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  1. I am on this one as well. Looks like it is now totally sold out now too - neither itineraries are showing on the P and O website. Anyone else?
  2. Had an email this morning with the new itineraries. 40 night Caribbean and 12 day Canaries - the lead in prices seem very cheap.
  3. Ha ha ha! Who cares - it’s 24 degrees here today.😎
  4. Well done you. I will be getting off as you embark - there were no Glasgow flights for the repositioning one so I am on the one before. Good price though (even for solos). Incidentally there are no inside cabins left now either so looks like they’ve practically had a sell out.j
  5. Premier Inns and Travel Lodges are open. Probably some of the other big chains like Holiday Inn as well.
  6. Yonce81 - welcome to the world of cruising! I have been travelling solo for the last 5 years although cruising for about 25. The Caribbean is probably the easiest one for you to start - so good choice! P and 0 have coffee mornings for solos where you will meet others on their own and can arrange to go ashore together - everything John Bull says in his post re DIY tours is true. Evening dining is a doddle if you choose one of the set times and you’ll probably find your fellow diners will all go the to show or other entertainment of choice together. The mini vans at every port are great and even alone you can just join a queue and set off with them. I wouldn’t bother with the ship’s excursions. My favourite ports for a wander on my own are Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, Antigua and of course shopping heaven St Martin although I haven’t had any problems anywhere really. Hope this is helpful.
  7. Can you transfer from another booking that is already a transfer for a cruise on these new itineraries?
  8. Thanks again. Will they have any regional departures for these cruises?
  9. Thanks - I am registered with them but haven’t had a brochure yet. Obviously nothing on the website.
  10. Thanks Wowzz - you seem to have got the job here. I am hopeless - still can’t guess who the “beast”is so thanks for all your replies!
  11. I seem to remember previously someone on this forum managed to print the new cruise programme in advance. Is that so or am I imagining things? Any chance this time before Wednesday?
  12. I have no choice about the day to fly in as there is only one flight a month from Glasgow! I don’t know how necessary it is to partake in the midnight vigil as I think all the seats in premium economy are pretty good so I don’t bother booking a particular seat. I fly solo though so it may be more important for a couple if you want to ensure sitting together.
  13. You have given me Athens envy today. My daughter has lived there for many years so I know it well. No visits last year - hopeful for September though! I am loving this thread taking me round the world!
  14. Lidl’s bakery section also have delicious ones - unfortunately haven’t been able to shop there for a while.
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