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  1. I find cemeteries fascinating places, so much history. We have visited some interesting ones over the years. In Scotland a popular wedding present used to be a burial plot (yes really) and a headstone with all the engraving on, here lies x born 1.2.34, except the date of death. Migration meant that many young married couple moved to the USA or Australia and the empty plots and unfinished stones were left behind, you can see them in many church yards. If you ever see a stone with no date of date that is probably why.
  2. We used to go out swimming on the loch which was freezing cold even at the height of summer but you never felt it as a child. Parents nowadays would be criticised for letting children loose in the deep cold water but ours knew we were very strong swimmers. We fished, had bbqs on open fires on the shore, slept out in tents. It was all very famous five but then most children had that kind of freedom (and no electronic devices).
  3. Never an easy time waiting and worrying. Here is hoping and praying for the “nothing”.
  4. Mine is no where near ready to pull any yet, just the first signs of life coming up. I love rhubarb crumble but I also like it in muffins instead of raisons, makes a more interesting flavour. I just slice it thin and add it raw to the muffin batter. Such an underrated fruit / vegetable. I’ve heard it referred to as both.
  5. Well it was bright and sunny if a bit cold here so I put the towels out on the line to dry, love the fresh smell of air and herbs you get. Half an hour later, it starts to snow! I’ve just left them out there as the sun is forecast again later. It was however amusing to see snow towels, old adverts for getting whites white - well they were really white today🥶
  6. If you can get an appointment! I have mine 😀 Its about the only thing we can do. We are still locked in our local areas and nothing much changes until 26 April. Even when things do start to open there are still many limits and restrictions. The much hated levels system is still in place here so the restrictions and uncertainty just go on and on and on..... at least you have a potential final escape from it all.
  7. Buona Pasqua. (I only know that as I got an Easter card from our favourite hotel). What would you normally be doing in Italy?
  8. Well yesterday we had a long walk and sat out in the garden enjoying the brilliant sunshine, I had to hide indoors every so often to cool down. Today it is. Blowing a Gale and freezing cold. Predicted to be minus 3 overnight and sleet. Church and then egg rolling, my husband was eating chocolate before breakfast! It’s not the same without the family around, we usually have an Easter egg hunt in the garden (I’m told I’m quite competitive and can’t have move for an “old”lady) Easter blessing all whatever you are doing today.
  9. The first thing that came to my mind with the name was RV recreational vehicle, these big ugly white Winnebagos from the USA. Its not an iconic name choice.
  10. That’s my breakfast most Sundays. We eat a lot of fish and I don’t think I have found one that I don’t like so far (except the smelly Icelandic fermented shark, that would absolutely give you the dry boke). We stay regularly at the same hotel in Lake Garda and they often serve “the fish of the lake”, I have no idea what species the blighter is but it comes straight off the water to the kitchens and is delicious with lemon and rosemary butter. Also love the bbq sardines of the pavement boat shaped bbqs in Spain. Funny how the U.K. is an island but people don’
  11. Could be worse, they are threatening negative rates. When I was young and had nothing in the bank and a mortgage, interest rates were in double figures. Now I have no mortgage and savings they offer zero point something. I agree with your whinge entirely.
  12. I have a gutting knife that my dad gave me a long, long time ago. He taught me how to catch and how to prepare the fish for eating with respect. If you catch it, you eat it was his philosophy. I still love fresh fish, caught and prepared with respect for nature.
  13. Well in normal times, we go to the Tay, fish, gut the fish, smoke the fillets then eat. No waste, fresh and tasty.
  14. You know I just bet that the senior executives at P&O didn’t give a thought to the fact that their shiny, elegant new ship would end up being referred to as “our Vera” but it is just so apt. It’s like when you choose a child’s name, you consider all the ways in which it can be shortened, how it looks with the second name, what the initials could stand for etc etc. Looks like P&O didn’t do that 😀. I think there will be a lot of interest whatever is presented as people will just be desperate to have something to look forward to that is almost guaranteed to actuall
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