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  1. The new V&A museum in Dundee,s first exhibition is “Ocean Liners, Speed and Style”. For cruise enthusiasts it’s well worth a visit. P&Os is not the most heavily featured line however there are some items and information on display. The chairs from the dining room for example were beautifully carved and the water jugs a heavy silver coloured metal with elegant handles and lids. Everything looked solid and well made. New ships have their own charm but seeing the fixtures and fittings, menus, clothing etc from a bygone era was fascinating. I used to keep lots of odd bits and pieces from the days that tickets came in motiffed wallets, the menus to take home in printed covers and the ships log was on decent paper with lots of detail, not just a quick photocopy, not so much more recently. Does anyone have anything squirrelled away in the attic that would be of interest to cruisers in 50 years time?
  2. Eglesbrech

    New Autumn deals

    Oh for the halcyon days of % off offers on drinks. Nanny Nicola won’t allow us offers on wine. You are correct about the used car sales, more and more companies are like that now. The true test is 3 or 4 weeks before a cruise that is not selling particularly well, see what happens to the prices then.
  3. Eglesbrech

    Azura - Brodies Drinks Menu

    Joan You can add this to the general prices thread, just if you want to of course, I’ve bumped it back up for ease of reference. Thanks for adding this, always interesting to see.
  4. Eglesbrech

    A record of onboard prices

    I’ve bumped this back up for any more recent additions. Also, as most of us will know by now, but some new to CC or P&O may not, the auto tips stop in May 19.
  5. If you can see it better on a phone that’s probably one of the background changes that we don’t see. I use an iPad so now have a stream of photos and adverts down the right hand side all the time. There seems to be something wrong with the view counter. For the top lot of posts they can have several replies but show as zero views for some reason. I wonder if it counts something different. i am also seeing a star for posts I have added to and a dot for those I haven’t opened yet. I’m sure there are other features I have not yet. Like everything new it will take a bit of getting used to I suppose.
  6. Eglesbrech

    Where is Search option

    Yes I tried that search and got the same, a masssive list for every cruise line. Has anyone figured out how to sift by forum yet?
  7. Eglesbrech

    New Autumn deals

    Keep getting timed ticker tapes from them. Apparently only 20 hours, 11 minutes and 19 seconds to go. 🎉 whoohoo. Thats of course until their next super dooper, can’t be beat, buy it now, be there or be square deal is released in another fortnight or so. I will of course take a look as you never k ow when there might actually be something worthwhile.
  8. Eglesbrech

    German Waterways

    The crossing from Rosyth was fine, flat calm. We have usually been very lucky crossing the North Sea but like every sea crossing it is luck. The transit up the Keil canal is dead flat calm. Bremen is really nice but be advised you are still out of the city centre even on a small Fred ship and need a shuttle in. The berth we went to was near a large shopping centre. There is lots to see and do in Bremen centre, great shopping and some really nice places to eat. Keil is a bit more rough and ready but the ship docked within walking distance, just follow the blue line to the town centre. Warnemund is is an easy DIY as you are right in the centre. Lots of lovely local shops and bars etc. Hamburg was a shuttle port. Again lots to see and do DIY. You can get a HOHO bus near the shuttle drop off, you can book a round trip on the lake or a tour of the Town Hall which is fascinating (the English speaking tour was 11am but we booked it at 9.30 as it is busy, only 5 euros and well worth it). We also found a lovely beer Keller with the traditional foods, beers in stines and staff is lederhosen and drindel. There is a lovely department store on the water front with a great choice of food stops and champagne bar etc - Alsterhause. We enjoyed this trip
  9. I got an email notification when Dai quoted my post. That’s new as well.
  10. I’m struggling to see things on this new system. It has taken me a week to get onto it! Where is the thread search facility? There is a new heart, it that a ‘like” system?
  11. Eglesbrech

    M27 J 3 and 4 closed this weekend

    Great thanks, in the diary.
  12. Eglesbrech

    Embarkation day lunch

    Yes they do food on embarkation day and yes they close for the drill, usually a bit before it so factor that in when ordering food. We have had lunch there many times on embarkation to avoid the bun fight in the buffet.
  13. Eglesbrech

    M27 J 3 and 4 closed this weekend

    For any of the locals do you happen to know the closure dates next year? If anyone has them I will note in my diary and avoid cruises at that time. I’m sure others would like to do the same.
  14. Eglesbrech

    Carnival Stock Down

    Thanks. May buy some. We have done well with the perks on other share issues for other companies. The perks are worth more than the dividends.
  15. Eglesbrech

    Carnival Stock Down

    How many shares do you need to buy for the OBC etc?