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  1. Happy Christmas to you all from an unusually sunny Glasgow! Thanks for all your banter throughout the past months helping to keep us sane! Angel57 I also live alone but am lucky my son and partner will shortly be here for the rest of the day. Hope your day is as good as it can be. 🎄🥂
  2. All the points others have made are true. I was on Britannia in the Caribbean and had a lovely time. There is a meeting most days for coffee (or maybe every day I can’t remember now) so you can have as much or as little contact with others as you wish. I too have a 14 day Mediterranean booked on her. If you choose fixed dining you will have the same company most nights. Lovely to have something to look forward too!
  3. Totally agree except I don’t have a Freddie. Perhaps I could add a few bottles in the wine rack help!
  4. Ulsteinvik - could you let me have the itinerary for Aurora departing 5 May? I don’t think it has been quoted already. Thank you very much.
  5. Damian - don’t know what I’ll do with my day when you reach Southampton and your lovely cruise comes to an end. Are there no offers to stay on for a back to back?
  6. Barbados in the Caribbean for the winter or another visit to a lovely wee Family run hotel we found quite a few years ago near Palma in Majorca in the summer.
  7. What a wonderful cruise Damian. I just love those Spanish ports. Katherine Jenkins in the Limelight Club and a bottle of wine every night for £12 - heaven!
  8. Who is performing in the Limelight Club this week? Someone fantastic I would think.
  9. Totally agree. Going solo would be pretty miserable - I shall be thinking very carefully before paying the balance on my January cruise on Britannia.
  10. Now that sounds like a story - would you like to tell us about it?
  11. The refund gods are definitely on duty this week - cheque received today for Arcadia 12 April cruise. 😀
  12. Must be my turn next - I was booked on Arcadia for 12 April too! At least I look as if I’ve been on a cruise - brown and fat. Enjoy your day out tomorrow.
  13. Has anyone else not received an acknowledgement of their refund request made via the online form ie a cancellation invoice? I haven’t and it looks now as if the refunds are coming through for my departure date (12 April).
  14. Better make it two bottles - I was going to suggest that too! 🥂 Have rebooked flights with Loganair. Thanks to everybody who posted about flights to Southampton.
  15. I am on this one too - will have to find alternative transport to Southampton as I was booked with Flybe.😢
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