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  1. Hmm not sure how I’d feel being on a maiden, with social distancing being trialled at the same time. wonder if they will do a soft launch with insiders 1st to sort out any issues.
  2. We were booked for the 12th Oct, and have moved our cruise till the end of nov, not ideal temperature wise, but we’d like something to look forward to this year.
  3. going is more important to us than coming back. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi I was hoping someone could tell me, is there a sunnier side of the ship on a cruise to the canaries from Southampton? thanks in advance
  5. Just had our local plumber out to change the taps in the bathroom, as we’ve been having a few ongoing issues. 2m distancing observed and he cane armed with anti back wipes to wipe down before and after he changed the taps. Paid via bacs, so no faffing trying to get cash out.
  6. We life on the outskirts of Nottingham, the traffic now feels back to at least normal weekend levels, with a little bit of rush hour traffic jams starting to appear again. neighbours are having people over, I think the Cummings effect has put the final nail in lockdown for most people.
  7. Personally if you’re in the carribean I’d go for Azura and see if you can get a balcony cabin on c deck for a much larger balcony, rather than the bigger cabin you’d get with a superior deluxe.
  8. Lots of ships from other lines are having their refit scaled back or delayed. Probably as a cost saving. not sure what the plan was for the refit?
  9. A friend of mines, garden opens onto the local park so going round later for a few tinnies in the park. Takes me back to my youth😀
  10. I think you’ll be fine, but don’t expect American levels of customer service. On a cruise last may we had no working toilet in our cabin for about 18 hours, we had to chase the staff for updates, not them updating us. similarly in the mdr, there are few waiters and service is not quick.
  11. If you look at marine traffic, you’ll see there’s 5 p and o and Cunard ships around Weymouth currently ferrying Via tender some of the crew onto Ventura for a repatriation journey back home. Think it leaves either later today or tomorrow?
  12. Sad news, I suspect the first of many companies. Feel for the staff let go as in the current climate it will be very difficult to find a similar job elsewhere if at all.
  13. Very sorry for the carnival group staff. Sadly it’s not a good time to be notified of redundancy. A friend of mine went through this at boots last year, fortunately she had worked there a long time and got a decent pay out. My oh who had worked with her before recruited her, whilst she was still working at boots and going through the consultation process. I think the no of firms looking for staff for well paid jobs is going to be very small.
  14. Personally I wouldn’t, book for August at the moment. We have a booking for mid October, and I can’t see that going, if it did sail I think we’d need to review what p and o are doing with social distancing before we left home!
  15. I kind of wish it was raining again as stuck inside in a flat it makes it slightly more bearable! ive had colleagues who are not on furlough whinging that it’s not fair that they still have to work. For those who feel that way trust me after a few weeks I long to be back doing something productive. Had a nice walk outside earlier through a few of the nearby fields, which always help break the day up.
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