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  1. I would agree. It seems to be quite random and nothing (or very little) to do with chasing them or otherwise.
  2. There seems to be some movement at least now Andy so hopefully not too long. We were not notified it would be coming, it just appeared so you may get a pleasant surprise out of the blue as well.🤞
  3. Checked my card this morning and the cruise fare refund is there, the sundries are still outstanding but will no doubt come later. 😀
  4. They are looking at legalising electric scooters and perhaps Segways which could be fun. We are never too old to learn a new skill, go for it with the driving (if you would have use for a car).
  5. When did you have the humour bypass Dave and did it hurt? And I was talking about my side by the way so no Carlisle.
  6. As usual you give us all a smile. How often have you traveled up to Scotland? Nipping over the border is only open to a very few small towns and villages unless they travel a much greater distance. Some in these villages have never left them (or only with great reluctance) and would never do anything as exotic as visiting the next village, far less another country 😉 There is the added issue that anyone going out in a car over the border has to come back and they are likely to get stopped and asked what they were doing, shortly followed by a fine. Yes the lack of WCs is likely to stop long journeys which will not be counted in miles but in potential “comfort” breaks.
  7. Yes in those circumstances I would do exactly the same. Stay well.
  8. Yes I’ve seen it and agreed with your post after it. I am a strong believer that everyone is entitled to their opinion but I sometimes find them hard to comprehend. There is a smugness in some comments and total lack of empathy for the fact that some people have lost jobs, are furloughed etc and need to pay the mortgage (thankfully not me). The other comment that really annoys me it the “you had paid the money anyway”. Yes people had and they expected to be wined and dined for 14 days on a ship, now they have to pay for 2 weeks groceries, entertainment for the children etc and P&O have their money. Again the smug responses of the obviously well to do with no understanding that it may be an extra pressure on family finances - they don’t even consider that. I am thankful that the worst this pandemic has meant for me is that I have several cancelled holidays but I am aware that other have much more to contend with.
  9. Happy weekend to you lucky folks who can go for a nice drive in the country or walk by the sea. Make the most of the freedom and good weather. We are still on lock down, hopefully in a week or two they will let us out as well. We were a week or two after the South in the virus hitting up here so I suppose patience is required.
  10. Some will and some defiantly won’t. It may mean that P&O are lower down the preference list which is now my position. Celebrity have treated me as a valued customer during this period, P&O have not so Celebrity will be the first choice. P&O may figure in as a late booking in early spring/ late autumn when the other companies leave the U.K. I think it will have some impact on future business but then so will many other factors.
  11. I would agree with that theory as I have now seen several people who both applied for and have cruise dates after mine receive their refund (and I’m glad for them that they have). The whole process is chaotic and Paul Ludlow,s statement of 2 days ago is simply wrong as so many people are now at or over 60 days. I am annoyed by P&O behaviour eg complete lack of communication. I have also become increasing irritated by the number of comments on social media from the P&O cheerleaders who seem to think that no one should have the temerity to want their money back in a reasonable timescale. The P&O excuses are wearing very thin. Other major cruise lines have managed refunds in around 30 days with just as many cancellations.
  12. You should perhaps mention that fact to Paul Ludlow, along with a copy of his statement yesterday saying they would be done in 60 days 😉
  13. I’m really glad for you but it just proves the point that this has not been done by date order as both our request for a refund and cruise date are before yours and so far nothing from P&O.
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