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  1. Quite often, the OBC offered is more than the cost of parking. Always good to check the parking cost before deciding.
  2. We always book select to ensure we get the cabin we want. We also say we don’t want any upgrade because it may be into a cabin we don’t want. Choice of dining and cancellation policies are also important.
  3. Around the same year, we were on a cruise to the Canaries that due to horrendous weather, left Southampton 24 hours late and could only get as far as Madeira before we turned round (arriving back on time). To give us some greater cheer, they flew Tom O’Connor out to Madeira to perform in the theatre and flew him straight back afterwards. The show was excellent, and I don’t normally like stand up comedians. When he left the ship after the second show, he walked using a stick onto the quayside, with another person. When he saw the people on the top deck, promenade deck and balconies (quite a lot of people) he passed his stick to his companion and walked down the side of the ship to his waiting taxi whilst everybody watching him applauded. A lovely moment and a talented but elderly professional entertainer.
  4. Presumably £5000 being the total for the suite and not per person.
  5. wowzz, as I explained later, the prices I quoted were for the two who paid, prices that are only a little less than the current prices (approx £2.1K each for 2 week Canaries cruise). If only two of us travelled, that would be the price for a full suite on the aft of the ship. The third person does not affect that calculation at all. You were not caught out because I was not averaging the total for two people between three people, the £2.1K was the published price per head for two people sharing the suite. If you and your wife had booked it for the two of you, that is what you would have paid (£2.1K x 2 so £4.2K)
  6. We should have been at the back (aft) on deck 15 for the Iona maiden but of course that was cancelled. As we booked a suite, and it was basically take it or leave it, we went along with it because everything else was booked straightaway. I would have preferred to have other cabins on top, not a deck because it can be a bit noisy first thing in the morning as they move sun beds into position. We are on Iona next year hopefully and are on a lower deck. If you booked a saver or early saver, there is little you can do to change. If you booked select, my advice would be to ask for a cabin lower down, and as you get seasick, nearer the middle.
  7. I think we all have to keep calm and carry on although I grant that for some of us, when this is over, it will be easier for us to carry on. I was lucky to be made redundant several years ago and be offered my pension early. Other self employed part time work (much less this year though) supplements this and should continue to do for at least a few years yet. I have great sympathy for those not so fortunate but am optimistic to think it may not be quite as bad as some people think it will be. Anyway, for me, the back end of the ship is best (aft is the correct term if you want to show off). I love sitting watching the motion of the sea that we leave behind. It can be more uncomfortable in rough weather and I guess if this is a problem, lower down would be better, although you may get a bit more engine noise if sitting outside. It is further to walk to communal areas of the ship though but handy for the MDR.
  8. They must have improved it from when I last used it which admittedly was some time ago. I now just use my phone to catch up when in port.
  9. I have always thought charging a hefty fee was to restrict users, to ensure it runs at slightly frisky snail’s pace rather than a comatose snail. Maybe Princess and RCI have better technology to ensure better speed.
  10. ‘P&O sues’? I had to read that twice to realise you weren’t referring to P&O being pro-active towards those threatening to sue them over cancellation and refunds! 😎😇
  11. I am ever the optimist so I have a sneaking suspicion that it will happen. Probably wishful thinking though, especially having spent the last couple of weeks at home rather than at sea.
  12. Do you know whether they park cars on site securely or do they take them elsewhere?
  13. Careful Andy. If Dominic Cummings was a politician rather than an adviser this could be seen as political. Unless one of your neighbours shares the name of a well known adviser. More likely of course. No doubt you met him in the park rather than at home as the instructions tell us. Unless you know of a different interpretation of course.
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