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  1. Eglesbrech

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    To be fair Dai this was not a rumour, it was reported by a regular poster after personal experience of it and he checked it with guest services.
  2. Eglesbrech

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    That makes much more sense. On day one everything would be set up anyway and if the staff are up early it gives them a bit of a break.
  3. Eglesbrech

    Our Brexit Promise

    I would agree which is why I tried to bring it back to cruising at #8.
  4. Eglesbrech

    Our Brexit Promise

    I started this to discuss the P& O cruises Brexit promise, a legitimate topic about cruising with the company this forum is about.
  5. Eglesbrech

    Website freezing when I try to do online booking

    I had exactly the same issue on my iPad but it worked perfectly on my desktop. If you have one, try going in via another type of device. Good luck
  6. Eglesbrech

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    Thanks for doing that Graham. To be honest I would have been sceptical about this if it was not coming from a known source. Did anyone on your cruise comment on the changes on your cruise? Do you know how long the trial if for? I can’t find anything about this on the P& O website nor can I find any information about cabin steward duties anymore, I’m sure there used to be something about it. I have to say I have my concerns about all of this if it moves from a trial to become a permanent change. 1. It dumbs down the P &O product yet again. I am not a messy person but I do like coming back from dinner to a tidy bathroom with fresh towels, clean glasses etc. It’s a nice part of cruising. 2. What happens about Pullman and sofa beds, are they permanently down. That would make the cabin feel smaller for families. 3. When is the cleaning done, not happy about my cabin potentially not being done until Pm. 4. What impact will this have on hygiene. Constant cleaning controls bugs eg noro 5. Yet again it is a potential change (though only a trial) made after people have booked and paid for their cruise and with no notification. Becoming a P&O habit. 6. PM Ice and lemon - enough said.😀 I always paid the autotips but many did not (nor paid in cash) apparently. It appears that this trial, which Graham has highlighted, is perhaps a direct result of them going: there always had to be some way for the company to claw back the money and this could be it.
  7. Eglesbrech

    How do free tips actually work?

    It will only apply to booking made during the period it is advertised. I have no idea how they do it but we have had tips (and drinks) included cruises and the staff seem happy enough so I presume it is covered somhow but no idea how.
  8. Eglesbrech

    Our Brexit Promise

    I’ll keep my thoughts on Brexit to myself and get this back to cruising. 😀 It is telling that a cruise going out on 29 March is offering service charge free (pre the change in May) in addition to cheap prices etc. Cruises right after any change may experience the start of issues, then again it may be business as usual but at the moment no one knows. Purchasing euros is already much more expensive so holidays are going up in price if staying in Europe.
  9. Eglesbrech

    Smuggling News Story

    If I was Costa or Cunard I would not then be pleased that my vessel was in a photo above this story. This was on on the radio news this morning which is unusual if it happened on 4 December. It does however seem to be the same story and as the Juggler says, it was not a lucky hit, it seems to have been intelligence led and they were arrested in Lisbon. The fact that it was profiling and not blind luck / baggage checks is why I was asking about profiling versus how often we get checked disembarking ships.
  10. Eglesbrech

    Smuggling News Story

    “A British couple have been detained after a "large amount of cocaine" was found on a cruise ship returning from the Caribbean.” The above is a quote from the news today. The couple of pensioners had cocaine stashed in 4 suitcases. None of the reports I have seen so far say which ship this was on, one news agency is showing a picture of a Costa ship, another a Cunard vessel. In reality could this be any ship coming back on a transatlantic crossing from the Caribbean ? I have only ever been stopped once at Southampton to have my cases checked coming back into the UK and it was cigarettes they were looking for (I don’t smoke so had none). Is the profiling so good at Southampton that they don’t need to check or is the number of passengers just so high that customs can’t check everything? How often have you been checked or seen other people being checked coming back into Southampton?
  11. Eglesbrech


    The change is set for May however some earlier cruises are already advertising as “service charge included” as early as March as a “special offer”. Effectively the service charge is already dead in the water and P & 0 are aware of it.
  12. Eglesbrech


    Yes the same acts tend to do the rounds across the fleets, it can get a bit boring. There used to be bigger names on the cruise ships in years gone by but then the cost of a cruise is much cheaper now so there will not be the money available for higher quality/ more expensive acts and bands. The Limelight on Britannia has some of the type of “names” that used to be on as standard in the main entertainment venues. I do think that a good entertainment manager can make a real difference to how well the daily schedules run and the general professionalism of the team even if they don’t personally select the acts.
  13. Eglesbrech

    Will never book early again!

    It is indeed really annoying and also very rude of people to tell you what they paid. We have benefitted from some really great last minute deals but I would never mentioned it to anyone onboard as it is so annoying when it happens the other way round.
  14. Eglesbrech

    P & O Revised Dress/Alcohol Code

    You’ll also find that the room service and bar prices are much cheaper than on US cruise lines.
  15. Eglesbrech

    P & O Revised Dress/Alcohol Code

    This policy is aimed at clothing that might offend taste and decency. I suspect the images / slogans bit is aimed at stag and hen parties on shorter cruises.