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  1. First time we did a TA my now husband worried he'd be bored but he found it deeply relaxing and kept taking naps πŸ˜‚ (he was only just in his 40's!) for the first 3 days. We've we've don'e 6 more crossings since then (we do head onwards on arrival to visit friends). and still haven't got round to doing everything on offer nor have we felt bored. We aim to do 1-2 miles walking round the promenade deck a day, we enjoy cocktails before dinner. The lectures are usually very good so if we are vaguely interested we might stick our heads through though we also catch up with them on the in cabin TV the following day. We read or play ipad games and wander round the shops. We chat with other passengers. Sometimes on more recent crossings we'll do a quiz. We'll sit and listen to various musicians around the ship. We look at the gym & say we'll go there at some point (other than just to weigh ourselves!) In between all this we sample the food and drink offerings. Our most recent crossing had a 24 hour photo treasure hunt which was fun to do & quite challenging for a couple of things, its also a good way to familiarise yourself with the ship make you aware of how many artworks and staircases there are! You do need to know how to relax and fill your own time to enjoy a TA or be a joiner inner and partake of the more organised activities but if neither of those options appeal it might not be for you - though still worth doing once if you can get a good price because there is something about NY in relation to a crossing that makes you feel connected to all those who've made that journey in tha past.
  2. Nonetheless there has been a marked increase in cabin pricing. in the 5 years we've been travelling with Cunard I've seen the best priceI can get our balcony cabin on a crossing rise by around Β£300. On our second crossing our table mates had an inside cabin that had cost them Β£600 each (very last minute) which looking at this years prices for insides suggests there has been a 50% rise in price over 4 years (though I guess a bigger discount may be available at another given moments search). Drinks pricing has gone up significantly in that time too, I know the exchange rate hasn't helped in the last couple of years but the changes to measure & mixers is a noticeable extra cost. That said I still enjoy sailing with Cunard and hope it will remain enjoyable and affordable to do so for many years to come (and definitely until the share price picks up!) I see some of it as swings and roundabouts I miss the hot canapes and dislike olives so little changes like impact my enjoyment somewhat - I'm quite happy with crisps though so as long as they remain on offer all is well. Being fortunate enough to have sailed each year since the first trip I have become familiar with some offerings & know which my favourites are but that does mean I am less excited about trying all the different things. I don't have wide ranging experience of other lines but reading other boards everyone seems to say the same things about "it was better in the past"
  3. Not sure where the megabus picks up butthink its about a mile away at the station. We self disembark & go to the carpark just off the ship and are driving through the port gates between 7.45/8.00 am. Even with luggage I would think you could reach the bus pick up point on foot well before 9.20. Though there should be taxi's around too. Or a fellow traveller who could drop you in the vicinity.
  4. Yours seems like a good way. We live in Suffolk so do one way car hire to the port and National express back from the airport and have family take us the last 8 miles (or we could get a taxi). Theres a coach that leaves just about as we clear customs that we usually make though we always book the later one and change to the earlier one just in case of delays en route.
  5. We self disembark so are off early, we had a car booked for 7.45 to Newark - this time we used arecibo and have used Dial 7 with no problems in the past. There were plenty of cars/taxi's waiting. My son & mum used Uber there with no problem just over 18months ago. hth
  6. wenlyn

    QM2 Cabin Noise

    We usually go deck 4 balcony & have never had any issues with noise (only time we had an issue was deck 8 with a connecting door - though there are solutions to the door) These days we tend to go forward though in the past our cabins have been mid aft and aft. I'd probably take 4 over 6 as I think there is more likelihood of noise from the promenade deck coming through than drifting up from corridors & restaurants. Inside cabins may be different being situated directly over theatre or illuminations.
  7. I would think on a contained environment like a ship the tetrapak packaging could be collected up & shipped to a specialist recycling place in the same way the other recyclables are currently collected & off loaded.
  8. How quickly the human mind forgets the negatives 😁If I had to I would far rather ride a bike in New York on a day they close the roads over a normal day! (I saw your ferry passing as we arrived - though I couldn't see anyone taking pictures)
  9. Looking very dedicated. It really was horribly wet.
  10. wenlyn

    Kettle "taste"

    Thanks for all the replies I have to say I am pleased to report there was no funny tang to the kettle this time so perhaps we've just been unlucky in the past. Sorry for not responding sooner have had limited email access and haven't been getting mailing list updates. (It is the Cunard kettle I would never take my own electrics)
  11. Hi hope someone can help. We're sailing later today, yay! I was thinking as I've woken early due to excitement about the fact I find the kettle seem to taste of descaler even after I've boiled it a couple of times. I'm sure I read a comment on here where someone suggested boiling something in the kettle to take the taste away but despite several variations of searches I've had no luck. Google only tells me how to descale a kettle & not how to get rid of the chemical aftertaste so I'm hoping someone might read this before we board & I can get the necessary supplies!
  12. I'm sure it will be fine. Obviously you have asked for various extras & I can't speak to that as our needs have fortunately been simple enough to do an online booking - perhaps they are just not used to talking to people in this day & age?. Nonetheless Dial7 consistently rate highly when you search NY transport and everyone can't be lying. Sounds like you are paying enough to ensure good service. The only bit thats hard to gauge is the time it takes to get through customs & immigration and unfortunately no one can know how that will pan out and what effect that has on plans. I'm pretty sure even if everything went wrong despite your plans there would be someone who'd step in & help your friend out, people are generally good.
  13. wenlyn

    Queen Mary 2

    The curtain was a magnetic one and he honestly managed to squeeze stretched out socks in all the way round! He can be very focussed if a noise bothers him 😁He's also fixed rattley balcony gates in the past - I think its the builder in him. I'm far less sensitive to noise - possibly cos I had children so got used to blanking out noise that I didn't need to react to πŸ˜‚
  14. Thanks Stewart. I will make sure their number is in my phone!
  15. wenlyn

    Queen Mary 2

    We were on deck 8 with a connecting cabin and it was possible to clearly hear what was being said and even after getting the soundproof curtain you were definitely aware if people were talking, watching tv or moving around. Husband gets quite stroppy at noise and after lots of banging around himself building an impractical suitcase "wall" discovered that forcing his socks all the way round the gap in the door & then replacing the soundproof curtain had the desired result!
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