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  1. Sometimes mine is all ticked today I’ve got a cross not bothering anymore doing my head in.
  2. Still trying fed up with it now tried deleting it then re enter details still saying the same. I also spoke to my t/a gave her all my details she had a look for me everything is filled in correct so I will be leaving it as it is, hopefully when I have to print off boarding tickets etc it will be ok.
  3. I’ll give that a try thanks but won’t hold my breath
  4. Logged into already booked completed it a couple of days ago. Personal information and passport details are ticked and completed it’s just the insurance and emergency contract details that are saying not completed. I have tried doing it on pc and iPad with no luck,
  5. Is anybody having trouble with the cruise personaliser, I have have put all details in but it’s still telling me that insurance details and emergency contract details are not complete all other details are ticked as complete. Any suggestions anybody. Lin
  6. It would be a lit easier if people would let you out of the left first before they tried to get in, it’s been the same on every ship.
  7. My husband never uses a mobile will I be able to down load the nhs app for both of us to use or do I have to register twice. thanks
  8. Just booked iona for early September at last something to look forward to
  9. Just managed to log in today no FCC showing as yet
  10. Don’t remember seeing it on cruise personaliser, only on paper work we have had from t/a
  11. Southampton VTS Is updated daily. You can park in Mayflower park there’s also a cafe there which sells tea, sandwich’s chips burgers etc.
  12. Great hearing all the tips about the Baltic should have been going in July but have re booked for next year fingers crossed. Lyn
  13. Hello all, We are looking to book next year (fingers crossed) to the Baltic’s. For the sights and views would anyone know what side of the ship would be best. Thanks Lyn
  14. Love Arcadia been on her a number of times, have always found that the ages of cruises varies not all oldies. Was going on her this year but sadly had to cancel.
  15. I’ve not seen it either on the news, just what I read on another social site
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