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  1. I think this is a major error on P&O’s behalf. Opening up those stairs is an absolute necessity, far more important than cosmetic changes. Reprogramming the lifts is not sufficient, there will still be the same number of lifts which will not magically get bigger and make the way people use them become more sensible and considerate.
  2. pete14

    CPS Parking

    As Brian says, you drive right up to the terminal, follow the directions from people directing you and wait in line for CPS staff to process you. They will take all your luggage from your car, all you need to take with you is your hand luggage. The next time you see your cases is outside your cabin. It really couldn’t be easier. When you return, it is a short walk to where your car is parked. Show them the ticket you are given when they check you in on arrival and they will give you your car key and tell you which row your car is in.
  3. So sad that he felt he needed to cover his kippah, a simple outward expression of his faith. What is the world coming to?
  4. We are booked on repositioning cruise on Britannia from Caribbean to Southampton in Spring 2021. When we booked, we asked about transport from Southampton to Manchester airport and were told we would be able to reserve seats nearer the time and that there would be no cost.
  5. There is also the Limelight Club (with meal at extra cost) but I don’t expect there will be a jazz or blues musician scheduled.
  6. So you are honestly telling everybody that this is not just a way of bringing your ‘problems’ on Azura back to the fore. If not, why mention it in your initial thread starting post and seem to launch a ‘fishing expedition’ for the Captain’s name because you have forgotten it? Maybe I am misjudging you!
  7. At least when people board the first few Iona cruises, nobody will know where they are going and what they are doing for the first day or so. Everybody lost together!
  8. I think the answer from my experience is very rarely although they may tweak them a little from time to time. I think they would be better off changing them more regularly but no doubt they could give reasons why they don’t.
  9. I don’t think P&O charter their ships in the way that some other lines do. Even if they did, they are hardly likely to do so with a brand new ship such as Iona. Cruises do disappear from the website when they are sold out and the advice your agent gave is almost certainly correct. Even if there is a big group onboard, which I doubt, it would have to be a huge group to have any adverse effect on such a large ship. Anyway, P&O would do everything they could to ensure that nothing spoilt the enjoyment of the other guests. The fact that the cruise starts on a US holiday is irrelevant. Iona cruises in the maiden season appear to be selling well and I guess that there are many cruisers trying out the new ship before the school holidays begin and taking advantage of the competitive fares. I am sure you will have a great time; Norway is a beautiful country best seen from the water.
  10. I have occasionally changed currency onboard when I need a fairly small amount. The exchange rate was not much worse than on the high street and they do not charge commission. The transaction is included in your onboard account and the exchange rate is made clear. I wouldn’t buy a huge amount because I don’t spend a lot ashore anyway and usually bring some back home because I have spent less than expected. It always amuses me a little that people pay thousands of pounds for a cruise but are fearful of a low exchange rate and commission / transaction fee if buying currency onboard. The small amount you may lose compared with online or high street rates is easily offset by the convenience.
  11. I agree that as you are likely to be spending a large amount of money on your cruise, best to book either with a specialist agent or by phone with P&O. I usually choose the latter and get excellent service. Why trust something so important, expensive and with many variables to a computer when you can talk it through with a person who specialises in taking such bookings and giving sound advice? The old fashioned ways are sometimes the best.
  12. Peroni is no longer Italian. It is owned by the Asahi corporation in Japan and I think brewed for the UK market in the UK. I agree that there are better lagers available (e.g some Polish ones brewed in Poland) but to my taste there are many more that are considerably worse.
  13. A stock of Peroni behind the bar would be a poor substitute for the draught Peroni Andy is wanting. Draught is much more drinkable than bottled or worse still, canned and probably cheaper.
  14. Thanks again for the picture. Looks mighty impressive in a big sort of way. They even seem to have attached the cabin we have booked (at long last). I would love to see some interior views so we can watch it develop. Maybe they will begin to do that now it seems to be all stuck together.
  15. If you type shares in the search box at the top right of the homepage and scroll down the results, you will find all you need to know. Benefits have not changed but the cost of the 100 shares you need to qualify for benefits has fallen recently.
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