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  1. Although it hasn't been reported on national news, they only report the bad news. Our area, North East is starting to respond to restrictions. I am now quietly optimistic about Christmas. If the rest of you behave yourselves hopefully it will not travel south.😉
  2. I was there Graham, used to go every week. It was called the Mecca when we first went.
  3. Oh I am Graham,😉😀, but not half as tidy!
  4. How can you say "dressed up" when you post a picture of Pauline. She is always dressed up and never has a hair out of place! Even after I have taken ages to get ready, (I don't always) I am never as tidy as that! Very elegant.
  5. I saw Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrine Took ( Tyrannosaurus Rex)a few times at a small club I used to go to. We all just sat on the floor. No stage, no seats. I loved them and still have all the LP's upstairs.🙂
  6. But where is it going, if not coming home?
  7. Our deposit has also been returned. Less than three weeks after it was cancelled. I consider this good service.
  8. I hope you get there this time Jean.
  9. Fingers crossed for you all.
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