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  1. Just start shouting numbers in the style of a bingo caller and I suspect it won’t be long before there are plenty of spare seats.
  2. As you chose to use an agent to make your booking, you should take this up with them and not P&O to sort out on your behalf.
  3. Perhaps best not to do a full world cruise then.🥴
  4. We are also with Ovo and have been for many years. Smart meters and direct debit on a fixed price tariff. Never any problem with them. No need for estimates because of smart meter, we can check daily usage of both fuels if we want and if the balance gets too high, we can claim money back. An absolute no brainer.
  5. Don’t forget the slightly later French equivalent: Le Piat D’Or. For me, Double Diamond never worked wonders but ‘Beer at home means Davenports’ home delivery service was the forerunner to the home delivery services that proliferate today.
  6. Congratulations Josie and yes a yellow card after the half time whistle has blown is possible. Some have been red carded for incidents as they leave the field at half time or for incidents in the tunnel on the way to the dressing room. I remember a few years ago, a player being red carded after being substituted because he received a second yellow card for leaving the pitch too slowly.
  7. I can confirm that the Welsh coast was hot today. I could only sit outside for an hour this afternoon. I am sure we are all poised to start the thousandth page! Perhaps we could start a book on who will manage it (no money involved)
  8. Whilst I can fully understand and appreciate reasons why people don’t stay long in the theatre, just spare a thought for those who would like to see the show, whatever it is, who turn up 10 minutes before the show begins and can’t get in because there are no spare seats.
  9. If you look at the deck plans, you will see Iona has only 4 suites on each cabin deck (Conservatory mini suites seem to be more like larger balcony cabins so I haven’t counted them). Compare that to the numbers of other cabins and it is hardly surprising that there are none available).
  10. Would it be a free transfer or is their a fee involved? Maybe you need an agent to maximise your benefits. So much to think about.
  11. What always used to irritate me on cruises are the people who rushed to the theatre every night after dinner regardless of what was on, just because they can. I am more selective, only going to the theatre if there is something or somebody I really want to see (a fairly rare occurrence) and usually having to sit or stand right at the back because I take my time getting there. At least standing at the back means you can slip out easily without disturbing others, if it isn’t good.
  12. We were on her maiden cruise as Captain and thought she was very confident in what she did. I believe she is now captaining for MSC which I think is their gain and P&O’s loss.
  13. It is the same with the Novavax trial vaccine which now has been recognised on the NHS app. Those who unblinded themselves from the trial and were told they received the placebo have received the Vaccine via the standard NHS process.
  14. It seems to me as though P&O have acted with commendable speed and efficiency in this instance and should be applauded. The consequences of not having done so would potentially have seen many more cases on board and ‘plague ship’ media coverage.
  15. Have you checked your vaccination status on the NHS app today Josie? Mrs Pete was surprised and pleased to see she is now considered vaccinated.
  16. I appreciate how difficult the decision must have been but no doubt you have made the correct one. Many thanks for all you have done keeping the people of our city safer and to anybody else who has given up their time freely and willingly in a similar way. The success of the vaccination programme is down to all who have worked to make it succeed, medics and volunteers.
  17. I have never experienced such long waits. Are you using the freephone number (08000523840)? This is the number I tend to use on the basis that if they are paying for the call, they may answer sooner.
  18. Maybe storm Evert will encounter storm Navratilova coming the other way. New balls please🥴
  19. Does anybody really think any cruise line will be able to arrange an itinerary for an international cruise and sell a good number of cabins to make it cost effective in just 5 days?
  20. This doesn’t mean other countries will allow UK ships to use their ports unless they follow their own Covid protocols such as testing and quarantine if that is what their laws demand. It is a step forward but also dependent on others who may look at our infections figures and any possible new variants and say no.
  21. They get the odd perk, such as free camping, but using volunteers ensures they get those committed to doing their bit for the sport as a whole, not as a way of earning a little extra. Similar to those who work for the likes of RNLI I guess. The marshals they select for the GP work throughout the year at other race meetings elsewhere in the country. The two weeks before Silverstone, he was at Anglesey track and before that, Oulton Park.
  22. My son was one of the many volunteer Marshalls (those in the sweltering orange overalls) at Silverstone yesterday. I am just happy he was marshalling another area of the track and didn’t have to deal with that accident. There was an accident near his post earlier in the weekend mind you but not so bad.
  23. 3 TVs side by side or so much cider that you think you have 3 TVs side by side? 🥴
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