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  1. Eglesbrech

    M27 J 3 and 4 closed this weekend

    Great thanks, in the diary.
  2. Eglesbrech

    Embarkation day lunch

    Yes they do food on embarkation day and yes they close for the drill, usually a bit before it so factor that in when ordering food. We have had lunch there many times on embarkation to avoid the bun fight in the buffet.
  3. Eglesbrech

    M27 J 3 and 4 closed this weekend

    For any of the locals do you happen to know the closure dates next year? If anyone has them I will note in my diary and avoid cruises at that time. I’m sure others would like to do the same.
  4. Eglesbrech

    Carnival Stock Down

    Thanks. May buy some. We have done well with the perks on other share issues for other companies. The perks are worth more than the dividends.
  5. Eglesbrech

    Carnival Stock Down

    How many shares do you need to buy for the OBC etc?
  6. Good that they honoured what they had advertised. I have got to the point now with all holiday companies that I take a snapshot of what was advertised when I booked. In years gone by you had a brochure to rely on, now with the web they can and as you have just demonstrated do change the wording on their site in an instant. In this case P&O are obviously doing so to avoid any further misunderstandings, which is fine. I have recent experience with another travel company where they changed the description of a product online after I complained about it being misleading and inaccurate on arrival at the hotel. The only way I could prove what they had origionally advertised and what they had subsequently very quickly changed was as a result of having the snapshot from the day I booked. I would recommend this as a useful thing to do.
  7. Eglesbrech

    Aurora 16th Sept missing lady

    The ship should have made an appropriate announcement as they did on the occasion I mentioned above. They made it clear you needed a card with you. That said it’s surely common sense that they can’t take blood if you don’t know what group you are (and can prove it). Well done for helping out Josy.
  8. Eglesbrech

    Aurora 16th Sept missing lady

    We have had that on P&O as well but they can only take it if you have a blood doner card or something official with you to prove your specific blood type or that you can be a universal doner with resus -. It was not my blood type they needed but ever since then I have a blood doner card with my passport, just in case. I would be grateful if it was me who needed a pint or two!
  9. Eglesbrech

    Iona past guest discount?

    So in short it’s actually just a 5% discount.
  10. Lots of places do a nice afternoon tea but these are some of most central. They all need booked up well in advance. You can look at their websites for the details and prices. The Blamoral at number 1 Princess Street (right above Waverley Station). Iconic hotel, they usually have a harpist at afternoon tea. You can’t miss this hotel and the doormen here are always happy to help tourist with directions etc. This is the poshest place if you want iconic but not actually the best for the food Harvey Nicols is a top end shop on Multrees Walk (2 minute walk from Princess Street). This whole Street has expensive designer shops.Their afternoon tea is served on the top floor and the views over the city are nice if you get the right table. For me this is just a shop cafe except for the view. The Dome, George Street (the next big street back from Princes Street) This is a lovely building with doric columns and a massive dome on top. They do a good afternoon tea and if you are late in. November then their Christmas decorations are really lovely to see. There are always question here for people who have not booked and the food is generally good The Waldorf Astoria the Caledonia is about half way along Princess Street. Their afternoon tea is served in a massive lounge with nice comfortable couches and lots of natural light and again if It is late November the decorations are great. The food and choice of tea is good. I like their house blend of tea. The National art gallery cafe in Princess Street gardens also does a very nice afternoon tea and you can people watch looking out over the gardens. Large glass fronted cafe. Yes the underground vaults are well worth seeing but go to the official one Mary Kings Close which runs under the Royal Mile. They are a little dark and creepy but the guides are good and tell the story of old Edinburgh, again you need to book a time slot in advance as they are really popular. https://www.realmarykingsclose.com/ Sorry I don’t know anywhere in or near the city where you would see a Highland cow. They are big creatures that need solid fencing in so generally they are on farms in the countryside. I hope someone else can help with this.
  11. Eglesbrech

    Price tracking websites

    These companies never seem to last very long. I have followed several over the years and they then all just disappear. I can’t see where they make money, other than perhaps advertising and I just bet the cruise companies don’t like them. They must use the cruise companies public information to do the track so perhaps eventually they manage to block them. Fred Olsen for example only lets you do 2 searches for a cabin before you are asked to tick the “I am not a robot” button and select “ all the pictures with cars / statues / roadsigns” There used to be one that actually showed all the cabins that were left on ships (rather than just the 8 you get to see normally) so if you were booking a guarantee you could see if there were any real horrors left that you might be allocated. I would also be interested if there are any other alternatives still out there.
  12. Eglesbrech

    British Night on Fred

    The most recent British night we saw was a little cheesy for my tastes but it is just one night after all and you can’t please all of the people all of the time. They did something for each UK nation so highland dancing for Scotland, river dance for Ireland, pearly King & queens for England etc etc. A lot of people wore red white and blue but as Heywood said kind of last night of proms vibe. If it’s not your thing you can just give it a side step.
  13. Eglesbrech

    Iona; the beginning of the end for club dining?

    We have enjoyed both club and freedom but generally now prefer freedom. Offering only one style of dining takes away some of the value of a select fare as everyone gets the same regardless. If the cruise has no shuttles then the only thing left is cabin choice and on these large ships with lots of grades to choose from a saver is probably fine if you pick the correct grade. I also suspect on the newer ships with lots of alternative pay for dining there will be less pressure on the Mdr. Most nights a percentage of pax will be booked into a select restaurant so don’t need a freedom seat. I predict that formal night cocktails will go as they will be much more difficult to facilitate with 100% freedom dining. Who knows though.
  14. Eglesbrech

    The end of PSQ's

    Yes I would agree with that.
  15. Eglesbrech

    The end of PSQ's

    Yes good riddance to people feeling obliged to lie. Honest feedback helps an organisation to actually improve and address customer issues, if any.