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  1. Thanks for thinking of us Josy. As far as I know our power stayed on all last night and all is well. I have just driven back to Stoke from Nottingham in torrential rain for the first 20 miles. A bit scary especially on the M1 for about 10 miles. Variable speed limits had not been activated and there were a surprising number of idiots in the outside lane travelling much too fast in such conditions. Mind you, if the speed limit had been reduced, they would probably not have noticed or realised they would be much safer travelling more slowly.
  2. Clearly it did deteriorate from earlier in the evening. I hope everyone is OK and grateful they were on Aurora because I suspect some other ships may have been even less comfortable (if that seems possible).
  3. Cruisemapper shows she has passed Stavanger and is sailing in a South Westerly direction into the North Sea. Wind is 18 m/s, sailing at 17 knots in rough 2.7 metre seas. Not too bad at the moment, hopefully it won’t deteriorate.
  4. On our only cruise this year, the day in November when we sailed towards Alta in the company of countless whales, watching two sea eagles fishing alongside Aurora whilst being mobbed by gulls when we had docked and then sitting watching the Northern Lights to complete the most amazing magical day at sea.
  5. It saddens me that a plane full of adults need to have their seat belts checked and be told to sit down when the seat belts on sign is lit. If the situation is potentially so hazardous that seat belts are required, once they have done their other safety duties (stowing the trolleys etc), it is only reasonable for crew to be allowed to sit with their belts on rather than go down the aisle to tell adults to sit down and belt up.
  6. They do serve the garlic the other way up though so I am not sure.
  7. My considered opinion is that the Glasshouse is picture 2.
  8. Pete junior has returned from his ‘park run’, presents opened and Alexa has just turned on the tree lights.
  9. Merry Christmas to all ‘virtual friends’ on here (and a couple of actual ones) wherever you are and especially to those who are not well. Loin of pork for dinner today and turkey tomorrow when we have at least the immediate family all together. I hope whatever you do and whoever you do it with, everybody has a wonderful time, even if it has to be slightly delayed. Cue loads of pictures of turkeys and the trimmings in a few hours time, but please, no Costa, MacDonalds, Greggs etc today.🎅🏼🥳
  10. I would happily pay more because Lisbon is one of my favourite ports. For such a small amount, I am fairly sure P&O would absorb it as an extra cost, at least until the cruises for summer 2026 become available.
  11. I can’t see why any work would be needed. As Moley says, ships are maintained daily and the distance travelled on a world cruise can’t be much different from 100 days of shorter cruises. The ships don’t normally have any rest with the quick turnarounds in Southampton. Last month I went to Arctic Norway on Aurora. She had just returned from a trans Atlantic cruise, and when we returned, she did a short Northern Europe followed by the Canaries and back.
  12. But let us not let the facts as you have so helpfully provided get in the way of another ‘scare story’ based on no evidence apart from their age. Aurora last month was excellent, comfortable and a pleasure to sail on.
  13. So sorry to hear of another long hospital stay. Hopefully you are now back at home and on the mend. Have a great Christmas and thanks for your efforts at keeping us in order again this year.
  14. I agree that those are imperative, just check that the financial level of cover meets P&Os requirements. I presume it will, but best to make sure. I mentioned the extras that cruise cover provides because I know some get disappointed when they fail to get cover for things like missed ports because they do not take out this extra cover.
  15. For Christmas Day, you could probably use last year’s copy because it rarely changes year from year. I expect it will include Eastenders, Coronation Street, Dr Who, Call the Midwife, a couple of ‘celebrity’ game shows and a spin off from Strictly Come Dancing.
  16. Covering cruises and cruise cover can be different things. Covering cruises can be interpreted as meaning they will cover a cruise in the same way as any other package holiday. Cruise cover is likely to cover extras such as missed port cover along with the more basic things.
  17. Another thing to find out is whether they provide the minimum level of cover that P&O require.
  18. I hope you enjoy your cruise and manage to see the lights as we did.
  19. I agree with what people are saying about this being a common but unwelcome and in some cases misleading marketing ploy but just to say that whilst onboard Aurora recently, my son bought himself an expensive watch which was about 25% cheaper than he could have bought it for online. The 10% loyalty discount reduced the price and increased the saving further.
  20. I don’t really know why I was not upfront about naming Times Radio but I just felt the hint was preferable. Despite the ownership of the paper, I think it gives good news coverage but the presenters are more informal than on R4 as they don’t have the apparent requirement for complete seriousness. However, as with every media outlet, selective listening could give grounds for complaints of bias if listeners have such an agenda.
  21. I may tell you about it sometime but it is associated with a famous broadsheet newspaper that is not the torygraph. Only on DAB radio though.
  22. Obviously neither of us are on their mailing lists. I don’t know for certain whether this is a conspiracy theory or not, but I heard it on a reputable radio news channel (not BBC) this morning.
  23. I believe that a certain right wing party / company for which he is principal shareholder and a TV news channel for which he works both sent lots of emails to their supporters asking them to download the I’m a celebrity app and use the 5 free votes every night to keep Farage in. It doesn’t quite seem within the spirit of the programme, although I presume others had backing within social media groups.
  24. I disagree with your logic. The speciality restaurants are there for anybody to use, regardless of their cabin grade and can fill up very quickly. Reducing availability for 95% of passengers in favour of the few who choose to have a suite is unfair. An extra restaurant specifically for those in suites would be fairer, just like at breakfast (which uses a speciality restaurant that would otherwise be closed). How easy would it be to find the space for such a restaurant exclusively for the use of suite dwellers I am not sure but that way, existing restaurants would not be affected, in fact it would increase availability for the rest. It would almost certainly increase the price of suites though.
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