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  1. Tuesday at 10 tradition kept but no toe curling video message either ... progress ... the usual refund feedback added to the other Iona posts. Hopefully he'll spare us all a Christmas address too🤦 We had another cruise cancelled in the latest cull - number 5 ... but to be honest we saw this coming and had decided to ditch it anyway ... I'm not too sure whether or not this will allow all of the ships to enter the Summer 21 season in some capacity - many unknowns still.
  2. Yes, if you particularly like the bath robes then they can be purchased either beforehand online or onboard for about £40 for two... bit cheaper than paying the upgrade 😉 New P&O slippers are available in abundance on eBay for about £2 😁
  3. https://thecanarynews.com/2020/10/22/the-government-of-the-canary-islands-has-authorised-cruise-ships-to-operate-between-the-canarian-ports/ Yes, it's correct that the Canary Islands require negative tests. However, this article implies that the Government has been working with a number of the cruise companies to find a way for their Winter itineraries to be - theoretically - possible, which makes sense given how critical tourism is to those economies. Emphasis on theoretically... https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidnikel/2020/08/03/norway-says-no-to-cruises-after-hurti
  4. On the same topic, our next balance is due to P&O direct on Christmas Eve... The issues are: -- The cruise is supposed to be on Aurora. Most of the intelligence suggests that if a restart is attempted early in the New Year, it is going to be on the larger ships and possibly on "no stop" itineraries. -- Unlike the Canary Islands, it does not appear that the Norwegians are as keen on the international cruise lines having itineraries. -- Beyond seeing the beautiful fjords, any of the scenic stops are severely limited if you are prevented from d
  5. Hello, This came up a little while ago. The feeling was that capacity management measures are already in play (i.e. inflated prices for new 2021 bookings) and that enough passengers will choose to "self cull," by moving their deposits. If it comes to it, economics will drive the issue most probably, but as I say, I haven't heard anything recently suggesting that anyone will be forcibly "bumped." Hope this helps.
  6. Yes, I'd agree - it's probably a recognition that some people are more careful with their money, given the continuing impact of the pandemic. I'd be surprised if P&O go after the drinks and speciality dining costs that much... that's too obvious to their generally loyal, repeat passengers. Hopefully costs will not be cut in other ways, such as staffing ratios in MDR and cabins. Interestingly, the limited booking incentives seem to be untouched.
  7. There was much speculation as to how P&O would approach their price point for the 2022 brochure release given the following: - Lower income for 2020 and 2021, including the costs of implementing the social distancing and capacity reduction measures. - The perception that with the loss of Oceana and gain of Iona, that P&O would be serving another "space" in the Carnival market. - Need to reclaim the 25pc bonuses given out to passengers for disruption in 2020 etc! It does appear from a look at 2022 that P&O are either thinking that they can reclaim l
  8. No, we won't be bothering whilst the current customer service standards and restrictive policies around not being able to disembark without a cost penalty are still around...
  9. Ah, that's an easy one...no clues needed here... I'm glad that I'm not a cruise because I don't receive a pager for my meals when I can see tables of the relevant size free with my own eyes, as confirmed by the computer... Instead, I can do what I do for the rest of the year which is to enjoy meals at our own table without being asked at least three or four times "are you able to share a table...?" Drives me nuts!!
  10. I imagine that P&O would still insist on paid for excursions even if they did own such a private island 🏝️😷🤦
  11. Yes I agree with this. There are a few points in favour of direct booking as an experienced passenger: -- Some passengers from certain occupational backgrounds (for example the health service) are entitled to additional OBC, if, and only if, they book direct and by phone. It's not very much but it's something. -- Previously P&O (but not now), used to appear on cashback websites. This meant that if you made an online booking direct, you could often achieve the same if not a better discount than going to a TA. For anyone interested, Fred Olsen and Royal Caribbean still o
  12. My hope is that anyone booking a cruise in summer 2022, for whatever reason, is able to enjoy a good holiday when the time arrives. It is a shame that passengers who do require to book accessibility cabins are required to make reservations so far in advance because the provision of such facilities is relatively low compared with the size of the ships, and contrasts adversely with the proportion of people who need these facilities to allow them to enjoy a cruise ship holiday. Clearly accessibility cabins are made available on most lines but the dates where bookings are
  13. Reading this post, it just makes me reflect on why so many passengers appear to be feverishly waiting for the Summer 2022 brochure. There appears to be little genuine excitement around itineraries and price is still unknown. Yes, we all want something positive to look forward to, but surely the best strategy is to wait and see what happens and not book early on this occasion, or book with another company, or book another type of holiday? Why rush to trade in your FCC? If new bookings reduce markedly then the policy will change, probably slowly, but change it will. Th
  14. Hi Sue, At the moment the answer is yes. However, there have been various notes by P&O on social media stating that the policy may change at any time to standard terms, which involves an administrative fee (£100 and the new cruise must be more expensive). P&O haven't said definitively if and when they are going to change the policy. That said, the current belief of at least some of the contributors on here is that the policy will either change: 1) When the new brochure is launched - to prevent passengers from dodging their current broc
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