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  1. They also offer curry quite regularly for lunch time MDR and it is fairly good (quite mild spicing for my taste but nice enough).
  2. It does seem a shame that they are not offering club for those who enjoy it. Perhaps they might offer it if they can’t fill the ships with the ”new cruisers” during the quieter months. It would be an easy thing to change if all freedom does not work out.
  3. No.you just turn up and either get seated or given a pager to wait.
  4. Not to mention the thinly veiled sales pitches disguised as beauty talks (punting creams etc), detox talks (selling pills) and arthritis seminars (punting insoles) etc etc. If you take all of these type of activities and the pay for ones like bingo (which we don’t do) then there is not much left. IMO P&O compares well for evening entertainment but through the day on sea days there is very little on offer compared to other lines. I end up reading on the balcony. We love for example the ice skating on RC, putting green on Princess and the croquet on the lawn on Celebrity. Cant have it all on every line I suppose.
  5. I think I was, a perfect storm of a full ship and too many new and inexperienced staff.
  6. Britannia. We ended up booking extra pay restaurants on several nights as it was such a pain.
  7. No, we are happy to share and have been on all sized tables. We tend to eat later at about 8pm. On the last cruise we went at 7pm to get a pager as that was the only way to get dinner around the time we normally eat. On the formal night the wait was ridiculous. When we were seated most nights there were lots of free tables but they had not been reset, staff shortages or lack of experience would be my guess.
  8. I am going the opposite direction. We have chosen freedom since it was introduced but based on our last experience of it will be going back to club next time. There is no point in having “freedom” if you end up waiting over an hour to get a table, even when prepared to share. When freedom came in at first I don’t even recall them having pagers (if they did we were never given one, so no wait). The service in freedom has gone down hill. I think however that you are correct about it eventually coming to all ships except the adult only ones.
  9. That will spoil you for absolutely everything else, P&O have nothing that compares (but Then P&O obviously costs much less).
  10. The benefit being a good meal. Casual is in the eye eye of the beholder. I think that the modern trend for ripped jeans is just scruffy but accept that I am not on trend.
  11. As a rule no but he can if it gets really hot, which is sometimes does. My husband wears a waistcoat for the same reason, still looks smart with his kilt and waistcoat. If anyone is cheeky enough to demand that he puts a jacket back on (very unlikely by the way) then ask for the air con to be turned up to full and then wait for the complaints from the ladies in flimsy dresses. 😈
  12. I agree with you entirely and made the same point when the news about the packages came out at first. Nothing is for nothing so the “free” packages are being paid for somehow. Im sure there are a lot of adult couples with one drinker and one t - totaler who would love to pay for one package and get a soft drinks one for free.
  13. Personally I think that this is interesting. On our recent cruise there were younger people with formal clothes that were a more modern take on “formal” but looked great. You can’t say that it is not a dark suit. One of my younger relatives has suits like this, even one made of Christmas fabric. They are a very popular “look”.
  14. Yes travel agents used to be great, we used a local one for many years until they closed down. The problem is that as a result of the massive increase over recent years in web based sales a lot of travel agents have closed down. In more rural areas there are now none left so there is no choice but to do a web based booking (or by telephone which is never great). As John said above the best sites tend to be the big specialist agencies.
  15. Interesting theory. Perhaps I am just a mean Scot but I don’t book anything with a view to cancelling and losing a deposit and I assume most people don’t want to lose money either. I do however think that life is less secure than it used to be, people don’t have jobs for life or even much job security so perhaps they book in good faith then something changes employment wise and they either don’t have the money or can’t get the annual leave. Who knows.
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