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  1. Thanks Andy. I knew I could rely on you to cheer me up. 🥴
  2. We would have been driving down to Southampton as I write to pick up Ventura sailing to the Canaries this afternoon. The sea may be fairly choppy this afternoon but that is no consolation. ☹️
  3. What on earth have I started? 🥳. All sounds good though and something to look forward to. Perhaps we need Kalos’ ship or caravan (remember them from the heady days of lockdown mark 1?)
  4. I suppose we could extend geographically to allow folk from Yorkshire to join us. Sounds like a good idea.
  5. Once this is all over, we could have a Stoke, Staffs, Cheshire etc get together over a nice meal somewhere local. More likely than on a ship, could be on a canal narrow boat I suppose.
  6. Happy Birthday. Having just walked the dog, sadly I believe umbrellas and wellies are the minimum required. Have a good day regardless.
  7. Sorry to read about your awful experience. I hope you get over it quickly. It appears as though parenting skills are sadly lacking in too many families.
  8. We have had a couple from Amazon with a badly recorded message telling me my Amazon Prime account is soon to expire and that I could renew it over the phone for £79.99. I don’t have an Amazon prime account. More worryingly, we got a cold caller at the door this afternoon from a utilities company with 8 legs. No mask, not wanting to take no from an answer and only 6 weeks since the last cold caller from the same company. Not a fake phishing call but annoying none the less. The lady we complained to on the phone was really helpful and sympathetic though.
  9. To give credit where credit is due, well done City of Stoke on Trent Council. All we need now is for all people to take the advice. At least there are many fewer houses around us decorated for Halloween than is usual but there is still time for that to change. Last year, we were inundated with trick or treat, mostly kids we had never seen before nor since.
  10. Happy birthday to everybody who has a birthday this week 🥳
  11. As someone who was supposed to be setting off on Ventura to the Canaries at the end of this week, can this conversation about Tenerife etc be over by then please! ☹️
  12. Surely that can’t be Stoke can it? There are trees and everything! 😇
  13. Lets hope they are not too affected by the renovation work that is going on in the park.
  14. If yours is normally collected next week you will be fine. Our next collection would have been a week on a Thursday and by then they will have finished for the winter.
  15. Novavax is an American based bio-technology company in it’s own right. I think Pfizer are at a similar development stage with their own vaccine. They could of course be linked in some way though but they do appear to be separate. Shame, I could do with a bit of perking up.
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