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  1. No so I have emailed the practice, at least they have until August to sort out any problems 🤞
  2. I checked the app this morning and it works well except my second jab 11 days ago is not on there. I may well email the practise as they have not updated their records
  3. Just checked the app and the site is experiencing technical difficulties, useful to know about the 35 day limit though and downloading the pdf will be very useful
  4. I booked a cruise direct with P&O a couple of weeks ago for November. As it was not a staycation cruise with 1 month final payment it was back to the normal 3 months before departure. Any longer than that may well be the travel agent giving themselves some wriggle room.
  5. Apparently 80% of men aged 80 have prostate cancer, usually slow growing. I am 70 and might have it, after all the tests and scans the result is inconclusive so they will monitor it with yearly blood tests etc. I draw some comfort that if I do have it eventually confirmed the 5 year survival rate is very high and not much lower for 10 years. Life expectancy is difficult to understand for some. If men have a life expectancy of 80 many believe that is how long you live. No, I think it means half the men born 80 years ago will have already died.
  6. There was a review of one of the MSC ships cruising the med with reduced capacity and they only had ONE speciality restaurant open. I guess they did not want all those chefs and waiters waiting around for the occasional customer!
  7. Yes, you don't need a SIM card but you do need a WiFi connection for example the one you have at home. Then when you are out and about the SIMless smartphone connects to any free WiFi
  8. I have one of those which is great for phone calls and texts. Mine is PAYG. I also have a cheap Android smartphone which does not have a SIM installed (I don't like touch screens). This works just fine with both the NHS Apps and lots of other stuff besides, it also has an emergency call option, apparently even smartphones without a SIM can still make emergency calls. I will take my Doro, Smartphone and the 119 paper copy, all sorted so no need to worry. 🙂
  9. I am long sighted since my cataract operations so I can't see the instructions clearly with my normal glasses on or of!. What they need is the instructions in BIG lettering at least 10 feet away
  10. Good point, I booked a saver? for my Iona 7 nighter because you could not book select!. P&O will have to clarify this soonest or it will be another debacle. I think I had some onboard credit anyway. I just did a dummy booking for August and it only lists the Early Saver option, maybe the Saver exclusion does not apply.
  11. P&O say that you can book with children but it also says everyone has to have had 2 jabs plus a week otherwise no boarding. So a few children may be aboard but only if they have had their jabs,
  12. Spirit and Celebration were sister ships. the only obvious difference was the shape of the bandstand aft of the pool. Explorer and Explorer 2 are different. Explorer 2 is the first of the Century Class and smaller than the others, as such the internal arrangements are more cramped with several venues not as good as Explorer, such as: No observation deck forward of Indigo Part of pool deck occupied by a restaurant Smaller and poorly laid out buffet No bar/terrace aft of the buffet No library, Explorer has the Attic on deck 8 Coffee Port one deck above
  13. Thinks, I took my glasses off before the face scan, just like the electronic passport scanners. My verification took about 40 minutes.
  14. We might have to wait some time for the letter if millions of people rush to get their copy. I imagine the 119 number being overwhelmed 😨
  15. Well as Britannia starts cruising in early July and my balance for Iona is not due until late July I will have the opportunity to abandon ship 🙂
  16. They keep the onboard cow in the Cows Nest which is that mysterious white space next to your cabin 😉 I think they do obtain bottled milk if available I now prefer UHT milk as the semi-skimmed tastes creamier than past your eyes. It lasts for months as well
  17. More staycation cruise fun. The Telegraph reports today that the free self administered lateral flow tests may not be valid for foreign travel. Concerns are that people don't do it properly and it is not accurate enough. I wonder what P&O will do?
  18. Just checked the deck plans and Iona has 92 EA and EB grade deluxe balconies, all on the 'hump' including 12 adapted cabins There are 8 ED grade, all aft adjacent to suites There are 14 EE and EF grade, all forward including 2 on the promenade deck! 92 into 14 don't go 😉
  19. They have not told me and I have been allocated an EB category.
  20. I booked the Iona 21st August cruise the day after the launch and wanted a balcony, none were available and I was offered a deluxe at a higher price, I guess the single occupancy for solo cruisers limits were kicking in. So I went ahead and booked anyway. I was allocated an EB grade on the hump, happy with that but now panicking. Those lower grade deluxe cabins forward are IMO not suitable for a scenic cruise with no port days, why? because they could be facing forward and you will get a 'refreshing' breeze straight in your face when the ship is moving, more like a howling gale if there is a h
  21. Forgot the robinsons squash'd, makes drinking the tap water pleasant
  22. If P&O have any common sense they will use the methods proposed by the Government and not relax in any way what they have already said about vaccination requirements. I suspect there will be considerable pressure within and without P&O to basically let anyone on the ships up to maximum capacity, after all, profit is god. If they bow to the pressure they will lose the confidence of a lot of cruisers who have booked the staycation cruises because VACCINATION PROOF is REQUIRED. Legislation makes no difference. P&O have adult only ships and Saga have a lower age limit as t
  23. When do you buy the drinks package?
  24. head and shoulders although I have hardly any hair, you can still get dandruff in your beard 😁 Oops, forgot the cup-a-soups and oxo cubes
  25. Indeed I can. I can also imagine the electronic verification going pear shaped while I am checking in at the Southampton Terminal with the problem being with my smart device, P&Os computer stuff or the government stuff. If so either chaos for all or tears for some. I don't cruise until late August. Meanwhile I will be dialling 119 every 2 or 3 days until I get the letter. I would also hope that the Gov will be prepared for an avalanche of letter requests.
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