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  1. We often go for d deck, on Ventura or azura at end of the sides for the balcony. though on d deck I though miss being able to really watch the sea from bed.
  2. Kalos, I do agree with your sentiments, I have a lot of friends who through no fault of there own have been out of work, trying to bring up their young families in the most difficult of circumstances. I know of people who despite what the media would tell you have been made homeless by their private landlords and are really struggling to try and find the strength to carry on through this. I think that before Boris gives older people the rights to go off and enjoy life and party, that he needs to make sure the economy is working again and help those of all ages
  3. Looking forward to seeing mighty cruise ships tomorrow night 9pm on quest. Focusing on the Aidanova, whilst I’m aware there will be differences it should give an idea of the size and scale of Iona. I think it has the same skydome?
  4. We heard from our Derbyshire ta, that they managed to get the cabin that we wanted this morning for our sept 22 holiday. We already had £500 tied up in fcc and deposits so nothing to pay now till June 22. Better start putting some pennies away.
  5. Late nov 19/ dec 19 on queen Victoria to Spain and Portugal. The bay of biscay was very calm, and the weather so mild that even on our penultimate day we had lunch on the outside deck in just shirt sleeves. our next cruise was booked pre covid for Sept 21, for our honeymoon. At present not even sure our wedding in Aug 21 will be going ahead let alone a holiday abroad.
  6. The new vaccine from Pfizer is likely to be the 1st of many. Most of the pharma giants are trying to develop vaccines and it’s a bit soon to tell yet what the best vaccine is likely to be. generally feeling a bit blah, about the latest lockdown it feels very much like Groundhog Day again.
  7. We booked a similar cruise n225 a few weeks later, but for the same reason as we quite enjoy Cadiz and Lisbon. In our case we were after a particular cabin, otherwise we’d probably have risked a late booking.
  8. We have our honeymoon booked to the Baltic in sept 21, can’t see that going with the state of covid in Russia. just rung up our ta to move a booking on another cruise to sept 22, at present I think even that might be optimistic.
  9. We are just outside the Nottingham boundary, and not looking forward to the local lockdown due next week. There is no doubt it’s being spread by the students before they came back we had a rate of about 70 per 100k and within 2 weeks of them being hear are over 500 per 100k. my brother has been in the Manchester lockdown since July, so the whole idea of it seems pretty pointless unless you really clampdown on ppl for a 2-3week period.
  10. Some classics making me laugh, my favourite memory was proposing to my fiancé in Gibraltar, I had then organised a photo shoot with the ship’s photographer late afternoon as we sailed out. as the photographer took us out onto the top deck to get some photos my oh cursing as she had spent ages doing her hair 😂
  11. My cruise is due to go on the 28th nov on Ventura, I really didn’t sign up to the cruise to be a guinea pig for P and O. All our holiday for 2021 is already allocated for our honeymoon, and P and O haven’t realeased their cruises for 2022. is it unreasonable to ask for a refund of our deposit!!
  12. Dammit I booked end of nov! no useful update, but not sure if we are 2nd batch of cruises to go that I want to sail.
  13. I spoke with my ta this afternoon, whose put my payment date back to the same day as p and o, due in 3weeks time, but informed me it’s highly likely that we won’t be going.
  14. don’t think I’ll be paying my balance, anytime soon as I think with the hurtigruten news there’s now very little chance of p and o being running by then.
  15. Our balance is due 24th August, hoping for a couple more announcements from p and o before then. We already have a cruise booked with them in 21, and can’t take any more days holiday, so can’t shift the deposit paid.
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