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  1. I've just looked at this and it states there are no suites available. So presumably that must have been the last one.
  2. Thanks, I think I've got the timing right, especially as I'll be back at the meeting point at least 1/2 hour before I have to. The excursion booklet gives the drop off point as Forum, Colosseum, or that general area depending on parking conditions. The Borghese Villa and gardens are the last main area in Rome I would like to see. Having said that I agree just to walk around is fascinating. We have found buildings which would be a major attraction in another place and yet they are not even mentioned on the map.
  3. Kruzseeka, can I ask you how you found the amount of time you had? When we were younger we have waked the length and breadth of Rome no problem. However we find we can't keep going all day now and are wondering if will will manage the five and a half to six hours. My intention is to walk up to the Villa Borghese spend more time in the gardens than the buildings. Then bimble back taking in favourite sites on the way. Stop for lunch, and ice cream. In your opinion do you think this will fill in all of the time.
  4. In that case he'll manage better than me. He will be one of the people walking around following their phone. We only do that when our Granddaughter is with us......she's 11.🙂
  5. Andy I will look out for a gent on his own. If he is on my coach I will try and start a conversation (I'm from the north it's natural for us to talk to strangers!). Then if he needs pointing in the right direction I can do so. Though as I said the maps are good and there are signs on most junctions to follow.
  6. Another point Andy, there are three cruise ships in the day we go. All the trains and local transport will be extremely busy so a ship excursion is definitely the best option. If he can handle China Rome will be a doddle.
  7. Andy, I think he is on the same cruise as us. The 'Rome on your own' coach tour is £52. We have done this before and like it better than the trains, which are often unreliable. We will probably do this trip. You are given a fairly detailed map on the coach and from where you are dropped off should quite easily be able to see: Colosseum, Forum, Trevi fountain, Spanish steps, and the Vatican. If he wants to do any of these in detail he will just have to make a choice. Rome is very busy but quite easy to navigate. It is however wick with pickpockets. Make sure he doesn't take too much cash with him and to have zipped up pockets. Out of interest which excursion was cancelled.
  8. There must be because the entertainment team keep playing Vera Lynn for them!!😁
  9. I'm glad you've mentioned the Stones. We have been cruising for a few years now and for a while I've been expecting the music to update to our era rather than 'war' music. Surely it's time to ditch Vera Lynn for some rock.
  10. Thank-you. I will look out for it.
  11. Thanks Andy. That means I'll have to go to afternoon tea. I try to avoid it if possible. If I go and they don't have chocolate I know I'll eat something, just to be polite of course.
  12. I was just coming to post I couldn't access my cp. I'm relieved to learn I do know my name and date of birth...........as these days nothing is certain!🙂🙂
  13. I haven't had one for years. I will definitely look out for it on Arcadia. So it's on the afternoon tea rather than late evening?
  14. Thank-you for the replies. I can't see me doing it though. I don't like standing in queues and usually on a cruise I have something or somewhere I need to be.
  15. I always book direct and always get the booklet. I've even received one for 10th October re-arranged Oceana cruise. So it has nothing to do with TA's, just must be a trial like stated. The only thing to do is complain if it happens to you. Then they may stop it.
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