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  1. Yes, it all feels a bit Dickensian does it not. Meals are covered over the school holidays up here so looking from the outside in it’s sad to see children go hungry at the vote of MPs but really heartening to see the English publics amazing spirit of generosity filling the gap.
  2. We only ever stay over as it’s a long journey from here. We have stayed in various different hotels over the years. Enjoyed the Betty's there and in York. I like the fat rascals and the curd tarts. Good cup of tea as well.
  3. Harrogate is beautiful. There is lots to see and do, they also have an amazing music festival every year (except this one!) with world class musicians and conductors. We have been there many times to enjoy it. Lovely shops and places to eat too.
  4. The difference you describe for the holiday weekend is that your money was held, not used for a firm booking. You had not created a new contract. As I understand it once an FCC is used you have created a new discrete contract. The normal rules apply to that new contract. Harsh but otherwise the liability could go on for ever, some folks have had several cruises cancelled and rebooked with the same money. That is why I asked for all my refunds in cash, while I lost the added bonus I avoided the issue with any further 2nd cancellations. I suspect that P&O bowed to the bad publicity.
  5. Yes you have been missed. I always enjoyed your sensible contributions.
  6. I’m so glad I took all my P&O refunds as cash now.
  7. The vetted trips really jumped out to me as well. I don’t fancy being herded about as the only way to see the ports I have paid to sail to. What is now on offer, while understandable, is not what people booked. As just one example lots of people book select to get freedom dining and that’s gone. Social distancing in theatres probably means that not everyone will get to see the shows, seats are already at a premium on some ships. This is now a totally different holiday.
  8. Thanks for the link. Having just read through the information that does not sound like a relaxing holiday to me. I think a lot of people will choose not to cruise under these restrictions.
  9. Cheese monger looks interesting, I will investigate further. Thanks. I have not tried knuckleduster, must look out for it as I like trying something new. Another one to look out for is blue murder, you might like that if you like flavourful cheese. I did not know that Waitrose had ever stocked the Minger, shame they have stopped.
  10. I am a great cheese lover, the smellier the better. I know it’s not the healthiest thing but small pleasures. Have you tried a Scottish cheese called the Minger - it really stinks but it’s so tasty. Any local cheese you could recommend?
  11. Funny I’ve been thinking that way about things recently as well. Covid is making us all more aware of our mortality. With all the talk about a potential lockdown for Christmas I was mentally calculating how many more Christmases I might have. And yes simple things like pegs that last for a very long time so I might wear out before they do, quite a sobering thought. Then I thought well no need to be too carefulI if time is potentially limited, Good excuse to break out the cheese and lots of wine!
  12. Your GP should be able to help you, they can easily and legitimately prescribe 2mg of diazepam (Valium) for dental work, it’s not uncommon. You just take the tablet slightly in advance of the visit (let your dentist know so they make sure you are seen on time). You would not be the first or the last person to need minor sedation.
  13. It may be the same here for disability or folks on qualifying benefits. I only know that I and everyone I know has to pay but we all work or have good pensions.
  14. Porcelean Crowns, bridge work etc are seen as “cosmetic” as are white filling so a silver filling would be say £20 the last white one I had was £120. I think children might get basic crowns but adults don’t, again cosmetic. Basically the NHS does anything to relive pain and provide a reasonable replacement eg silver fillings. Anything else is at a cost. The problem is that they can “relive pain” by extracting a tooth which could be fixed. We also pay for basic check ups, polish and scale even on NHS (adults) but it’s only a small fee, last time about £12. We get “free” (paid for by all the extra tax we pay above the national rate) prescriptions here but pay a lot for dental work and glasses etc. Most of the extra tax goes to university fees!
  15. Yes it has very quickly become a 2 tier system for the haves and the have nots. What worries me is that it will stay that way. I have paid privately for a long time as I don’t want silver fillings or an extraction when a root canal treatment and crown would be better. I know I am lucky to have that choice. While I don’t think the NHS should pay for consmetic items it should not be leaving people in pain and right now that is what is happening to many people who can’t aford the high fees.
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