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  1. Thanks all for the information not going till next year so have plenty of time to check it all out. Lyn
  2. Thanks Minsterman sounds interesting we do like to do our own thing. You do have to go in person to get your visa so may look at some tour operators and see what they do or the ships tours. Got a little while yet so don’t have to decide right now. if anybody could recommend any tour operators that would be good. Lyn
  3. Thanks Brian1 read the links looks like we will do ships tours. Lyn
  4. That’s what I was asking is it easy/hard to get a visa yourself
  5. Tried to get prices and cabins yesterday. Kept putting the cabin no. In that didn’t work it just kept saying cabin doesn’t exist, phoned t/a cabin does exist so booked with them. Lyn
  6. Not made any plans as yet we just like to do our own thing Lyn
  7. Booked a Baltic cruise and have been told we need a visa for Russia, has anybody got their own visa and how easy/hard was it to do. thanks Lyn
  8. I have read on this board that others are having problems with cruise personaliser, if you booked with an agent try giving them a call they might be able to send them to you.
  9. Anyone know the CEO name for P&O please
  10. We were given one each this year on Azura I used mine having my nails done they told me I could use oh if I wanted but I had to have a different treatment.
  11. Earliest we have put cases in about 11.30
  12. We were on Azura and you can use either dining room.
  13. Yes tea, coffee, milk, sugar and biscuits
  14. Thanks is that from a new brochure. I was on venture 2016 the brochure I have is dated 2016/18. I was trying to book the same cabin for next year but some reason can’t do it on P&O website.i think I’ll wait till tomorrow and book with agent.
  15. Hi can anyone tell me are there still cabins on lido deck. on P&O website I put a cabin No. in but it just shows 1 cabin number and won’t let me change it. I have pressed select fare. thanks
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