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  1. Is the folk song ‘One misty moisty morning’ acceptable?
  2. After the strong wind, heavy rain and sea causing flooding of a couple of days ago, today has dawned bright, warm and fairly calm. Hopefully it will remain the same later as we hope to be able to sit outside with a drink or two with friends.
  3. What about the national anthem ‘long to rain over us’?
  4. Day has dawned at our idyllic paradise in North Wales. Not only has the world turned upside down (probably thanks to the Americans messing around with the sun and moon yesterday), but at 3:10 this morning the phone rang with a warning that flooding is expected today at high tide in a few hours. Shouldn’t be a problem for us because we are in a raised position but, mentioning no names, those on the flat may need wellies. Rain has been hammering down for hours (not just April showers) and the wind is baring its teeth, as is the sea. The joys of a British summer. Oh, and it is coming up to the time when Charlie 🐶☔️ expects his morning walk although he is trying hard to pretend he is still asleep at the moment. Have a great day wherever you are.
  5. Especially if it is raining. ☔️
  6. Has it changed a lot over the last few years? I am waiting to see whether there will be any cruises to view the solar eclipse in summer 2026. Cunard seem to have three although they may not all witness the total eclipse, just partial.
  7. What a shame that Magdalena fjord is now off limits but perfectly understandable I suppose. We went there on our first cruise in 2005 on Artemis.
  8. If you are lucky enough to have a late night cruise through fjords in Svalbard, I think Magdalena fjord (from memory from 14 years ago), don’t pass up the opportunity to be out on deck for the sake of a couple of hours sleep. It is magical (but cold).
  9. I hope you manage to get something suitable. Sadly, Tunstall is a bit of a ghost town nowadays but at least you should be able to find somewhere to park.
  10. I don’t suppose there are many Jains who cruise on P&O. I did specifically post Major religions, Jainism doesn’t really come in that category, especially in UK. Hinduism and Buddhism strongly prefer vegetarianism but do not insist on veganism which is what I was referring to.
  11. I may be wrong but I cannot think of any major religion that insists its adherents are vegan. Some teach or prefer vegetarianism and others may think it safer to have a vegetarian diet onboard due to no total guarantee that meat is kosher or halal. Kosher meals are available if P&O are notified in advance but they are not freshly prepared, not sure if the same applies to halal. Jewish law states that they should not eat meat and milk at the same time but this does not equate to being vegan because they can and do eat meat without dairy products.
  12. It certainly seems to be sunny here in Wales. Breakfast outside overlooking the sea coming up (maybe). They say Easter eggs are suffering from shrinkflation. I can think of no better reason to increase the number you consume. Any contributions welcome. 😇
  13. I very much doubt it and cannot remember ever seeing a dartboard anywhere on board. May be a bit hazardous in rough seas and your throwing action may suffer (as may any fellow passengers who get too close). You may also have some questions to answer when your luggage is scanned prior to boarding.
  14. I am a little envious that not only can you afford cruises but stamps as well 😊
  15. If you have an iPad or iPhone (and probably others), you can record bp readings in the phone’s ‘health app’. This then stores the information and produces graphs of readings that can show trends etc. My GP is happy to accept these readings rather than the one done in the surgery which tends to be higher, due to ‘white coat syndrome’ - the increased stress of being in the presence of a GP. When I bought my machine, my GP advised me to use an upper arm monitor because he said that the wrist monitors are generally less accurate.
  16. Really pleased you have got the all clear to go on your cruise Josie. It is about time you had some good news together with a nice break.
  17. From our experience a few years ago, if the weather is that bad, it is unlikely that there will be gaps through the clouds that may allow the Northern Lights to be seen. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and the skies clearer. At least Alta is a good place to see them from the ship.
  18. And of course it is not your static seaside palace that I am looking at as I type. 👍
  19. To be respectful to P&O, maybe green bean tin cans would be more appropriate. Presumably I am not considered to be new. 😉
  20. If on Arvia and Iona, surplus tables are available to those wishing to pay a supplement, I have no issue. On smaller ships that do not have surplus tables it would be an issue. If they want to reuse my table after I have used it, that would be OK but not before if it meant I would have to wait. I don’t think that would be unreasonable.
  21. You will need a very big whip to extort 79 million dollars from us.
  22. I have no idea but in all honesty, I think it is unlikely to happen.
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