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  1. pete14

    Smuggling News Story

    The picture on the Sky News app is a library picture of a Costa ship in Lisbon. Seems very unfair if it was Marco Polo involved in the story.
  2. pete14

    Naughty P&O!

    And no more than one every 15 minutes 😎😏
  3. pete14

    Iona roll calls

    I have just noticed that if you search quite hard, it is now possible to start and post on Iona roll calls.
  4. pete14

    The Aurora Changes Schedule

    If you leave Tromso at 11:30, it is possible that you may see the lights while at sea. Worth stopping up for if the night is clear. When we did a similar cruise a few years ago, our best and most memorable sighting was whilst at sea - far better than the excursion we paid for in Alta.
  5. pete14

    Sugar Free

    You should let P&O know your requirements in advance, especially if they are medical e.g Diabetes. You will be offered the opportunity the night before to order the dishes you require for the next day prepared without sugar. If you choose to order as normal, be aware that sugar is used in many dishes where you would not normally expect it, especially sauces etc. Remember, some sugar substitutes can cause problems if you have too much. Quality of sugar free dishes does vary and some really are not nice, others are OK
  6. It is good to see a post offering balance. I think it is quite clear that the price paid by everybody was the price P&O always intended to charge. The problem has arisen in the incorrect packaging of the price upon launch. It is the breakdown of the offer price that is incorrect, not the price itself. This appearing to be the case, the offer of a standard £50 obc to those who booked whilst the errant information about the packaging was still ‘visible’ seems fair and that is why I have accepted it even though it is much less than 5% of the price of the cruise I booked. An alternative would be for prices to be fixed at the same level throughout the whole booking period with no obc or other offers or incentives. I can imagine the outcry if that were to be introduced.
  7. pete14

    New Autumn deals

    If that is the case, lets just hope it is made clear in the small print of this promotion. If not, I see a future thread from a dissatisfied ‘canceller’.
  8. pete14

    New Autumn deals

    We are booked up early as well at much cheaper prices than at present on all 3 cruises. Autumn offers seem underwhelming but may attract some. One implication of £50 deposit is that people may be more liable to change their mind and cancel, losing just £50 rather than a larger deposit.
  9. pete14

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    If Pando do read these boards, my vote on this goes to the English Lady. P&O are a business and nobody is forced to use them. When you choose to book a holiday with them, you should do so in knowledge of their terms, conditions and rules they choose to impose. I realise that many book cruises well in advance and that rules sometimes change but unless changes have a massive affect on enjoyment of the cruise, they are not unreasonable. Limiting the amount of alcohol you can take on board is an irritation but doesn’t massively affect enjoyment, especially as prices onboard are reasonable and especially bottles of spirits from room service.
  10. I agree that there should be no need to book. Special offers are advertised in Horizon paper so provided they correspond with the treatment you are looking for, you may get a more reasonable price. Just be careful they don’t talk you into buying lotions and potions you don’t really want or need as extras
  11. pete14

    andalsnes, tromso and alta

    In Alta, a visit to the ice hotel (it shouldn’t have melted by early March) is interesting. The prehistoric rock carvings at the museum are very good if you like that sort of thing but will not be visible if it is frosty or snowy when you visit and the paths may be slippery. The museum is a short bus ride from where the shuttle drops you (unless the drop off point has changed since I was there).
  12. Thanks for the advice. We have each been credited with an extra £50 obc for the Iona Maiden.
  13. Whilst the parking appears to be free, P&O obviously pay CPS for each parking space they give free as part of their booking and pricing policy. If they are only invoiced for spaces actually used rather than booked (likely to be the same in many cases), P&O will not be out of pocket so will therefore have no need to request that the passenger pays if they do not use the space P&O has bought in order to give away for ‘free’.
  14. We have had the misfortune of having to cancel a cruise with free parking on a couple of occasions, one on the day of departure, and were not charged for parking on either occasion. There is no reason I can see for not booking early, if you do, you have no need to worry about forgetting to do so nearer the time
  15. pete14

    Gratuities Scrapped ?

    Better still, if Amazon are involved, with zero hours contracts, no need to pay the driver when the boat is tied up or anybody else who is seasick etc. Shore leave would be a saving because of no paid holidays.