there is a grave of J Dawson - not really Jack but girls like to pretend). He was interested in the Titanic a bit so he enjoyed at part. We actually had befriended people in our cruise so there were people of all ages in our group (mostly 60s)
  7. Ok so does a person need to purchase NCL insurance since they are offer the piece of mind policy? It seems redundant to me. Thoughts? My apologies if this has already been discussed. I did a search and did not find a Board thread. For all cruises through September 30, cancel up to 48 hours prior to your vacation start date and receive a Future Cruise Credit for sailings through December 2022. For all cruises October 1 and beyond, you can cancel for a full refund up to 120 days before your cruise. To me
  8. I noticed last night there was a cruise was posted as being from April 25-April 1 - instead of May 😄
  9. I have been inquiring about booking a cruise since Friday. Can't seem to get a call back, follow up email or anyone to answer the phone. Very frustrating. Hated the agent used on cruise earlier this year so don't have one like i do with Carnival. I have CruiseNext certificates which is why I haven't just booked online w $50 deposit. - I even called today and after all the questions to hit 1, 2, 3 etc - it rang for over 5 mins. I hung up.
  10. I posted this question a while back - someone was nice enough to say it was fine for my 8 year old niece - a few sexual innuendos but sometimes we over think that stuff (we as parents). We get the joke but they don't.
  11. Well, my comparison is even worse 🙂 (Apples and Pineapples worse) in 2008 on the NCL Star we paid $2500 for three in an interior JJ and that was in May because it was a cheap week. This time we're going in July on the NCL Joy and the rate was $2500 pp for a CC. It took me 12 years to sail NCL again because of their bait and switch. It has happened again. I don't know if I will be back. We'll see after the trip. (Last time in 2008 they were rolling out their 2.0 upgrades. So when we booked a lot of the restaurants were free. Then with the upgrades they started charging. I just have issue pay
  12. I'm curious also... I'm noticing that they have changed the wording 😡 that states now that the room service charge did not apply to Suites. Now it states Haven guests. That is frustrating.
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