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  1. it's too early to offer for Norfolk since that's not until 2022.
  2. Yes, I agree - unless I'm going to spend $30 a day on coffee and water - I figured I would also pay per day for what I wanted. I think interesting that Drink Packages for NCL ends up costing more than CCL when NCL tries to give for free - but have to upgrade NCL to get equivalent. Only difference is CCL is limited to one drink at time vs two And yes 15 day limit. (I am not drinking 15 alcoholic drinks even if I try!) But if you have your partner's Folio number - they will let you get two.
  3. I concur. My balcony actually went up on Alaska May 24, 2021. Jewel. Upgraded to balcony with free gratuity promo. (Lost free airfare but not free from Mo and the rate $ they wanted was more than the price I paid which was actually in the form of a credit from my canceled Quebec cruise that was supposed to happen in a couple weeks) Then upgraded balcony one category better with 20% employees discount because less than previous promo w free gratuity. So I’ve been watching my sailing closely and Honestly the rates have barely fluctuated because they obviously have a fine tune algorithm that
  4. yes, I thought I was 2 and done... but going back May 2021 for 3rd. (Not my destination choice but I did insist on Northbound - We started to do Southbound but it skips Glacier bay which I haven't officially done. We did Icy Strait last year- Did the Whale and Mammal excursion - Got very seasick. We all did. Even my sister who never does. It was a good excursion tho)
  5. Someone else pointed this out but it got overlooked.... If you have the insurance - they give you credit of that amount for insurance on your next cruise. Then once you are all rebooked - and before final payment - remove it. But I would not sail without even if from 3rd party vendor. And it may have something to do with the way they're processing refunds that they need the insurance claim - who knows... And yes, I agree NCL nickles you to death. Also - I haven't seen people notice that the dinner upgrade now is for only 2 dinner versus 3 dinners like it was before Covid. So really we're
  6. I stayed at the Westin Waterfront and we walked. It was a nice walk - maybe 10-15 mins.
  7. My son and I zip lined in St John, its over the Bay of Fundy. In Halifax we did a tour which included a Lobster stop on the way to the lighthouses (fun for a 12 yr old to put his finger on a lighthouse in a pic) And they talk about the Titanic a lot and we went to Titanic cemetery.
  8. Ok, so I took my son to Halifax, St John & Sydney when he was 12. We went to Peggy's Cove which wasn't the highlight of the trip but that's where you see people standing with their finger on a lighthouse (popular a while back). We stopped on the way to eat the best lobster in our life! We also went to the Titanic cemetery which may interest her (there is a grave of J Dawson - not really Jack but girls like to pretend). He was interested in the Titanic a bit so he enjoyed at part. We actually had befriended people in our cruise so there were people of all ages in our group (mostly 60s)
  9. Ok so does a person need to purchase NCL insurance since they are offer the piece of mind policy? It seems redundant to me. Thoughts? My apologies if this has already been discussed. I did a search and did not find a Board thread. For all cruises through September 30, cancel up to 48 hours prior to your vacation start date and receive a Future Cruise Credit for sailings through December 2022. For all cruises October 1 and beyond, you can cancel for a full refund up to 120 days before your cruise. To me
  10. I noticed last night there was a cruise was posted as being from April 25-April 1 - instead of May 😄
  11. I have been inquiring about booking a cruise since Friday. Can't seem to get a call back, follow up email or anyone to answer the phone. Very frustrating. Hated the agent used on cruise earlier this year so don't have one like i do with Carnival. I have CruiseNext certificates which is why I haven't just booked online w $50 deposit. - I even called today and after all the questions to hit 1, 2, 3 etc - it rang for over 5 mins. I hung up.
  12. I posted this question a while back - someone was nice enough to say it was fine for my 8 year old niece - a few sexual innuendos but sometimes we over think that stuff (we as parents). We get the joke but they don't.
  13. Well, my comparison is even worse 🙂 (Apples and Pineapples worse) in 2008 on the NCL Star we paid $2500 for three in an interior JJ and that was in May because it was a cheap week. This time we're going in July on the NCL Joy and the rate was $2500 pp for a CC. It took me 12 years to sail NCL again because of their bait and switch. It has happened again. I don't know if I will be back. We'll see after the trip. (Last time in 2008 they were rolling out their 2.0 upgrades. So when we booked a lot of the restaurants were free. Then with the upgrades they started charging. I just have issue pay
  14. I'm curious also... I'm noticing that they have changed the wording 😡 that states now that the room service charge did not apply to Suites. Now it states Haven guests. That is frustrating.
  15. We got our first email about upgrading on 5/1. Got a second follow up on 5/16. Got 3rd email to bid yesterday. And there are very few rooms in the Haven avail (we;re a concierge balcony). I will say one reason they may suggest biding on a sold out catagory is you don't know if someone would cancel and also if someone is in one of those rooms upgrades - their room becomes avail. We have NOT bid on an upgrade because no guarantee they could keep our 3 cabins close. One of the draw backs of automation vs personal calling. We would upgrade if they called us and get us 3 cabins near each other.
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